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Live Text Commentary from the 2011 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

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Perfect conditions for the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens to get underway. Australia v Zimbabwe get the event underway as the stadium gradually begins to fill. Not too many crunch matches today, but still some great line ups.

ASIA Travel will be bringing you live commentary from some of the matches as well as interviews with fans and a few of all the fun the crowd and in particular the infamous South Stand is having. Do also check out when all your favourite teams are playing, and the results from the previous matches in the Fixtures and Results from the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens. And remember, the Hong Kong Sevens: It's Not Just Rugby!


- It does not take long for Australia to draw the first blood of the Sevens and score a converted try under the posts.

- Zimbabwe have just been pinned to their back line for the whole game so far as Australia score a second which is well converted to give the Aussies a 14 - 0 score with just over 2 minutes left in the first half. 

- Very one sided game with Australia all over the Zimbabwe team as the first half ends 14 - 0.

- The second half starts the same way as the first ended and the score quickly increases to 28 - 0. Zimbabwe will have realistically knows that their chances against the Australians would have been slim, so perhaps they are keeping their legs for the games where they stand more of a chance. Let's hope.

- The South Stand is about 1/3 full and with the smaller North Stand almost full. The East and West stands are gradually filling.

- Australia keep up the pressure and another converted try gives the Aussie a 42 - 0 victory.

- Next up, South Africa vs the country the Football World Cup Champions call home, Spain! After that, Fiji against Malaysia.

- It's getting chilly here at the stadium, so if you are coming later be sure to bring a thin jacket or pullover.

- Spain play well and the beginning of the start, keeping the ball and pushing South Africa back for Blanco to draw first blood with a dive into the corner. The conversion is wide and the score is 0 - 5 to Spain.

- Have the South Africans underestimated the Spanish? They get the ball and show why they are one of the best teams in the world only to lose it to Spain who mount yet another attack. Good stuff this from Spain.

 - Paul Jordan however had other ideas on his mind as he steals the ball and runs half the pitch to score. South Africa now lead 7 - 5. That seemed like the motivation they needed and South Africa score again to extend the lead to 12 - 5.

- The buzzer goes as Spain mount another attack, lose it to South Africa who give it right back. The half ends 12 - 5 with South Africa showing flashes of inspiration and excellence, Spain showing grit and determination.

- South Africa a little more determined in the second half with Delport scoring a good try for South Africa to go to 19 - 5.

- This is more like it from South Africa, as they extend the lead to 26 - 5. The game ends 33 - 5. Spain started well, but the giants of Rugby thgat are South Africa gradually became more alert as the game went on finishing the game with the best performance of any team so far.

- Next up it is Fiji v Malaysia. Surely there can be only one result, or could Malaysia surprise us all and give us a match to remember.

- Fiji very much in control but not overly imposing themselves as yet. At 3:46 Matawalu picks it up of the ground and scores the first try for Fiji to gain the lead 7 - 0. Matawalu is hungry and scores his second in the corner. The conversion was poor and the score is 12 - 0.

- Malaysia are having difficulty getting and keeping the ball and Fiji seem to be taking the game more as a training game than a competitive match. As the buzzer goes for the first half, Mutuwalu takes the ball and runs into space to score his third under the posts. The half ends 19 - 0 to Fiji.

- Will Malaysia find their legs, or more to the point will Fiji let them find their legs in the second half, or is there more misery in store for Malaysia.

- The answer to that question is a try from Burotu within 30 seconds of the start of the second half. The conversion hits the upright and it is 24 - 0. A minute later and it is Burotu again who score under the posts to extend the score to 31 - 0. Fiji are playing well, but you still get the feeling they are not pushing themselves too hard, there is plenty in the tank and you get the feeling this team could go far.

- The best try of the tournament so far. A master class in fending off the opposition  Batiratu rand the line to carry all the way under the posts. Good conversion and it is 38-0. Vucago keeps up the pressure and pushes the try to 45-0.

- Malaysia have no response to the power and skill of the Fijian players. Another try from Nacagilevu takes the score to 52 - 0.

- We have had few games so far and yet, Fiji have shown the most promise. They finish the game 59 - 0.

- Next up Samoa and Mexico, who are playing for the first time at the Hong Kong Sevens.

- The England team are warming up, the music is loud, the south Stand 2/3rds full and the beer flowing. England play after the Samoa v Mexico game.

