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Certain countries in Asia are famous not only for their natural beauty and wealth of culture, but also for some of the things that you can buy. No matter what country in Asia you visit at some point you are likely to be offered a Rolex watch.

In Hong Kong along Nathan Road, you will have people asking if you want a fake watch, in Thailand fake Rolex's can be found easier than the closest Starbucks, but these are not exceptions to Asia they are the norm.

Buying a fake watch is like anything else, you basically, even in the 'fake watch' world, pay for what you are getting. There are many different quality fake watches at many different prices, and if this is what you are looking for then we would suggest you visit the closest Rolex shop to get an idea of the watches weight and other characteristics.

Be of course very wary of people trying to sell you authentic Rolex's at knockdown prices. In Vietnam many shops sell so called Rolex watches from the Vietnam war period. Some of these watches may even have Rolex parts in them but most are not 100% authentic. Would you sell a real Rolex for so little when you know its real value? Of course not, and neither would anyone else. Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Real Rolex watches are probably among the best watches you can buy in terms of re-sale value. One London jewellers we spoke to, said that of all the watches Rolex maintain their value the best. So instead of buying a fake, why not buy the real thing, it is likely to last you years longer than a fake if not lifetimes, and if you do get bored of it sell it!

After our research we found that the best place to buy a real Rolex is in Singapore. Call all the shops first and haggle on the price of the watch you want and then finally, when you have an idea who is cheapest, go in person and haggle some more. Many of the watch shops in Singapore can discount on their prices and due to very strict laws all the reputable shops have not only their reputation to maintain but must also stay within the law.

Our limited research in this area covered most Duty Free shops in Asia and Dubai, plus many high street shops in Asia, but of them all, the high street reputable shops in Singapore had the best available prices for real Rolex watches.

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