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Results from the 2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - Day 3

Travel News Asia Latest Travel News Sunday, 30 March 2008

With few, if any, surprises on the first day (see Results from Day 1 of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens) but the second day of the Hong Kong Sevens (see Results from Day 2 of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens) gave us not only perfect weather, but also some exciting and incredible games of rugby.

The two most memorable games in terms of surprise, were the Scotland defeat at the hands of China, and the amazing game between home nation, Hong Kong, and France which ended 21 - 21. Some of the later big-name games also gave fans some thrilling rugby, with just a few controversial decisions along the way.

Day three, regardless of the weather, is sure to be a day packed full of the same, skillful, exciting rugby, and most likely a few more controversial decisions just to spice-up the debate among teams and fans alike.

- live text coverage - Good morning from the stadium where the junior rugby games have already begun. The weather on Saturday was excellent, and today while it is now cooler than it was let's hope it does not rain! The games start at 09:45, the music in the stadium has just been turned on, and the seats are filling fast for what should be a day a great day of quality rugby and fun.

To kick off the day Zimbabwe v Chinese Taipei, the first ever time the teams have met in the HK Sevens.  Zimbabwe are looking good, and an excellent converted try put the first points of the day on the board and them 7 points in the lead. Half time score 7 - 0. Zimbabwe score in the second minute of second time 14 - 0. Despite Chinese Taipei managing to get a converted try, Zimbabwe enjoy a comfortable 26 - 7 victory.

Next up an all Asian tie, Japan v Hong Kong. Will Hong Kong be able to recreate the magic they displayed when playing France to draw 21 - 21 on Saturday? Hong Kong are first to score but Japan do not take long to equalise. Score 7 - 7. These two teams have met here 7 times in the past with Japan winning five of those encounters. Long after the blower sounded for the end of the first half, and after a long period of pressure by the Japanese, Hong Kong breaks and Robinson, who has played incredibly well all tournament, scores an excellent try to take the half time score to 7 - 12. In the third minute of the second half Japan come back with a converted try to take the lead by two points. 14 - 12. BUT, one of the best players of the whole tournament, KEITH ROBINSON, scores an incredible try running half the length of the pitch. The score after conversion is now Japan 14 - 19 Hong Kong. Despite a late chance for Japan, Hong Kong wins a great game - 14 - 19.

China and Korea have played just three times in the Sevens, and Korea has won all three. China are hoping to bring more equality to this statistic and Wang Chongyi scores a try in the fourth minute to give China a 5 to zero lead. Korea won't give up without a fight and Korea scores a converted try in the sixth minute to take the lead, at half time 5 - 7. In the second half You Young-Nam breaks through the China defense to score a try for Korea but they were unable to convert. Score 5 - 12. Korea seem the much stronger of the two sides in the second half, and it is difficult to see China making a comeback to save their 2008 HK Sevens life. Final score China 5 - 12 Korea. China played well this tournament and provided us with the biggest upsets of the tournament beating Scotland on Saturday.

Sri Lanka have not won a match this tournament and only scored 14 points. Russia on the other hand, have managed one victory, scoring 24 against Japan's 12 on Saturday. In the third minute Shakrov runs over half the length of the pitch to score a converted try, giving Russia a 7 point lead. A second converted try for Russia comes a minute later. The Russians add a third late in the sixth. Half time score Sri Lanka 0 - Russia 21. Sri Lanka managed a to score a try in the second half but Russia quickly finished the game off with another converted try to take the score to 5 - 28. Another from Sri Lanka and another from Russia finishes the game at 10 - 35.