- We did not expect many surprises on the first day this year. Samoa lead 26 - 0 and they have plenty left in the tank. Argentina v Canada, Wales v Hong Kong, Kenya v Russia and Scotland v Tonga all have the potential to give us an upset.

- Mexico get us underway in the second half. The England team is Dan Norton, James Rodwell, Oliver Lindsay-Hague, Ben Gollings, Mat Turner, and Chris Cracknell. On the bench Mark Odejobi, Tom Powell, Nick Royle, John Brake and Dan Caprice.

- Samoa kept up the pressure against newcomers Mexico and finish the game 64 - 0.

- Next up England v China - just what the crowd ordered!!It is 17:55 here in Hong Kong, not too cool, just slightly chilly, the stadium is 2/3rds full and the crowd are looking forward to the next match.

China get us underway but England instantly take possession and the number 10 shows the crowd he has the legs of a 20 year old by running half the length of the pitch. Yes, Gollings has score the first try of the game. 5 - 0 to England.

- Some more great play from England with Mat Turner scoring the second after just 2 minutes. England lead 12 - 0.

- A good tackle from Cracknell, and another from Rodwell deny China a try but they stubbornly kept going and are rewarded with their first try of the tournament. 12 - 5.

- England respond immediately and Barden scores a try under the posts to extend England's lead to 19 - 5. One minute remaining in the first half. England are using the width of the pitch expertly and score the final try of the half to lead 26 - 5. Some good play from England.

- Less than 20 seconds into the second and Dan Norton skips around and through half the China team to score an impressive try. 33 - 5.

- England look well organised, but have already missed a couple of conversions. The lead is now 38 - 5. This time its Mat Turner's time to run through the Chinese team for his second try of the game. 45 - 5.

- 1 1/2 minutes remain and England reach 50 moving the score to a pleasing 52 - 5 with a good conversion.

- Greg Barden scores the last try of the game and England win 59 -5.

- Next up New Zealand v Korea.

- Who has looked the most impressive so far? England looked good, and well organised, but Fiji looked as if they were in a training session with some serious mastery just waiting to shine through.

- Still no upsets, but it is not raining, the stadium is almost full, the music is pumping, the crowd drinking and dancing - the party ladies and gentlemen has definitely started!!

- Korea almost scored the first of the game against New Zealand with a great run from Choi Si-won, but he fumbled on the line for New Zealand to take it back and run to a try. Moments later, New Zealand score again and the score is suddenly 14 - 0 with over 4 minutes remaining.

- With seconds to go in the first half New Zealand score a try under the posts, convert and the score stands at 21 - 0. Another in the first minute of the second pushes the score to 28 - 0. The Koreans have little in reply to New Zealand's strength and lose the game  61 - 0.

- We have had 6 games so far and only two teams - Spain and China - have managed to score any points against the favourite opposition.

- Next up Argentina v Canada. This could be a close game, despite Argentina's obvious strength and skill, Canada tend to start the tournament well only to run out of steam in the later games, and as if to prove the points they hold of Argentina for almost 4 minutes before they score to take a slender 7 - 0 lead. Canada do threaten to respond and with just over 30 seconds left on the 1st half clock they score a try draw closer and then score again to take the lead at half time. It is 7 - 12.

- This is looking like it will be the upset of the day, with Canada playing the more creative rugby to extend the lead 7 - 17. Just three minutes remain and the South Stand is almost full - and that's official!

- Ciaran Hearn extends Canada's lead even further with a try to give Canada a strong lead of 7 - 22. And while there may be less than a minute Argentina score a good try to pull the scores closer. 14 - 22 and 41 seconds remain which was not enough despite a last second converted try. The game ends with the first upset of the day, Canada win 21 - 22. Well done Canada.

- The next game features Wales who can be unpredictable at the Sevens. With the backing of the crowd Hong Kong could well cause the second upset of the day. Too much to ask? We will soon find out.

- The crowd goes wild. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Hong Kong are on the pitch and their foes for this game, Wales. But Adam Thomas has obviously not read the script and scores the first try of the game which is converted to give Wales a 7 - 0 lead much to the dislike of the crowd.

- It only takes a glimmer of an attack from Hong Kong for the crowd to go wild, but Wales look alert and are up for this game, scoring a second to extend the lead to 14 - 0.

- Each time Hong Kong look close to scoring they seem disorganised in defense and allow Wales to attack deep which is what they do and succeed in scoring their third try of the game with just over 2 minutes remaining in the first half. The conversion is good and Wales lead 21 - 0.

