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If it is your fist time to Hong Kong, or you haven't been since the opening of the new airport, things can be a little confusing. Below we offer you a guide to arriving at the Hong Kong International airport and getting into town, and also travelling around the city during your stay

  At the Airport

The Airport Express

The train, Airport Express is the fastest and most comfortable way to get into town. The Airport Express stops at three stations, namely Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Central. Each seat on the modern train has its own TV set with different channels offering viewers information on Hong Kong, news and other entertainment channels. See our full review of the Hong Kong Airport Express.


The bus is a very cheap and pleasant way to travel into central Hong Kong. There are buses that will take you anywhere you could possibly want to go, and you get the additional benefit of travelling over the amazing suspension bridge stretching from Lantau Island to the mainland. More on the bus routes to come soon. See: Hong Kong Airport Bus


After passing through customs your best bet is to take a train directly into HK. But WAIT, you need a ticket, not to get on, but to get off !!  Buy what they call an Octupus card which is a bit like a stored value card which you can keep topping up as needed. If you are staying for a week then just put 300HK$ on and that should cover you for your entire stay. You will even be able to use the Octopus Card in some shops such as 711. The Octopus Card counter is right in between the customs and the train, and the counter is circular in shape. Basically it will be at either 1 o'clock or 11 o'clock in direction when you exit the customs welcome barriers.

Once you have the card you will be able to get on and off the train, with ease. You do not need to validate your new card before you get on, but you will when you get off. When you alight from the train you will reach the barriers, you simply need to pass your card over the pad at the top of the barrier. Don't try to insert it instead just hold it over that pad and move it around until you here the beep.

There are always people at hand if you do need some help, but after your first few times it is a breeze.

Now you have a choice, you can either can take a taxi, or take a complimentary bus to your hotel.  If you are at Central then the buses are H1 and H2, and are located at around 10 o'clock direction when you come out of the barriers. The taxis are straight ahead. The buses stop at all major hotels and have different routes so check which one goes to your hotel. To see the destination of all the buses click HERE, and you will see which buses go to which hotels. So you know, you do not need to be staying at the hotels listed to use the buses so you can always take the bus to a hotel which is close to your own and then simply walk from there.

The Airport Express train departs from the airport to the right when you are looking at it, and from Central to the left. When returning to the airport just do the reverse.

In town

You have a choice between buses, taxis, the MTR (underground), trams, ferries and of course walking.


Taxis are everywhere and cheap. They start at HK$ 15 and go up from there. Some Taxis have a board with Chinese writing in their front screen, or some may be sat around and then refuse to take you anywhere! They are not being rude, it is just that they are travelling to Kowloon, and so are waiting for passengers to take them back, that way they do not have to pay the toll for using the tunnel. In general the level of English of the drivers is quite limited so it can be useful to ask your hotel to write your destination in Chinese so the driver knows exactly where you are going.


Here you will be able to use the Octupus Card in the same way that you did when you arrived. Just pass it over the barriers. The MTR is clean, fast, cheap and covers most of the major areas in Hong Kong. The MTR is by far the fastest way to get to and from the Island to Kowloon. All you need to know is where the station is that you are going and where you are at that time. Look for the last station in the direction that you want to travel and then just follow the signs for that.


Coming Soon


Hong Kong is very safe, and while it may sound a little crazy, in the heat and humidity, walking is a very good option. Hong Kong is so small that sometimes it is quicker just to walk.


If you are in Hong Kong for business or pleasure you have to take a ride on a tram. Do NOT take the tourist tram, just simply jump on any tram passing by and mix in. It will cost HK$ 2 (have the change ready) for the ride no matter how short or long. A great experience.


Ferries can take you from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) or Wanchai to TST, or Hung Hom, Discovery Bay, Lamma, Lantau, Cheung Chau. They are amazing and worth the experience, so do try to find the time to take one. From Wanchai to TST will cost HK$ 2 one way.  

Airport Buses

These buses are free of charge and will take you from the airport express station to your hotel. Check which bus number is the one you require. 

(K = Kowloon side    H = Hong Kong Island side)

From / To Hong Kong Station (Central)

H1 - Service hours 06:20 - 23:10
(every 24 minutes) Island Shangri-La >> Conrad International Hong Kong >> Pacific Place >> JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong >> The Empire Hotel Hong Kong >> Renaissance Harbour View Hotel >> Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 

H2 - Service hours 06:20 - 23:10
(every 24 minutes) The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel Hong Kong >> Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel >>The Excelsior, Hong Kong >> Regal Hongkong Hotel >> The Park Lane >> Luk Kwok Hotel

From / To Kowloon Station

K1 - Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
(every 12 minutes) MTR Jordan Station (alighting, Tak Shung School) >> KCR Hung Hom Station (alighting) >> Whampoa Garden (Tak On Street) >> Harbour Plaza Hotel >> Harbour Plaza Metropolis >> KCR East Rail Hung Hum Station (boarding) >> MTR Jordan Station (boarding, Union Church Kowloon)

K2 - Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
(every 12 minutes) The Marco Polo Prince >> The Marco Polo Gateway >> The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel >> Sheraton Hong Kong / KCR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station

K3 - Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
(every 12 minutes) The Kowloon Hotel >> Hyatt Regency Hong Kong >> Langham Hotel Hong Kong >> Royal Pacific Hotel / China Ferry Terminal

K4 - Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
(every 24 minutes) New World Renaissance Hotel >> Regal Kowloon Hotel >> Hotel Nikko Hongkong >> InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong >> Kowloon Shangri-La

K5 - Service hours 06:18 - 23:10
(every 24 minutes) Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong >> Park Hotel >> Hotel Miramar >> The Knutsford Hotel >> The Empire Hotel Kowloon >> B P International


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