That is it for the Bowl Quarter Finals, next is the Plate Quarter Finals, with the first game being the very impressive Argentina against Scotland. The crowd boo after Argentina ran very well down the line only for the try-attempt to be disallowed, Argentina are piling the pressure on Scotland. Few real chances mean the half time score is 0 - 0. It is a very evenly balanced game as the second half gets underway. A clever move from Argentina ends the deadlock, and an excellent conversion gives them the full points. Argentina 7 - 0 Scotland. The game has been tense since the start, and some tame scuffles keep erupting. Argentina now down to 6 men as Del Busto is sent to the Sin Bin for 2 minutes. Scotland immediately take advantage to score a try but miss the conversion. 7 - 5.  Kicking this whole tournament from many of the teams has been poor, and that missed kick could cost Scotland dear. The game ends, and Scotland miss a golden opportunity to progress. Final score 7 - 5.

Tonga may be very strong favourites as they enter the field to play Portugal in the second QF, but the European side should not be underestimated as they have shown a lot of promise and had some good results. Tonga open the scoring in the 2nd minute but miss the conversion. Tonga 5 - 0 Portugal. A second for Tonga, and this time they do convert. 12 - 0. Portugal fight back and score a good try dribbling through the Tonga defense, an unsuccessful conversion gives Portugal 10 points and then after the first half blower sounds Portugal score a second try and again miss the conversion. Half time Tonga 12 - 10 Portugal. Seconds into the half, and the ref sin bins a Tonga player for 2 minutes.  Portugal do not make the most of their one man advantage and Tonga scores a well worked converted try to take the score to 19 - 10. Portugal bring the game back within reach with a converted try 19 - 17. But Tonga seem the more hungry to reach the semis and score an excellent converted try to take the final score to 26 - 12.

Next France v Tunisia. This could be an amazing game as Tunisia have played very well, and France almost suffered a massive upset at the hands of Hong Kong yesterday, drawing 21 - 21. This should be a very entertaining game. In the first minute it is France, the crowd's favourite friendly enemy, who have the most possession moving the ball well, but it is Tunisia who break, and on the 2nd minute score a try through Kerfani. 0 - 7. It takes France until almost the 7th minute to score a try, with Joffrey Michel proving his speed against the Tunisian defense. The missed conversion may prove costly, as it has in so many games thus far. Half time score France 5 - 7 Tunisia. Second hald gets under way. The game could go either way.  France pile in the pressure and come close to scoring. The game has paused for a small injury as the South Stand try to orchestrate a Mexican wave, booing when the other stands do not follow their lead! Play resumes, and France continues to dominate, but a try is still needed. France again reach the goal line but again no try. Tunisia now have the ball. Two minutes to go. At last! After so much pressure from France they are finally rewarded with a try, taking the lead to France 12 - 7 Tunisia on the final whistle. Well played Tunisia, they have had a great tournament.

Canada are strong favourites against the United States, but there will be a lot of pride to play for in this local derby! Canada take just 23 seconds to score a converted try. Game on. 7 - 0. Canada score a second try but miss the conversion. 12 - 0. The USA responds with an excellent converted try from Chris Wyles, then another from Todd Clever. Half time score 12 - 14. Wow, the US want this badly, they take the lead to 12 - 21 in the second half. A great game we have on our hands as Canada score a converted try to lessen the points gap. There is some fierce rivalry between these two teams, with some massive tackles being thrown by both sides. 19 - 21. What a game!! Canada score an amazing late try, well after the blower had sounded. Final score 24 - 21. Congratulations to both teams for one of the best games of the tournament.

Now for the Cup Quarters! The crowd go wild as New Zealand and Wales come on the pitch. Wales have played very well to get this far but this is a tough call against a very strong New Zealand side. Wales dominates in the first minute and a half. New Zealand get back into the game pushing Wales back deep into their own half. Then on 4:08, New Zealand's Cama finds space, and with Wales stretched score a converted try to give New Zealand the first points of the game. 7 - 0.  Wales have been trying to get back into the game but New Zealand keep them pinned back and score another try to go into half time at 12 - 0. Some very strong pressure from Wales, as they come close to scoring, New Zealand give away a penalty. Richard Pugh jumps on a lose ball behind the goalline and scores a converted try that Wales fully deserve. 12 - 7. Game on! Just as Wales were beginning to look threatening, Cama again slips through the  cracks in the Welsh defense and pushes the score to 19 - 7. Cama's second knocks the wind out of Wales and New Zealand finish the game with another try and an excellent conversion to give a final score of 26 - 7. Wales have played excellently this whole tournament and gave New Zealand a few worrying moments in the game.