- There have been moments of hope for Hong Kong but Wales defended well, and then just as I type that the crowd lift the roof off the stadium as they break through the Welsh defense for Rowan Varty to score a try. The score is 21 - 7 and that's half time.

-  Jevon Groves adds to the score line to make it 28 - 7 with just over 4 minutes remaining in the second half. To be fair to Hong Kong, Wales are looking good.

- Cuthbert continues the Welsh advance and scores under the posts to push the lead to 35 - 7. With all but one of the favourite teams scoring large scores it is important for Wales to put as much on the score board as possible.

- With just 21 seconds to go, Hong Kong hero, Rowan Varty scores an impressive try out running the Welsh defense for his second of the game. The game ends 35 - 12.

- Up next the Women's Final with France v Canada. After this only four games remain for the day with a possible crunch match between Scotland and Tonga and an interesting game between Kenya - who normally play very well at the Hong Kong Sevens - and Russia. The other two games are USA v Japan and an all European affair between France and Portugal.

- Tomorrow the first big game is Australia v Canada, which could be a slippery banana for Australia who on paper should not lose but as Canada just showed against Argentina they are not to be underestimated. The Samoa v Tonga game a little later on Saturday should be a tough encounter for the players and an entertaining spectacle for the crowd. Then at 17:28 South Africa will take on Wales, perhaps the biggest game of the tournament this far, then Fiji v Kenya, Samoa v Scotland, England v USA and New Zealand v France all promise an exciting end to the day.

- In the women's final, Canada proved the stronger and more creative to beat France 14 - 28.

- Next up Kenya v Russia, which could be an excellent game. The Kenyans are good, very good, but just what do Russia bring to the table?

- The Russians take first blood despite a positive start from Kenya. It is Russia up 0 - 5. The crowd has gone a little quiet but that does not stop Russia from scoring a second which is not converted. The score is 0 - 10. 

- Kenya, who normally play so well at the Hong Kong Sevens, are being completely overrun by Russia as they score a third to end the half 0 - 15.

- As the second half gets underway Russia continue to pile the pressure on Kenya with another try that is converted to give them a 0 - 22 lead. Kenya do not seem to have woken up yet, and are definitely not playing like they normally do.

- Finally a response from Kenya comes with just over two minutes on the clock. 5 - 22. Enough time for Kenya to make a comeback? No, is the answer. The game ends 5 - 22.

Next up Scotland v Tonga. When asked whether this will be as good a match as it sounds, a well know veteran radio commentator said, "you just never know with Tonga, you just never know who is going to turn up". So it could be a cracker, then again....

- Scotland put their names on the scoreboard first with a try. 5 - 0. Scotland are having most of the possession but at just 5 - 0 the lead is too slender to be any where near complacent. This could go either way. Half time 5 - 0.

- 35,000 attended the 7s tonight. Expect more tomorrow, and totally full house for the best day of the weekend, the finals!!

- 2 minutes into the second half and it is game on! with Tonga scoring a try in the corner - 5 - 5. This is not the game I expected, rather dull affair. Scotland need to up their game plan.

- Scotland did not capitalise on their possession in the first half but Tonga have not so far made the same mistake in the second. They score a second try and take the score to 10 - 5. How will Scotland respond. Less than 30 seconds on the clock now. The buzzer goes with Scotland in control, they could steal it from here. Running wide they make a long pass and Michael Fedo scores a try to level. It is 10 - 10. Tonga just missed a conversion in front of the posts, how much is that going to cost them. Can Scotland score the first conversion of the game? YES, they can and they win 12 - 10!

- Next up USA v Japan. The Japanese always compete with so much heart and determination, and often almost cause big upsets. On the other hand, the USA seem to improve each year, this could be a close game.

- The Japanese are in red and the Americans in blue. And it is Zach Test from America who scores the first try after almost two minutes. Poor conversion gives the USA a lead of 5 points to nil.

- But what did I say about determination? The big No.4 Lepuha Latuila scores a brilliant solo try running half the length of the pitch and avoiding tackles to score in the corner. The try is converted and Japan take the lead. 5 - 7. Two minutes to go in the first half.

- The Americans were right back into the Japanese and some good team work laid the ball off to Paul Emerick who ran the try under the posts. A good try means the USA lead 12 - 7.

- This games has had some of the best tries of the whole day. A second Japanese try is under review by the officials and the ref gives it to equal the scores. 12 - 12. Another difficult conversion could give Japan the lead but it goes wide. At half time it is 12 - 12.

