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FAQs About Our Latest Travel News Daily Email

We often receive emails asking us questions about our Latest Travel News, and our free Latest Travel News Daily Email, so below we have taken the most popular questions and tried to answer them as best we can.

UPDATE: Since 27 September 2021, a number of our subscribers will have started receiving the travel news email in a new html format via Revue. This trial is ongoing, and we have already mentioned to Revue's support team that we would like to be able to offer a plain text version of the email to those who would prefer one. Hopefully that will become an option in the future.

 If you would prefer to receive only plain text email from us, or have not been receiving the new html version and would like to see what it looks like, just let us know and we will make the change accordingly. Thanks!


Q1.  If I subscribe to your latest travel news daily email what will you do with my email address?

A1. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we can guarantee that not only do we not sell your email, or pass it on to third parties we, ourselves, only use it to send you the Latest Travel News Daily Email. You will not receive any other emails from us. 

Q2. How often is the news sent out by email?

A2. The Latest Travel News Daily Email is sent out five times per week, Monday to Friday.

Q3. Sometimes I do not receive five per week - why is this?

A3. Sometimes you may not receive five emails per week due to different reasons. Perhaps one day there was very little news, and therefore, rather than send out the Latest Travel News Daily Email with just a couple of articles, we prefer to keep hold of them and load them into the following days news email. Another reason is sometimes the email may just get lost, or stopped at the server for some reason, we have no control over this. 

Q4. How easy is it to subscribe?

A4. It could not be easier. We do not ask you any questions, all you have to do is enter your email address into the subscribe box on our Latest Travel News page and hey presto - that is it!

Q5. How easy is it to unsubscribe?

A5. As easy as it is to subscribe! There are quite a few ways to unsubscribe. Simply reply to the Latest Travel News Daily Email with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line of the email and we will take immediate action. There is also a link in the email which you can click to unsubscribe too.

Q6. I have not subscribed but I still receive your email - why is this?

A6. We do not send unsolicited emails, so if you are receiving our Latest Travel News Daily Email then either you, or possibly someone else, has subscribed on your behalf. This can happen when someone leaves a company and their email is being forwarded to you. If you do not want to continue receiving the email simply unsubscribe as described above.

Q7. What format is your latest travel news daily email in? 

A7. Since 27 September 2021 a number of our subscribers will have started receiving the travel news email in a new html format via Revue. This trial is ongoing, and we have mentioned to Revue's support team that we would like to be able to offer a plain text version of the email to those that prefer it. Up until 27 September 2021, the answer to that question was as follows: Our audience travels, they are constantly on the move or at the very least interested in the travel industry. For this reason we decided to opt for the simplest format which is plain text. Plain text is fast to download, cannot contain malicious code and is simple for you to read. Each news article is summarised with a link direct to each news article. HTML emails and pdf attachments can easily contain very hard to detect malicious code which could damage your system. HTML and pdf attachments may look pretty, but for security and easy of you we feel it not only safer but faster and simpler to use plain text. 

Q8. Who reads your travel news?

A8. Good question. Because the subscription is entirely anonymous we cannot give you 100% accurate figures, however we have well over 33,000 subscribers and this figure grows daily. We do know that most leading travel journalists around the world receive it, which is in itself, a sign of how up to date and valid the news articles are. Senior management within hotels, agents, airlines etc, education bodies, consumers and government bodies from around the world and related to tourism all read our latest travel news.

Q9. Is the news and email free?

A9. Yes.

Q10. I find the service useful and would like to give you a tip / donate some money, how do I do that?

A10. You can donate money at any time. Any money donated, no matter how small, is enormously appreciated and helps us to not only stay motivated, but to stay in business too. THANK YOU!

Q11. Do I have to enter my email address each time I want to read the news?

A11. Not at all. You only need to enter your email address the one time to subscribe after that you will start receiving our Latest Travel News Daily Email and there is no need to re-enter your email address.

Q12. What should I do if I change email addresses or prefer the news to be sent to a different address?

A12. If you change email or would simply like the news to be sent to a different address from the one you subscribed with simply send us an email and tell us: a) the email address you subscribed with and b) what you would like it changed to. We suggest that you put the words "Change Email" into the subject line to help us.

Q13. Are your news articles easy to print out (printer friendly)?

A13. Yes, all the travel news articles are on their own individual page with special code which ensures that when you print the article you will receive only the article and not the whole page.

Q14. How do I find articles on a particular subject?

A14. Best thing to do is conduct a search and try to find the articles that way, or use one of the many search engines. Still no luck after that, then contact us and we will try to help.

Q15. I am looking for some news from 2002 - do you keep archives ?

A15. Yes, we do not delete any of our travel news, and articles from past years can all be found either through our search function or from our travel news archives.

Q16. How up to date is your news ?

A16. Our travel news is among the most up to date in the world. Some of the articles sent out in our Latest Travel News Daily Email are only minutes old, and others are rarely more than 24 hours old.

Q17. I have some friends and colleagues that would find this service useful - what should I do ?

A17. Either ask them to subscribe or send us their email address.

Q18. Do you offer an RSS Feed of your travel news?

A18. Yes at or for more info see: Travel News RSS Feed and Syndication

Q19 How do I use the RSS Feed you supply?

A19 Please see: Free RSS Travel News Feed - How to use?

Q20 Can I subscribe to the daily travel news with WhatsApp?

A20 Yes, you can subscribe to our travel news feed with WhatsApp. Read more: here.

Q21.  I have another question which is not answered above what should I do?

A21. Please contact us


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