Kenya have met Fiji 10 times in the World Series Sevens and the Africans have lost every time. Could this be the meeting where the Kenyan's fortunes change? Fiji open the scoring in the 3rd minute but miss the conversion. On the sixth minute the Kenyans are denied a clear opening and called back to the 25 metre line for a scrum. Fiji are not having it all their own way and are causing Fiji some problems but they just seem to lack the final push to make the difference. Half time Kenya 0 - 5 Fiji.  Second half gets underway with Kenya pushing Fiji back, but again lacking the sharpness needed to score. Kenya score, the crowd goes wild, but the ref pulls them back - attempted-try disallowed. Fiji score their second. Kenya have played well but at times lacked ideas. Final score Fiji 10 - 0 Kenya. Fiji did not look convincing.

South Africa have looked very strong this tournament, and I personally would put them as Cup favourites, even though they were a little lucky against Argentina, so it will be interesting how these massive rivals play. South Africa v Australia. A minute after Australia had an attempted try disallowed South Africa strike back with a try of their own, opening the scoring and only just converting the try, as the ball almost skims the bar . 7-0. South Africa look good and score their second converted reply without reply from Australia. 14- 0. 6:32 and Australia fumble the ball as they were wide open to score. The blower sounds for half time, and Australia scores. We have a game on our hands ladies and gentlemen. The conversion means the half time score is 14 - 7. Second half gets underway, and on the second minute Australia's Peter Owens scores an excellent try followed by a superb conversion by Andrew Walker. Score 14 - 14. South Africa almost bounce back with what looked like a valid and skillful try ruled out. Less than a minute later Dazel makes sure there is no confusion and scores South Africa's third try. Missed conversion gives South Africa a 19 - 14 lead. South Africa win. Final score 19 - 14. Excellent game.

Bodies are about to be bruised in the sequel to yesterday's match, Samoa v England. The English team may have won, but there were a few scuffles at the end of what was the toughest game of the two days. The game already is end to end, with England looking strongest in the first minute. A tight, tense, affair where for the last few seconds both teams have been locked in the exact centre of the pitch. England score!! A lucky bounce eluded the Samoan defender for Elliott to pounce. Missed conversion means England are on 5 points and Samoa 0. Samoa try to respond instantly but England's tackling is tough and efficient. The crowd are in fine mood, giving England all the possible support. Fiji still break through though, and on 6:46 Samoa scores to give them the lead thanks to a successful conversion. Half time 7 - 5. Second half underway. Amazing play by Gollings as he gives the ball to England's captain, Andrew Vilk, to run half the pitch, skip around a defender to score a converted try. England lead 7 - 12. Some brave tackling by England, stops a solid Samoan attack as England are pulled back for a forward pass. 3:39 Samoa's Tupou wriggles around the England defenders to level the scores 12- 12. Conversion to come. A missed conversion could prove very costly. Score 4:39 = 12 - 12.  Samoa score a try to take the score to 17 - 12. A good game, as Samoa win 17 - 12 to move into the next round.

As we enter the semi-finals game, the weather is being kind to all in the stadium, not too hot with a nice breeze and as yet no rain, ideal conditions for some great rugby. The first semi is Zimbabwe v Hong Kong, can the massive amount of noise from almost every fan in the stadium lift the home to a victory? This is the first time the two teams have ever met in IRB Sevens history. 1:33 minutes into the game and Zimbabwe's Gerald Sibanda scores a converted try to take the lead. 7 - 0.  3:27 and Cleopas Maktose scores his 4th try. With a successful conversion Zimbabwe extend their lead to 14 points. Hong Kong respond strongly running down the field to score. Zimbabwe 14 - 7 Hong Kong. Robertson deserves a medal for his excellent play in this tournament. Unfortunately for Hong Kong, Zimbabwe strike straight back with another try late in the 7th minute. A good conversion gives a half time score of 21 - 7. It looks like this is just one game too many for Hong Kong, as Zimbabwe score another try in the first minute of second half. 28-7. 3:07 and another try for New Zealand - 35-7. Hong Kong have done exceptionally well this year and showed great strength and improvement in their game. Final score Zimbabwe 35 - 7 Hong Kong