- Second half gets underway, and a careless long ball from Japan gets intercepted by the Americans. Cheap way to give away the ball. Five minutes remain.

- Hawkins pushes USA back into the lead with a score under the posts. 19 - 12. The Americans continue their offensive and score another try 26 - 12. But Japan are not out yet, some good work pushes the US back into their own half and Japan to put in near the 22. Just over 1 minute remains. A converted try is the result of some excellent play and the score is 24 - 19.

- The buzzer goes and the Americans kick out much to the displeasure of the crowd who make sure the USA knows exactly how they feel about that move. Game ends 24 - 19.

Next up France Portugal. Portugal win 5 - 12.


- The Rugby Gods are obviously smilling on Hong Kong as after a great first day the weather has if anything warmed up slightly. The sun is beginning to break through the few clouds, the South Stand looks full even though it is only 09:53 and the rest of the stadium is filling gradually.

- So what is the difference between the stands? The South stand is wear most of the fun costumes and often outrageous behaviour takes place, it is in a way the beating heart of the stadium when the Sevens are in town, as those brace enough to venture inside provide a lot of entertainment for the whole crowd regardless of what the rugby is like. The further back you position yourself in this stand the less chance you have of being drenched in beer, PIMMS or worse. The stand is restricted to over 18s and unless you arrive early on Saturday then you are going to have to endure some very serious queues. Once you leave the stand you have to queue again to be able to get back in. The stand has its own toilets, food outlets and of course plenty, and we do mean plenty of beer!!

- The North stand is much more subdued but still a lot of fun as it is one of the other stands where you can freely drink alcohol. Again the early bird gets the worm and you will find people arriving early to reserve seats for themselves and all their friends.

- There is also free seating in the corners of the stadium where you can also drink without any restrictions. These again fill early as people do like to sit close to the South Stand without actually venturing in.

- The two upper stands, East and West are the only stands where you are not allowed to drink alcohol. This may sound restrictive but is probably a good thing considering how steep and high they are. Our recommendation would be to choose the West stand as the East gets the sun (if there is any) in the afternoon.

- There are also lots of corporate boxes and if you are lucky enough to get an invitation to one then you are in for a great time as they are often decorated, free flow of drinks and food and are a great place to network and have fun. According to one person we spoke to this morning, UBS have the best box in the house (and we did verify that he does not work for them) but we have no way to actually compare them so we will have to take his word for it.

- Food and drinks are available in all the stands. Most of the roaming vendors that come to you sell hot dogs, meat pies, and jugs of beer (where it is allowed) and PIMMS.

- People from all over the world come to the Sevens, so if you have never been before, then make sure you booke your place at what many people regard as the greatest sporting weekend party in the world. They can't all be wrong!!

- The South Stand is now full and are in good voice, a sea of colours with some of the most imaginative costumes you will ever see in one place. A few have them have not been home after the opening last night, more than a few won't make it in tomorrow for the finals, so to take the one theme we received from all the video interviews we did with fans this morning - take is easy, and pace yourselves!!

- First game today Argentina v Zimbabwe. Kick off in 15 minutes @ 10:30. For listings of the other games see: Fixtures and Results from the 2011 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

- Argentina did not play well yesterday and lost 21 - 22 to Canada. They should be too strong for Zimbabwe however and take first blood of the day with a try under the posts. A successful conversion gives Argentina a 7 - 0 lead. But Zimbabwe are playing better than they did yesterday or perhaps Argentina are just not as strong opposition as Australia were on Friday. Despite a comeback from Zimbabwe Argentina managed to hold them off for a 21 - 12 win. Argentina will need to improve their game against the stronger teams. Their next game is against Australia later this afternoon.

- Next up. Wales v Spain. It was the Spanish team that yesterday gave the crowd a surprise leading the South Africans by 5 points to nil, only for South Africa to come back and beat  them convincingly. Wales looked strong yesterday and it is they who score first with a converted try. Wales lead 7 - 0. Another try for Wales takes the score to 14 - 0. Spain are having difficulty keeping the ball. And of course, as soon as I write that then Spain score. 14 - 5. Wales respond instantly with another converted try. At half time it is 21 - 5. Spain pushed hard in the second half and almost scored but some selfish play and sloppy passing combined with a resolute Welsh defense managed to safeguard the Welsh lead. One minute to go in the second and still 21 - 5. They may have spent most of the second half in their own half but Wales score with the last play of the game to win 28 - 5. Wales are looking strong.

