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Many travel trade shows can be a chore to attend, the ITB in Berlin, the biggest travel trade show in the world is simply massive, often cold and finding a room at a reasonable price can be a difficult thing to achieve. The Arabian Travel Market however is one of the very few travel trade shows which can actually be a joy to attend.

Not a year goes by without some form of major announcement being made. A new hotel, a new landmark, a ski resort, a new brand, a new city within the city, even more islands or multiples of these. Dubai and the booming Middle East region seem to have an endless amount of very special announcements to make, and it is often at the Arabian Travel Market that these new projects are showcased to the travel trade for the first time.

Just by watching the amount of coverage the Middle East is now getting from global media companies such as the BBC and CNN demonstrates the speed at which this region is moving. While the major TV companies have always given a certain amount of coverage to the Middle East region, mostly negative, they are now spending much more time looking at the positive side of its development, the tourism industry, the construction industry, mammoth projects planned there and of course all the other booming business opportunities.

The Arabian Travel Market, reflects this perfectly and presents an excellent opportunity to anyone who is eyeing the massive potential this region represents. Since the Arabian Travel Market first launched each show has been a 'Record Year' in terms of exhibitor numbers and also delegates and visitors. Floor space and buyer numbers has grown more rapidly than anyone could have imagined. These are the reasons each consecutive Arabian Travel Market breaks all its previous records, and that reason is that this region holds so much potential, that it unwise to miss such a large opportunity.

Arabian Travel Market Arabian Travel Market Arabian Travel Market

A few words of caution however. Traffic in Dubai is not as manageable as it once was. Long gone are the days where you could easily enjoy breakfast in a luxury 5-star hotel on Jumeirah beach, and not worry about making it to your first appointment on time. Traffic congestion seems to get worse every day, so do take this into consideration when making appointments and moving around. There are some hotels that are connected, or extremely close, to the exhibition centre but these tend to be very hard to get into. Plan in advance. It should also be noted that, depending on your status, there can be a lot (and we do mean a lot) of functions, events, seminars etc to attend. These will again require your best time management skills, so do try to get hold of any schedules and plans in advance so you can see what works best for you.

Oh, and one the last thing. While Dubai would love you to think it is the centre of the universe and there is little need to go anywhere else, it is not. If you are visiting Dubai from overseas then use the time to try and organise a side trip. Perhaps Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia or Qatar. There are hundreds of amazing places in the Middle East with just as much potential, and many would argue much more, than Dubai. Have a good show!

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