Korea and Russia have met just the once the IRB series. That game in 2007 Russia won 19 points to 10. And Russia are the ones to take the lead in the second minute with a converted try. Korea 0 - 7 Russia. The second try by Russia doubles the points, as yet without reply from Korea. Half time 0 - 14. Korea are, as yet, unable to break down Russia as they score the third try of the game to take the score to 0 - 19 with  just under 4 minutes to go. You Young-Nam responds for Korea with a try in the fifth minute. The missed conversion, seems to be a strange trend this Sevens with some very poor kicking taking place. Final score 5 - 19.

Argentina and Tonga have met nine times in total in the IRB Sevens series. Tonga have won 6 and Argentina 3. Their last meeting was in Wellington, New Zealand, where the close match ended 17 - 19 in Tonga's favour. On 4 minutes Argentina broke the deadlock scoring a converted try to lead Tonga 7 - 0.  Tonga's reply took the rest of the half with a poor conversion meaning Argentina lead Tonga 7 points to 5 at half time. Tonga gets the second half underway with a converted try in the first minute, but Argentina's response is swift with a well worked try across the pitch to make it 12 -12. Some good tackling in the last 5 from Argentina prevents Tonga getting a third try. Just under 3 minutes to go. Then a run, kick, lucky bounce and Argentina break to score a converted try on the fifth minute. Final score 19 - 12.

France v Canada. The two teams have met 30 times in the past with France winning 23 of the meetings. France have struggled a little this tournament so this may be a very good chance for Canada to try and catch up. It is France that takes first points though with Sarthou scoring a good try in the second minute. France 5 - 0 Canada. A second from France takes them to 10 points to nil with 3 minutes to go until half time. A third from France as they take control of the game. Half time score 17 - 0. France score to put the game beyond Canada in the 3rd minute of the second half, then again a minute later a Labarthe try to make the score 29 - 0. This is the most convincing victory of the whole tournament from France as they score mid 6th minute pushing the score to 36 points without reply. One last try but it is not by France this time! Final score France 36 - 5 Canada.

Now for the Semi Finals of the Cup!! Two mouthwatering games the first between heavyweights New Zealand v Fiji. These teams have met 48 times in the IRB Sevens series and the stats are close, with New Zealand winning 26 and Fiji 22. There is so much to play for, so much history, not just with the Sevens but as two Rugby loving nations. New Zealand kick off retaining possession, and do not let go until the first try on 1:22. Steven Yates scores but a poor conversion means New Zealand are just 5 points ahead. 5 - 0. Fierce challenges results in a yellow card for a Fiji player who is sent to the sin bin for 2 minutes. New Zealand capitalise immediately and score a second try, this time Vistor Vito going over the line. Another poor conversion. 10 - 0. With 5 minutes gone, New Zealand are all over Fiji so far. Back to full strength Fiji run the whole length of the pitch but quality tackling prevented a certain try. Seconds to go in the first half, with a Fiji put-in. New Zealand turn the ball over and a lucky bounce gives New Zealand their third try of the game, Cama's this time, his sixth of the tournament. 15-0. Excellent conversion gives us a half time score of 17 - 0.  There is no love lost between the two games, tackles are hard, and the game quick. But Fiji will need to turn on the magic to turn this game around. Second half gets underway with Fiji kicking off. Straight from the kick New Zealand push Fiji right back and Steven Yates scores a try for New Zealand. Another poor conversion puts the score at 22 - 0. 5 minutes gone in the second half and Fiji still to score, but they lose possession and New Zealand score again to make it 27 - 0. Tempers rise a little with only seconds to go in the game. Fiji have never looked like scoring and even now it looks like New Zealand will add to there total. This is exactly what they do with Forbes scoring. Final Score 34 - 0.

