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Since / was established in 1997 we have used Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to publish the travel industry news we feature on a daily basis as well as podcasts from the exclusive video interviews we conduct with VIPs from within the travel, aviation, hotel and tourism industries.

The benefits of using RSS Feeds and how to use them, as well as an explanation about how our applet can be used to add the travel industry headlines to your website or channel, are outlined below.

Travel Industry News Feed Applet

In addition to the RSS Feed we also used to offer a javascript applet that enabled people to easily add the travel industry news headlines to their website(s). However, as technology progressed over the years the javascript applet gradually became obsolete and you are now much better off using our RSS Feed and creative CSS to place the headlines into any webpage you wish. Just as you can see on this page.

There are many very easy ways to achieve this, but the most important thing you need to know is the url for the RSS feed, which is listed below.

We recommend you visit the Surfing Waves website (link opens in a new tab), insert the url of our RSS feed in the required box, and then modify the different parameters to make the RSS ticker look exactly how you want it. The Surfing Waves website supplies the code that you need to put it in any of your webpages and could not be easier to use, as you can change the size, colours, speed, what is shown etc. Best of all, it's free!

Our RSS feed is updated daily, except during the end of year holiday period from around 22 December to 5 or 6 January, to ensure that your website is always showing the latest travel industry headlines.

The url for our Travel Industry News RSS feed is below. Click on the button to copy the url to your clipboard:

If you have any problems please do let us know, or do a Google search where you are sure to find an answer.

Travel Industry News Feed RSS

Some of the great benefits of using RSS Feeds include the fact that you do not need to share your email address or any other data with us to get the feed, it auto syncs, you can unsubscribe easily at any time and there is no danger of the feed bouncing or being sent to the spam folder. It really is that, er, simple!

So if it is so great, why doesn't everyone use it? The answer to that question is also very simple - companies can't monetize it. If you subscribe to our RSS Feed via Outlook or some other method such as Feedly, we will never know. Great for you, not great if you are a company trying to build a database with which to profile the demographics of subscribers and monetize.

We love privacy and we hate spam, that is why we have always offered an RSS Feed which people can still freely subscribe to.

Subscribe to Travel Industry News RSS Feed

Subscribing to our RSS Feed and start receiving daily travel industry news updates could not be easier. There are many ways to subscribe to the RSS Feed:

1) Outlook: Right-click the RSS Feeds folder in Outlook and select Add a New RSS Feed, enter the URL of our RSS Feed and then click Add.

Another way in Outlook is to click the File tab, click Account Settings and then choose Account Settings. Select the RSS Feeds tab and click New. Copy and paste the url of the RSS Feed into the box and click Add.

Click on the button to copy the url of the Travel Industry News RSS Feed to your clipboard:

2) From a Webpage: When you see the RSS Feed icon Travel Industry News RSS Feed or Travel Industry News RSS Feed on a webpage, click on it and when the RSS Feed opens, choose Subscribe.

3) Extensions: There are also extensions, such as RSS Feed Reader for example, in all the popular browsers such as Edge, Firefox and Chrome etc. which make subscribing, reading and syncing RSS feeds extremely simple.

4) Browsers: Most major browsers are also currently working on enabling direct RSS Feed subscriptions within the browser itself without the need to download an extension. Microsoft Edge for example is gradually enabling RSS Feeds via Collections, which you can read about here. Google's Chrome browser started trials of an RSS Feed service in May 2021, you can read about the desktop version here and Android version here.

5) Readers: There are also quite a few RSS readers available on the web such as NewsBlur, Feedreader, Feedly, feeder and Good News, to name but a few. Most of these will require you to sign up, which from our perspective sort of defeats the beauty of RSS.

For many people, the simplicity and privacy of Outlook's RSS Feeds folder, as described in point (1) above is what works easiest. Outlook is certainty our preferred way of receiving RSS Feeds.

Click on the button to copy the url of the Travel Industry News RSS Feed to your clipboard:

You can also use the RSS Feed to add the headlines to your website, channel via an easy to use and configure CSS applet. Click here for more info.

Other RSS Feeds

In addition to the Travel Industry News RSS Feed outlined above, we also have a RSS Feed of our Travel Industry Podcasts.

The podcasts are from the exclusive interviews we conduct with VIPs from within the travel, aviation and hotel industries, and you can subscribe using exactly the same method as already outlined on this page.

Click on the button to copy the url of the Travel Industry Podcasts RSS Feed to your clipboard:

We also plan to launch more RSS Feeds in the future so do let us know if there are any you would like, or have any other suggestions or comments.

Have questions regarding our Latest Travel News? Please read our Latest Travel News - Frequently Asked Questions.

Subscribe to our Travel Industry News RSS Feed Travel Industry News RSS Feed from To do that in Outlook, right-click the RSS Feeds folder, select Add a New RSS Feed, enter the URL of our RSS Feed which is: and click Add. The feed can also be used to add the headlines to your website or channel via a customisable applet. Have questions? Please read our Travel News FAQ. Thank you.

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