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Elbit Systems to Launch New Products at Farnborough Int. Airshow 2016

A broad range of Elbit Systems' solutions designed for the changing requirements of the defence and commercial aviation industries will be on display at Farnborough International Airshow 2016 in England  from 11 to 17 July.

The companys exhibition (booth A-100, Hall 1) will focus on advanced next-generation airborne solutions for pilot situational awareness and enhanced flight protection and safety.

An array of cutting-edge solutions for commercial aviation will be showcased alongside avionic systems, advanced electronic warfare, electro-optics and unmanned systems.

The company will also be using the show to launch two new products SPECTRO-XR and LIGHT SPEAR.

Intelligence Solutions to be Showcased at FIA 2016

SPECTRO-XR is an ultra-long range, day/night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system, the latest and most advanced electro-optic payload developed by Elbit Systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting, Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.

LIGHT SPEAR is a self-protection and jamming system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

COMINT Payloads for UAS offers operational and battle-proven UAS-specific Communications Intelligence / Direction Finding (COMINT/DF) systems, designed as modular building blocks, capable of handling various types of communications systems and able to fit any UAS. The systems utilize wideband multi-purpose receivers and meet the requirements of any Electronic Warfare/Signal Intelligence (EW/SIGINT) payload, offering tactical intelligence reception in real time over wide rural and urban areas, and enabling digital audio-recording.

Data Links that include advanced wireless communications systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, guided weapons and space platforms - as well as unique SAR (Search and Rescue) systems for combat and non-combat applications. The data links product line includes Tracking, Telemetry, Ranging and Control (TTR&C) systems for space vehicles and satellite earth stations.

Family of Intelligence and EW Systems for Cellular Communications that can effectively scan areas of interest; monitor, locate, and identify potential threats; construct cellular target maps; intercept target devices and selectively jam and manipulate cellular communications. These systems are designed for Special Forces in military, law enforcement and intelligence units.

iSNS Immune Satellite Navigation System is a highly effective Global Positioning System Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (GPS ECCM) system that enables reliable, non-stop GPS operation, provides full jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and handles multiple interfering signals and/or jammers operating on concurrent frequencies.

Commercial Aviation

Elbit Systems ClearVision is a complete, Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) that covers the full flight envelope and overcomes extreme weather conditions and low visibility situations both day and night. ClearVision allows for intuitive out-of-the-window flying, minimizing the dependency on airport and helipad instruments. It is designed to reduce landing minima and provide takeoff credit. The ClearVision display fuses conformal flight guidance symbology with synthetic vision presentation and high-resolution Enhanced Vision System (EVS) video on a Head-Up Display (HUD). The ClearVision suite has been selected by leading Part 25 platform manufacturers around the world and recently introduced on rotor-wing aircraft.

ClearVision HUD displayed in live - an electro-optic device that presents aircraft data over a transparent glass (combiner), ClearVision HUD is located in front of the pilot. The presented data is collimated to infinity, enabling the pilot to operate the aircraft using out-the window views during critical phases of flight.

With eyes focused out in front of the aircraft viewing on the HUD the aircraft flight path vector, aircraft attitude, visual glideslope angle and the runway aim point, pilots can achieve greater precision and situational awareness while increasing safety. In addition, this modern HUD can present external video such as EVS video and supports the benefit of lower landing minimas.

SKYLENS showcased in live - Packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, as intuitive as a pair of sunglasses, SKYLENS is a revolutionary approach for todays aviators challenges. Operational in all weather conditions, day and night, SKYLENS provides head-up information and minimizes dependency on airport instrumentation. SKYLENS is part of the Clearvision EFVS family, displaying high-resolution information, images and video on a high transparency visor, providing superior see-through transmission.

SkyVis showcased live - a new system combining a proven Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) with commercially certifiable Line-of-Sight (LOS) technology and daytime HUD capabilities. SkyVis day or night system offers enhanced situational awareness and enables Eyes Out operations, with or without Night Vision Goggles (NVG), during all phases of flight, in marginal weather conditions without compromising safety.

ClearVision SVS live demo - synthetic vision based on a full database of runways, obstacles, terrain and flight plan information; ready to be displayed on-time and on-need.

Live demo of the HUD - an electro-optic device that presents aircraft data over a transparent glass (combiner), located in front of the pilot. The presented data is collimated to infinity, enabling the pilot to operate the aircraft using out-the window view during critical phases of flight. The HUDs feature stroke on raster display, digital image source, high brightness, wide angle Field-of-View (FOV), high uniformity of symbols/see through, a depressible stand-by sight, very high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and a variety of customer-tailored Up Front Control Panels (UFCPs) configurations.

Avionics Systems for Military Platforms

CockpitNG is based on a smart central Large Area Display (LAD), which includes all avionic components in one suite, fully integrated with the HMD and HUD. All of the systems' components have been developed in a "Multi-touch-Screen" technology, allowing pilots to operate the aircraft in a smooth and customizable manner.

LAD demonstration a 19x8.25 unique large area display, dual redundant, touch-screen enabled and featuring a wide dimming range for night vision goggle compatibility at low luminance levels. All products in this line are smart Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) displays that can host software applications from Elbit Systems, customer legacy software or third-party software Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) that enable pilots to plan, rehearse, fly and debrief using their personal helmets. Theyre available in stand-alone or fully integrated configurations. The HMS are excellent solutions for fighter aircraft, air lifters, trainers, emergency services aircraft and helicopters. The offering includes NVCD (night symbology) and click-on NVG, improved helmet comfort and center of gravity. The HMS also contains safe, proven visor projection, market leading accuracy, a hybrid optical/inertial tracker with unlimited motion box with best in class redundancy, a unique color display and a multi-sensor video presentation.

Embedded Virtual Avionics (EVATM) for trainer aircraft, can be installed on basic or advanced trainer aircraft, transforming the aircraft into a virtual advanced fighter while maintaining the hourly training costs of a trainer. The EVA virtual avionics suite is designed to shorten the training gap which exists today between trainer and modern fighter aircraft. EVA is manufactured in a minimal integration configuration, thus reducing aircraft integration costs virtually to zero.

Helicopter Solutions

BrightNite is a solution that enables utility helicopters to successfully perform Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) missions in more than 90% of the nights and provides them with piloting capabilities of attack helicopters and enables a new level of operational flight.

Training and Simulation

SkyBreaker is Elbit Systems Mission Training Centre (MTC), a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training centre supporting many aircraft types. SkyBreaker provides realistic simulated battlefield training using all aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance all levels of pilot training.

Elbit Systems developed SkyBreaker to save actual flight hours by presenting aircrews with high-fidelity, simulator-based training. The SkyBreaker facility houses a complex networked system designed to provide an entire squadron with the tools to practice modern air combat using SkyScen, a sophisticated computer generated forces (CGF) solution, in a fully integrated military setting.

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