- Next up Kenya v Malaysia. And Malaysia score their first try of the tournament after just 2 minutes of the game to give themselves a lead of 0 - 5. But it takes Kenya just a minute to respond with a good try under the post from Collins Injera. Kenya leads 7 - 5.

- Much, much warmer here in Hong Kong today. The sun is out and there is a refreshing breeze. Perfect conditions for a party, and just a little rugby to go with it!

- Kenya extend their lead with a try but fail to convert. 12 - 5. Another from Sidney Ashioya gives Kenya a 19 - 5 lead with just seconds to go in the first half. Some poor passing from Kenya gives Malaysia an interception and after some good team work they score under the posts for to bring the game closer. 19 - 12 @ half time.

- Next year of course this will no longer be the Cathay Pacific / Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens as HSBC bought the global series title late last year.

- Kenya get the second half off to a good start with a decent converted try. 26 - 12. Another extends the lead to 33 - 12. Less than two minutes to go and Kenya extend their lead to 38 - 12. The buzzer goes and another score under the posts gives Kenya a 45 - 12 victory.

- Next up Scotland v Mexico!! At half time it is 19 - 0. 

- There is a lot more to the Sevens than just drinking and rugby. See: Hong Kong Sevens: Its Not Just Rugby!

- Quick try in the second half for Scotland pushes the score to 26 - 0. Remember this is Mexico's first time at the Sevens here in Hong Kong. Another converted try and it is 33 - 3. The game ends 40 - 7.

China will get all the support of the crowd, or at least 99% of it, as USA takes them on. Not a traditional rugby nation, they, similar to teh Canadians, seem to get better each year. With two minutes remaining in the first half USA leads 12 - 5. But China's response is swift and Lu Zhuan score a try under the posts, much to the delight of the South Stand and the rest of the crowd. The try is converted 12 - 7.

 - The buzzer goes and the USA skips over some challenges to run into the corner and score a try under the posts. The half ends 17 - 7.

- The USA gets the second half underway in the same style as they ended the first, scoring a try to extend the lead to 24 - 7.

- China's response is again swift with a good try from Long Hanxiao. 24 - 4 with just under 3 minutes remaining. The Americans are too strong though, as they continue their domination of this match, and Zach Test runs through a couple of weak challenges to score again. 31 - 14. The game ends 36 - 14.

- Next up France v Korea, which ends 40 - 7. Korea are normally a surprise element to the Sevens but this year have not been in form as yet.

- Next Australia v Canada, and if Canada's form is anything to by, this game could give us a surprise result. It is a long shot, but they have a good chance. It is Canada that get us underway. Yesterday the Canadian women comprehensively beat the French team in the women's final and it is the men that take first blood against the Aussie with a try in the corner to lead Australia 0 - 5.

- Canada are playing some very attractive rugby and nearly score a second but the ship runs just long. But they keep at it, they have a hunger and style vastly improved from previous HK Sevens and score a second try with 4 minutes remaining in the first half. Canada lead 0 - 12.

- Seconds later and they almost score a third, but they lose the ball on the line and Australia attack to score a try after Canada lose a player for a penalty. 5 - 12.

- Canada playing the better rugby but with a man less will they be able to hold of Australia. Some good defending from Canada saves what would have been another Australian try. 7 - 12 with 47 seconds remaining in the first.

- Some of the BEST rugby of the whole tournament thus far, Canada outclass Australia totally with a man less as well. Some great passes and strong legs down the line help Canada to their third try of the game and at half time it is 7 - 17. What an outstanding try. Game on!!!

- The Aussies get the second half underway. They have the class, the pedigree and talent, can they come back against this determined Canadian team?

- Less than a minute and Australia score a converted try. 14 - 17. Very close now.

- The half team chat worked for Australia as seconds after their first in the second they score another to take the lead. They miss the conversion but take a slender two point lead. Just over4 minutes remain.

- Canada were doing well with their attack against Australia but some sloppy passing and lack of support from fellow teammates gave Australia a try under the posts . 26 - 17.

- This game is far from over. Just a minute remains but the gap in points is now just 2 points as they score a try and convert. 26 - 24. Which is how the game ends. A very close call for the Aussies, who will need to play much better than that as the tournament progresses.

- Next, South Africa against the home team Hong Kong. The South Africans score the first try in just over 30 seconds. 7 - 0. A very clever set piece gives South Africa a second under the post. 14 - 0.

