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With 30 points up for grabs and total prize money for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens set at US$ 150,000 people lucky enough to have a ticket can be assured of a weekend of fun, quality rugby and quite possibly far too much Pimms and Beer!

In February, the 24 participating teams were drawn into six pools of four teams each. Each game is seven minutes each way with two-minute intervals except for the Cup Final which is normally a thrilling 10 minutes each way.

In our 2008 Hong Kong Coverage Sevens we offer Pictures from the Sevens, featuring all the fun and even a few of the rugby, 2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Fixtures, Results from the First Day of the 2008 Hong Kong Sevens, Results from the Second Day of the 2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, Results from Day Three of the 2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens and even some live text coverage of the more popular games.

You may be also be interested to check out the Pictures from Past Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, and see the results etc from the 2007 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, plus there are many more useful tips about Hong Kong in the links below.

2008 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Fixtures

time Friday, 28 March 2008 pool
16:30 Australia v Hong Kong F
16:52 Kenya v China E
17:14 Fiji v Korea D
17:36 South Africa v Japan C
17:58 Samoa v Sri Lanka B
18:20 New Zealand v Chinese Taipei A
18:42 Women's Final (28 Mins) -
19:10 Tonga v France F
19:32 Scotland v Portugal E
19:54 Wales v Zimbabwe D
20:16 Argentina v Russia C
20:38 England v Canada B
21:00 USA v Tunisia A
time Saturday, 29 March 2008 pool
10:30 Tonga v Hong Kong F
10:52 Scotland v China E
11:14 Wales v Korea D
11:36 Argentina v Japan C
11:58 England v Sri Lanka B
12:20 USA v Chinese Taipei A
12:42 Australia v France F
13:04 Kenya v Portugal E
13:26 Fiji v Zimbabwe D
13:48 South Africa v Russia C
14:10 Samoa v Canada B
14:32 New Zealand v Tunisia A
14:54 France v Hong Kong F
15:16 Portugal v China E
15:38 Zimbabwe v Korea D
16:00 Russia v Japan C
16:22 Canada v Sri Lanka B
16:44 Tunisia v Chinese Taipei A
17:06 Australia v Tonga F
17:28 Kenya v Scotland E
17:50 Fiji v Wales D
18:12 South Africa v Argentina C
18:34 Samoa v England B
18:56 New Zealand v USA A
time Sunday, 30 March 2008 game
9:45 Zimbabwe v Chinese Taipei QFB 1
10:07 Japan v Hong Kong QFB 2
10:29 China v Korea QFB 3
10:51 Sri Lanka v Russia QFB 4
11:13 Argentina v Scotland QFP 1
11:35 Tonga v Portugal QFP 2
11:57 France v Tunisia QFP 3
12:19 Canada v United States QFP 4
12:41 New Zealand v Wales QFC 1
13:03 Kenya v Fiji QFC 2
13:25 South Africa v Australia QFC 3
13:47 Samoa v England QFC 4
14:11 March Past v
14:48 Zimbabwe v Hong Kong SFB 1
15:10 Korea v Russia  SFB 2
15:32 Argentina v Tonga SFP 1
15:54 France v Canada SFP 2
16:16 New Zealand v Fiji SFC 1
16:38 Winner QFC 3 v Winner QFC 4 SFC 2
17:00 Entertainment v
17:25 Winner SFB 1 v Winner SFB 2 Bowl Final 
17:52 Winner SFP 1 v Winner SFP 2 Plate Final
18:20 Winner SFP 1 v Winner SFP 2 CUP FINAL
18:50 Cup Presentation
Closing Celebration


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