The next heavyweight semi is South Africa v Samoa. These two teams have met 38 times in the IRB Sevens series, South Africa have won 22 of the matches and Samoa 13. Both teams have looked very strong, an impossible game to predict. Samoa kicks off as the lights come on in the stadium. It is Samoa who scores first, on 3 minutes, with a good kick, lucky bounce, and some nice footwork. South Africa 0 - 7 Samoa. With close to 5 minutes gone now it is Samoa who seem to have the upper hand, but South Africa kicks for touch close to the Samoa goal line. They make the best of this move, and on 6:37 Mentz scores for South Africa to level the scores. Half time score. 7 - 7. South Africa kicks to get the second half under way. There is a lot at stake in this game and the heavy tackles reflect this. Both teams are very evenly matched so far though. So what to do? Lolo Lui of Samoa drop goals from close to the half way line, an amazing kick, to give Samoa a 3 point advantage. South Africa respond immediately, and score an excellent try on 4:37, but the conversion is poor. 12 - 10. Samoa back on the attack, metres from the South African goal line. Regular time is almost up. Regular time is now up and South Africa progress. What an excellent game, dare we say one of the best of the tournament again... Final score: 12 - 10.

NOW FOR THE FINALS!!! First up is Zimbabwe v Russia, the first time the two have ever met in IRB Sevens series history. Zimbabwe take control, pushing Russia back. 2 minutes gone now and most of the play has been in the last few metres of Russia's territory. Russia kicks but Zimbabwe does well to win the ball back and runs to a try, converted gives 7 - 0 to Zimbabwe. After 5  minutes Russia has been given little space but they make a break and score a a converted try to equal the score. Zimbabwe 7 - 7 Russia.  Zimbabwe fight back to score a converted try just before half time. Half time score. 14 - 7. But just int0 the second minute of the next half, Russia find space in the Zimbabwe defense to score a converted try again equalising the score. 14 - 14. Zimbabwe almost score again but the attempted-try is ruled out  for touch. A great individual effort from Gvozdovskiy in the sixth minute earns Russia a massive try to give them the lead for the first time this game. 14 - 19. The hooter goes and Russia waste no time kicking out the ball to win the Bowl Final. Congratulations to Russia!

Next up is the Plate Final between two of the greatest rugby nations in the world, Argentina and France.  France kick off the game, but instantly lose possession to Argentina. France win it back and score an incredible team try with Roux touching it down. Argentina 0 - 7 France. The French are finding a lot of space to run at Argentina, they look up for this. France keep up the pressure almost scoring another try but stepping into touch at the last minute. France have a player sin binned for 2 minutes, although I am not sure the player in question knew anything about it. Argentina immediately punish France for this mistake and level the scores. 7 - 7. France give the prefect response, as Sarthou scores France's second try of the game. 7 - 14. Argentina get the second half under way. Some of Argentina's passing and clever moves bring back memories of the Rugby World Cup in France last year. Using these clever moves, they score to bring the scores level again. 14 - 14.  Some amazing play from Puojol, who wins France a good amount of ground as they attach Argentina down the middle of the pitch. Almost six minutes gone now as a silly mistake hands Argentina the ball. They kick and run but the bounce forces it into touch 5 metres from the French goal line. Now it is Argentina piling on the pressure. At full time 14-14 as we move into sudden death, the first team to score now wins the Plate Final. Tense moments and a horrible way for either team to lose as they have both played exceptionally well.  France kick off, win a free kick from the kick off and decide to kick at goal. Boos  go around the ground, but they score and France win. A terrible way to lose. Congratulations to both teams. France win 14 - 17.