- Hong Kong just cannot get into the game and South Africa take a third and the lead grows to 19 - 0 with just over 2 minutes left in the first half. Another try, and South Africa are giving Hong Kong a demonstration of their passing skills. 26 - 0.

- The buzzer goes and Hong Kong have not even left their own half yet. Some clever footwork from Cecil leads to a converted try, and South Africa, end the first half with an imposing 33 - 0 lead.

- South Africa continues the second as they finished the first half, and contain Hong Kong easily. They score a converted try and the slead extends to 40 - 0. Chris Dry scores his hat trick and it is 45 - 0 with just over 2 minutes remaining. Hong Kong are a good team but South Africa are one of the best teams in the world and far too strong for the locals. The game ends 45 - 0.

- Next up the very impressive Fiji against Russia. Yesterday Fiji beat Malaysia 59 - 0 without even breaking a sweat. Russia will be harder opposition but it is very hard to see them making any leeway against this excellent Fiji team.

- Some beautiful passing rugby as Fiji score the first try after just two minutes. A poor conversion gives Fiji a 5 - 0 lead. They maintain the pressure instantly and they demonstrate just how important team work is with a well worked try to extend the lead 10 - 0 after another very poor conversion. Can't help but wonder whether poor conversions could cost Fiji as the tournament progresses.

- More superb rugby from Fiji, as they show why they must be one of the absolute favourites for the tournament. They are strong, work well together and are extremely skillful. The score 17 - 0 with just over one minute remaining.

- Russia have not left their own half yet, the pressure from Fiji is comprehensive. Fifteen seconds remain with Fiji on the attack, but the move breaks down and it is 17 - 0 at half time.

- As the second begins, Russia on the attack break into Fiji's half for the first time this game.  They play it wide across the 22, switch to the othger side as they try to find holes in the Fiji defense which they find after a sustained effort.  17 - 7.

- For once some poor passing from Fiji gives the ball to Russia and they do not make a mistake as Zaporzhin runs to score under the posts. 17 - 14. How will Fiji recover from this? Three minutes remain.

- If you are going to reply then make it clear, and wow did Nikola Matawalu make his response clear to Russia almost scoring with an attempt running half the pitch to have his feet knocked into touch just 3 metres from the Russian line. A throw in, screum and Fiji maintain the pressure with Joeli Lutumailigi scores to extend the lead 22 - 14. 45 seconds remain. Emosi Vucago scores with a drive under the posts and the game ends 29 - 14.

- Next up Samoa v Tonga. England are warming up next to the South Stand in preparation for their next match against Japan. That games follows this potential bone cruncher. Amazingly these two teams have never met in Hong Kong before.

- Tonga get us underway, and score the fastest try of the tournament, taking just 13 seconds to score under the posts. 0 - 7. Tong extend their lead with a second try in the corner. 0 - 12. 

- The England team for the next game against Japan is: Tom Powell, James Rodwell, Nick Royle, Oliver Lindsay-Hague, the legend Ben Gollings, Mat Turner, Chris Cracknell. On the bench are Mark Odejobu, Greg Barden, Dan Norton, John Brake and Dan Caprice.

- Back to the Samoa v Tonga game and Samoa score a converted try to pull back. 7 - 12. Back to forth stuff on the pitch and as predicted some bone crunching tackles with one player currently having medical attention after a thumping tackle. Etueni Siua who had been flattened finally gets to his feet and gingerly comes off the pitch to the applause and relief of the crowd.

- Excellent game and as the buzzer goes Tonga lose the ball just metres from Samoa's line. Now it is Samoa who attacks and Iosefo scores under the posts to give Samoa a slender two point lead at half time. 14 - 12. 

- Referee for the England game against Japan is Andrew Lees from Australia.

- Some amazing costumes in the South Stand, who are eagerly anticipating the England game despite this Samoa v Tonga game being one of the best of this year's Sevens so far.

- Samoa gets us underway in the second, and score after just one minute. The try was Iosefo's third try in this game. 19 - 12.

- Sosaia Palei scores a try in response for Tonga and the score becomes 19 - 17. Just two points in it, and Tonga are vastly improved over yesterday whereas Samoa look slightly heavy on their feet. The buzzer goes, and fair play to Samoa who do not kick out but run the ball for a try to end the game 24 - 17.

- Next up England! It is getting cooler in Hong Kong, but the temperature in the stadium has just risen as the crowd welcomes England, possibly the HK Sevens' favourite team. England get us underway and instantly impose themselves on the Japanese . Almost the first two minutes of the game are played three metres from Japan's line.

