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There is no lack of bars in Hong Kong, in fact it has one of the best night life scenes anywhere in Asia. Something for everybody's taste and wallet.

 On this page we list of some of the bars in Hong Kong and most popular areas, split into two sections; the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon / TST side. Don't forget to check back for additions, as bars do open, close and change names on a regular basis in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Island Bars

 The Island is split up in two major entertainment districts, Lan Kwai Fong / Soho (Central) and Wanchai, although there are some off shoots such as Causeway Bay. The former has, and is, traditionally the more "decent", the area most frequented by expats and locals alike. Lan Kwai Fong can be found in Central on rising streets that have definitely caused a few injuries to those who had a little too much to drink. All the bars are closely located, and there is a great ambiance around with so many people in such close confines.

Wanchai on the other hand is the famous Suzy Wong area of Hong Kong. Although there still is a Suzy Wong bar there, it is not the original, however there is still an abundance of Neon signs and plenty of scouts trying to attract you in to see the dancing girls that are made up mainly of Thais, Philippinas, Koreans, and Chinese. These bars do cost a fair bit and if you are looking for a reasonable cheap evening then you are better off avoiding them. In fact to be perfectly honest, you may even be better catching a flight to Manila, or Bangkok and see the original thing rather than pay the high prices, here. Having said that though, Wanchai is not just about girlie bars. It is the main competitor to Lan Kwai Fong, and many people living in HK prefer it, and it does have some excellent pubs, clubs and bars. In recent years, many bars have changed from their more sleazy business to offer trendier decos and great atmospheres. Some of the most popular establishments in Wanchai include Carnegies, Old China Hand, Mes Amis, Coyote, Chinatown, Joe Bananas, Delaneys, Twighlight Zone, Strawberry and Neptune. 

Wanchai would be our first choice for an evening out, there are some excellent restaurants, great bars, good discos all in the vicinity, and is only a hop away from Lan Kwai Fong or Causeway Bay.

Carnegies: One of the first Irish bars, or so we thought until a reader kindly pointed out that it is not actually an Irish bar and is owned by Scotts! Either way it was one of the first bars in Hong Kong to import draught Guinness into Hong Kong. It is a very nice bar with a split level, mezzanine style. Frequented by expats and locals alike it is a good place to meet, if not a little cramped when busy times. Carnegies often features live football and other sporting events.

Delaneys: Another Irish bar, with a great atmosphere. This bar is big it even has one of those gigantic tv sets to show live sporting events. In fact if you are a sports fanatic they even show different events on different tvs when there is a clash in the time table. That way you won't miss the rugby while you watch the football or whatever.   They serve very healthy portions food in good Irish tradition. Try  the Nachos but unless you have the appetite of a horse we don't recommend a main course. Great bar. They have many beers on tap but they even have Ruddles on tap! yummy!

Twighlight Zone: (we'll check on the name)  This bar does not have any tvs so music, a lively atmosphere and lots of beautiful people are the order of the day. It is a reasonable bar and very much in favour with all the expats, locals, and other visitors. There live band is excellent, and it really gets going on a Friday and Saturday night in fact if you don't arrive early enough you'll have to queue up so BE Warned. They have many beers on tap two we want to mention though is Tetley and Boddingtons.

Chinatown: A popular place to meet after work with drinks priced around HK$ 34 for a pint of Tetley. The decor is rather loud, but it has a good atmosphere, and has table and chairs outside.

Coyote: On the main Lockhart Road, close to the Wanchai MTR station. Again this is a very poular haunt for after work gatherings. They play good music in the evenings.

Dusk Till Dawn:  Previously Rick Cafe, this is very popular with expats, and some Philippina, and Thai women. The happy hour is excellent and runs from 5:30 to 8:30, with a pint of Tetleys only costing 35 HK$. Later on though the crowd can be very mixed, and it really very much depends on the quality of the band that are playing. The quality does vary, but it is definitely worth popping in to check it out.

Joe Bananas: Still there and doing a lot of food promotions of late. A good venue.

The Viceroy: in the Sun Hung Kai Centre is a hot stop if you are into Latin.

La Placita: in Times Square (not far from Causeway Bay) is also a great place to go for Latin music.