   New Zealand v South Africa. First the National Anthems. New Zealand to kick off, and remember the final is 10 minutes each way. Can New Zealand win a title they have not won since 2001? New Zealand the first to pressure and that pays off with the first try of the game by Lote Raikabula, try converted - New Zealand 7 - 0 South Africa. Now it is South Africa to attack but they give away a penalty which New Zealand kicks into touch in South Africa's half. New Zealand look unbeatable just as they did against Fiji in the semi final. At the end of the fourth minute Steven Yates score a try which is converted to double the score to 14 points for New Zealand. New Zealand win it back n the half line, but they this time give away a free kick. Souh Africa kicks for touch but it misses and now New Zealand attack the South African defense. New Zealand lose the ball and Mzwandile Stick of South Africa runs half the pitch to place the ball beneath the posts. Successful conversion. New Zealand 14 - South Africa 7. Now 6:53 on the clock. South Africa now in New Zealand half with a scrum, New Zealand passes it back, eventually they pass it wide, Cocker loses it but NZ retain possession now moving into the South Africa half as Vito makes up half the pitch in gain. South Africa kicks away but New Zealand pick up as the hooter goes off. Great play by New Zealand as they scramble it over the line to score a try. Half time New Zealand 21 - 7 South Africa. South Africa have played amazingly well this tournament but New Zealand have gone into another gear these past two games. They look unstoppable, let's see if South Africa can do that. Three clothed streakers makes some unscheduled entertainment during the half time break. South Africa ready to kick off. Vito makes a good break for NZ who have little space but Pietersen somehow finds some to score New Zealand a try. 26 - 7. Now with 3 minutes just gone on the clock. Just over 5 minutes to go now. New Zealand have been so dominant, rarely giving South Africa any chance to sustain an attack. The six minute mark has just been passed on the clock. South Africa kicks long for touch after New Zealand were penalised attacking. South Africa wins the throw in and despite an unlucky bounce they almost score. Now a scrum one metre from the NZ goal line. Just over one minute left.  New Zealand clears the ball to the mid way line. seconds left now. One last try for South Africa but New Zealand WIN 26- 12. That is seven tournament in a row for New Zealand but the first Hong Kong Rugby Sevens since 2001. Well done New Zealand, the last two games they played were simply outstanding! 

Well ladies and gentlemen, we wish you a very pleasant evening from the Hong Kong Stadium. Do make sure you check out the Pictures of the Sevens. That's all folks! See you next year. - end live text coverage -

The games played on Sunday (day 3) are as follows:

2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Results

time Sunday, 30 March 2008 game
9:45 Zimbabwe 26 - 7 Chinese Taipei QFB 1
10:07 Japan 14 - 19 Hong Kong QFB 2
10:29 China 5 - 12 Korea QFB 3
10:51 Sri Lanka 10 - 35 Russia QFB 4
11:13 Argentina 7 - 5 Scotland QFP 1
11:35 Tonga 26 - 12 Portugal QFP 2
11:57 France 12 - 7 Tunisia QFP 3
12:19 Canada 24 - 21 United States QFP 4
12:41 New Zealand 24 - 7 Wales QFC 1
13:03 Kenya 0 - 10 Fiji QFC 2
13:25 South Africa 19 - 14 Australia QFC 3
13:47 Samoa 17 - 12 England QFC 4
14:11 March Past v
14:48 Zimbabwe 35 - 7 Hong Kong SFB 1
15:10 Korea 5 - 19 Russia SFB 2
15:32 Argentina 19 - 12 Tonga SFP 1
15:54 France 36 - 5 Canada SFP 2
16:16 New Zealand  34 - 0 Fiji SFC 1
16:38 South Africa 12 - 10 Samoa SFC 2
17:00 Entertainment v
17:25 Zimbabwe 14 - 19 Russia Bowl Final 
17:52 Argentina 14 - 17 France Plate Final
18:20 New Zealand 26 - 12 South Africa CUP FINAL
18:50 Cup Presentation
Closing Celebration

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