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Renting a car in Hong Kong is as simple as in any other major city. The question would be though whether you really need to rent a car to enjoy all that Hong Kong has to offer.

For most travellers and even Hong Kong residents there is very little need to rent a car. Hong Kong has an excellent subway and train system, coupled with a great public transport system and enough taxi's to keep anyone happy. If you do decide you want to rent a car then bare in mind that land in Hong Kong is very expensive and so finding somewhere to park at a reasonable price can be a tiring process.

Many malls have parking spaces that can offer you free parking for a period if you have purchased something over a certain amount so do check. Most of the major hotels also provide parking spaces but many will charge, even hotel guests, if you want to park your car for a period of over X number of hours.

Most of the major car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz etc have at least one outlet in Hong Kong. They offer a range of cars from small run-arounds to more  luxury premium models. As with any car rental you need to carefully check what is included and what is not, especially with regards to insurance. Unlimited mileage is always a bonus although in Hong Kong you would be hard pushed to clock up any serious mileage.

The roads in Hong Kong are excellent quality and all signs are in English making getting around very easy. As Hong Kong was a former British colony the steering wheel is on the right of the car as it is in England.

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