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The Premier Travel Awards for Excellence were first launched in 1999 and have continued to grow ever since. They were created to address a need for independent travel awards where a) there are no advertising considerations to consider when the winners are announced or chosen and b) you do not need to pay to enter.

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It is amazing how many awards are given out by different companies throughout the year, each one proclaiming to be the best, and of course to be rewarding the best with the award. Have you ever looked a little closer into the awards to see how and why X company won ? If you ever do, the results may astound you. Some awards need you to actually pay to enter your product and yet the award givers proclaim you as the best even though there may not have been any other paid entries in that category, other awards require the winners to buy a table at a lavish ceremony gala dinner (and if they do not the award is withdrawn and offered to another company), and some companies have advertising to consider.

If you think that most magazines rely on advertising as their major revenue source is it little wonder that major advertisers often win a fair share of the awards. Of course that is business, but it may also indicate the awards to be bias, at least a little.

Once in a meeting with Senior Management of a major Korean Airline, we were told that they (the airline) were removing all copies of X publication (major business travel magazine in Asia) off their planes and from their lounges because a different major Korean Airline had won an award and they had not. They also said that they would be ceasing advertising in that publication as they felt they were not getting the support they needed !!

This is why the Premier Travel Awards for Excellence were created. Nobody has to pay to enter, anyone can vote, and we do not (currently at least !!) throw lavish award dinners where the winners have to buy a table. To put it simply - we don't care who wins. What we hope, and aim to achieve with the Premier Travel Awards for Excellence is the most independent  and accurate travel awards in the world for the Asian markets.

If you feel that your tent at the bottom of the garden is the best hotel in one of our featured cities by all means vote for it, of course it would require thousands if not tens of thousands of votes to even stand a chance of winning but at least it has that chance !! We jest, but we do receive some very unusual votes, and that after all is what travel is all about, we all have different tastes, budgets and requirements, and the Premier Travel Awards for Excellence aims to reflect that.

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Vote in the 2015 Premier Travel Awards

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