- England score a try and convert to give themselves the lead but Japan respond instantly and score a converted try to level the scores. 7 - 7. Half time it is 7 - 7.

- England score a second which is again matched by Japan. 14 - 14. A great solo effort from Dan Norton regains the lead for England. 21 - 14. Twinkle toes from Oliver Lindsay-Hague who scores his second by skipping around the Japan defense. 28 - 14. A beautifully weighted chip gives Tom Powell the ball to run onto and he scores in the corner as England impose their dominance on the game. 33 - 14.

- The buzzer goes and England win possession from Japan who were making ground down the wing. The game ends. 33 - 14.

- Next, New Zealand v Portugal ended 19 - 12.

- Canada against Zimbabwe is next up and Canada have impressed this whole tournament so it is difficult to see them losing to Zimbabwe, in fact some could argue they were a little unlucky to lose to Australia. With two minutes remaining in the first half it is Canada 19 - 0, which is how the half ends.

- Sita for Zimbaawe scores his first try of the game in the corner to give Zimbabwe a glimmer of hope. 19 - 5.

- Just noticed that they have added some extra protection to the barriers separating the fans from the pitch, presumably to strengthen them and to try and deter streakers. Will be interesting to see how effective they are especially on Sunday when the majority of streakers make a run for it, or at least try to.

- Canada are doing most of the defending in the second half and Zimbabwe's continued pressure pays off with a score under the posts to take the game to 19 - 10. Canada end the game with a surge of strength and score the final try of the game to make the score 24 - 10.

- Next, Hong Kong against Spain, a game which Hong Kong, with the backing of the home crowd, should win. Having said that Spain did score 5 points against South Africa so perhaps they will give the home team a run for their money.

- 3 minutes into the game and it is Spain on the attack. Fairly evenly balanced. Boos from the crowd at this juncture of the game only mean one thing and that is a Spanish try. Martin places the ball between the posts and converts his own try to give the Spanish a 0 - 7 lead.

- Spain are down to 6 men after a yellow card, and Hong Kong take full advantage with Simon Leung scoring a try beneath the posts to equal the score. 7 - 7. The buzzer goes for half time and Spain kick the ball out of play. 7 - 7.

- The New Zealand radio guys here at the Sevens are still celebrating yesterday's World Cup Cricket victory against South Africa! Congratulations guys.

- Back here in Hong Kong, Spain run out of touch just inches from the line. Hong Kong almost break through from the subsequent line out but lose the ball back to Spain who generously give it back. Close game with Spain having the better chances so far and spending a lot more of their time in Hong Kong's 22.

- Spain finally break through the Hong Kong defense and score their second try of the game. The conversion hits the upright and the score remains 7 - 12.

- Spain keep up the pressure looking for a third try. Just one minute remains in the second half. Boos ring out again as Spain decide to kick a penalty and increase their lead to 7 - 19. A try and Spain win the game 7 - 24.

- Russia have not won a game yet, but this nexxt game against Malaysia is their chance to put some points on the board. With a minute to go it is 31 - 0.

- The buzzer goes, and Russia skip through a few Malaysian players to extend the lead. At half time, the score is 38 - 0.

- It is 15:47 in Hong Kong and Malaysia get the second half underway, but Russia are immediately in control and mound on the pressure.

- Some cracking games later today. Australia v Argentina is at 17:06, South Africa v Wales at 17:28, England v USA at 18:34 and the final game of the day, New Zealand v France at 18:56. Of course there are many games until then and in between those listed but those are just a few that jump off the page. See: Fixtures and Results from 2011 Hong Kong Sevens.

- Russia continue their destruction of the Malaysian team taking the score to 43 - 0, with little in reply from Malaysia. 4 minutes remain. A final try ends the game with Russia victorious. 50 - 0.

- Next, Tonga v Mexico. BTW that extra security against streakers I mentioned earlier seems to look an awful lot like latticing or fencing you would use in a garden. HKRU being creative?

- Tong and Mexico have met twice before and Mexico have yet to win with both occasions ending in a victory for Tonga. And that is how the game starts with Tonga putting the first points on the board. 5 - 0. A try from Joseph Lui extends Tonga's score to 10 - 0. The conversion was unsuccessful. There has been a lot of poor kicking during the Sevens this year so far. Tonga are having a party as there is still two minutes to go and another try push Tonga's score to 15 - 0. 

