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See our amazing Pictures of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2007. The weekend started a little earlier in Hong Kong this week, as the popular Hong Kong Rugby Sevens kicked off on Friday afternoon. For some an enjoyable family outing, for others an excuse to dress up and party with a sprinkling of fast paced and high quality sevens rugby as a bonus.

With the four IRB Sevens World Series tournaments played to date having been won by four different teams - South Africa in Dubai; New Zealand in George, South Africa; Samoa in Wellington and Fiji in San Diego, the Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens 2007 finally concluded in an unusual final of two halves. Samoa completely dominated Fiji in the first 10 minutes of the final but in the second half Fiji decided it was their turn. In the first half Samoa managed to put 27 points on the board without reply from Fiji. In the second half however it was Samoa who was unable to penetrate into Fiji's half of the field with Fiji scoring 22 and almost winning the Cup itself.

The results from Friday's matches are as follows:

Match Time Friday,  30 March 2007 Results
1 16:30 Fiji v Sri Lanka 45 0
2 16:52 South Africa v Chinese Taipei 59 0
3 17:14 Samoa v China 49 5
4 17:36 New Zealand v Italy 41 5
5 17:58 England v Hong Kong 38 7
6 18:20 France v USA 5 14

Following the Women's Final which New Zealand comfortably won against Australia, the men's sevens resumed play, with the following results: 

Match Time Friday, 30 March 2007 continued...... Results
7 19:10 Scotland v Portugal 31 7
8 19:32 Wales v Tonga 7 33
9 19:54 Canada v Japan 26 5
10 20:16 Kenya v Russia 14 10
11 20:38 Argentina v Korea 24 14
12 21:00 Australia v Tunisia 19 12

See the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Results from Saturday and the Results from Sunday, as well as the overall Results. See our amazing Pictures of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2007.

This weekend of sevens rugby and debauchery lived up to promises to be one of the most exciting to date. The South Stand was announced full shortly after the first games had kicked off, and the stadium experienced its busiest ever Friday Sevens night with a crowd of 31,800, which is almost double the attendance for a normal Friday night. The Hong Kong stadium can hold a crowd of up to 40,000 and for the Hong Kong Sevens around half that figure flies in from overseas giving the Hong Kong economy a massive cash injection.

The weather for the Sevens this year was pleasantly warm but not hot on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the sun came out to heat things up a little, and the strain on some of the teams was obvious. The costumes in the crowd are as creative as ever, and massive quantities of Beer and Pimms were thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd, life as normal at the Sevens!

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