ING: is the just renovated Manhattan Club which is in the New World Renaissance View Hotel. It opened after enormous renovations 18 December 1999, and now is much more spacious, and has a great feel to it. The music is good, and they are very popular with locals and expats alike. They have excellent Karaoke facilities if you are into that.

Amnesia: not too far from Lan Kwai Fong in Hollywood Road is a great place to go if you enjoy trance, techno etc. Go Late. This is where a lot of people go after the traditional bars in Lan  Kwai Fong close. It has been known to shut its doors at 6 am. It is relatively expensive but has a great atmosphere and a great decor.

Bhatti Bar: the most popular Nepalese Bar in Hong Kong. Read and see more of the: Bhatti Bar.

The Jazz Club: next to Lan Kwai Fong in the California Entertainment Building caters well to the jazz loving crowd.

These bars above are among the best bars in Wanchai, or Causeway Bay. Below we review disco/bars that are a much different crowd.  Generally at these bars the women will be Philippina (possibly maids working in Hong Kong, possibly not) and a few Thai and mainland Chinese.

Let's be very clear here, these (or at least many of these) women are NOT prostitutes, most work VERY hard in Hong Kong, and hence deserve respect. Of course there is also an abundance of women willing to accept gifts of one kind or another, but there is a mix. A great time is generally assured at all these places, however the atmosphere may appear a little strange on the first visit. There are though in the same area lots of Go-Go bars, where the girls are working. These are expensive but if that is what you are looking for then just remember that it is probably cheaper to fly to Manila, or Bangkok. Enjoy !

Big Apple: Has now changed its name but was once THE late scene in Hong Kong, it still does get very busy, this is one disco though that has attracted more than its fare share of prostitutes. They play good music and often have a live DJ and band.

New Makati: Highly recommendable. This disco/bar is a great place to come and is always one of the first of its bunch to get busy early. They play great music and the women are very  friendly.

Neptune II: Neptune I has closed and now this is probably one of the busiest of the 'discos' of its type in Wanchai. Get's busy late and on Sunday afternoons and can be a very fun place.

All of the above bars are very busy on a Sunday afternoon believe it or not so if you have nothing else to do,  go and check it out from 3 pm onwards. You won't regret it!

 Strawberry: Is now supposed to be THE late spot taking over from the Big Apple, here everybody from everywhere in Hong Kong would converge for late night dancing, after everywhere else has closed. Great place.

Bars in Hong Kong - Kowloon / TST

Kowloon is basically the name for the mainland, in other words not the Island of Hong Kong, only a short strip of water in the harbour separates the two and this gap seems to be getting smaller all the time.

 Most of the best bars on this side are in Tsim Sha Tsui which is the first MTR stop of you are coming from the Island. There is even a smaller version of Lan Kwai Fong (in Central), at Knutsford Terrace which offers a  splatter of assorted yet very good bars. There is also some good restaurants and bars that can be found there though such as Bahama Mama's, the Whale Pub and Chaser's. Read our Review of Knutsford Terrace.

 There are still some of the old "Wanchai/Suzie Wong" style bars in TST on Ashley Road, such as the Red Lion Inn, and Ned Kelly's Last Stand but to be honest you are better off trying your chances in one of the regular bars featured here. 

Felix: This modern style restaurant/bar is found atop the Peninsula Hotel, as you can expect it is a little pricey but for those that aren't paying for a room at the hotel with Harbour View, you have to visit. The view is simply stunning 28 floors up you look over the harbour and over the rest of Kowloon to the other. It attracts different crowds, tourists, local yuppies, and those that enjoy the food but mainly the view. If you are a man you HAVE to try the toilets here, don't ask why, just do it. 

Someplace Else: Can be found in the basement of the Sheraton and is a very "hot" or "in" place. They have the busiest happy hour we have ever seen in Hong Kong, which offers you buy one get one from 5 pm until 8 pm, if you ask the waiter he will even bring the second when you finish the first, which is nice so it does not get warm. They even have live music during this time. The disco music starts at around 11 pm, and is very popular with locals, expats and tourists. They do serve food and it is of a quality you would expect from a Sheraton, the menu is a laugh (literally) and will keep you busy for quite some time. Most of the food is Tex-Mex.  

Delaneys: is always a safe option, and has proved very popular with locals and expats alike. They have a good choice of beer on tap, and they always cover the live sporting events.

More to come soon so please do check back .............. if you have any suggestions please contact us.

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