- The crowd always love an underdog and it is of course Mexico's first Hong Kong Sevens, plus of course if they do score a Mexican song is played to the crowd. All good fun. At least for the crowd and Tonga now leads 22 - 0 and Mexico look a long way from scoring. Half time, 22 - 0.

- More misery for Mexico in the second half with Mexico scoring a converted try to extend their lead to 29 - 0. Another under the posts makes it 36 - 0. Three minutes remain.

- The game ends 41 - 0. a very one-sided affair.

- Next Japan against China.

- Not too sure about the "fun" videos they play at the interlude during this year's Sevens. They do not seem to be lifting the crowd like the ones they had last year.

- Japan gets us underway against China, but it is the latter that starts the stronger with a try in under two minutes. China lead - 0 - 5.

- Some good play from China, and Japan which are normally such a tricky team to play against at the Hong Kong Sevens seem distracted, very understandable considering the recent disaster. To reinforce that point, the two teams have met six times at the Hong Kong Sevens and China have yet to win one game. China lead 0 - 12 at half time.

-  As the second gets underway Japan pile on the pressure and score their first game after a minute and an half. 7 - 12 with four minutes remaining.

- A China attack breaks down and Narita of Japan wins the ball to run half the length of the pitch to score a try in the corner. The conversion is missed, and with just two minutes to go it is 12 - 12.

- The Japanese have no desire to let slip their unbeaten record against China at the Hong Kong Sevens and try at the end of the game to win 17 - 12.

- Next Portugal against Korea. Just 7 games remain today.

- If you have not yet see Cathay Pacific's "Game On" Hong Kong Sevens advertisement. Go to YouTube and check it out. Excellent stuff, and the best video we have seen all day at the 7s!

- The Portugal v Korea ends the first half 17 - 7, and in the second Portugal are quick to extend that lead with another converted try to make it 24 - 7. Korea responds with a try of its own staying in the game with just over four minutes remaining. 24 - 14. Two more tries extend the Portuguese lead to 34 - 14 and with all but 45 seconds remaining it is as good as game over for Korea. The buzzer goes but rather than kick out Portugal go for another try and Gardener score under the posts to end the game 41 - 14.

- Next Australia v Argentina, a game that on Argentina's current form this Sevens Australia should not lose.

- Australia gets us underway. A risky back flip from Australia pays off and a lucky bounce gives Angus a clear run to the posts. Australia lead 7 - 0. Argentina respond immediately and attack with finesse using the width of the pitch to stretch the Australians. Argentina now on Australia's 22. 4 minutes remain. Australia fighting to get out out of their own half. And when they do some good team work and passing, stretching the Argentinians, gives John Grant a try to extend the Australian's lead to 14 - 0. The buzzer goes and Argentina have a line-out 30 metres from Australia's line, but they lose the ball and Foley runs over half the length of the pitch to score and give Australia a lead of 21 - 0 at half time.

- The Argentinians get the second half underway. They have not performed to their full potential at this year's Sevens, will they have what it takes to respond to Australia? It takes them just over a minute to score their first try of the game and convert. 21 - 7. Argentina maintain the pressure and Santiago scores their second try to bring the game within distance. With almost 4 minutes remaining it is 21 - 14. Definitely a game of two halves as it stands now, Argentina are a different team from the first half. Tevita Kuridrani comes on for Australia, as the Aussie push Argentina back. Australia won a penalty 30 metres out and while some teams would have been tempted to kick, Australia went for a try. 25 seconds remains. The buzzer goes and the game ends 21 - 14.

- Next, South Africa against Wales. Five games remain today. Both South Africa and Wales have played some very attractive rugby so far this tournament, and while on paper South Africa are favourites, Wales are sure to have other ideas. Should be a great game ahead.

- South Africa gets us underway, and they score the first try of the game after a scramble on the line. Cecil Afrika converts his own try and South Africa lead 7 - 0.  Sibusiso Sithole scores the second for South Africa. 14 - 0. Just under three minutes remain. This game is a long way from over however, and Wales score a very well worked try. 14 - 5. Paul Delport score with two second to go, and South Africa extend their lead to 21 - 5, which is how we go into half time.

- The second half gets underway with Wales on the attack and Alex Cuthbert scores a try in the corner. Still time for Wales to come back against the Africans. 5 minutes remain. 21 - 12. Wales will need to keep this up to stand a chance of winning this game.  Cecil Afrika is playing for the South Africans though, and he holds off defense from Wales to help set up a try for Reupena Levasa. Just over three minutes remain and it is 28 - 12. Wales attack with urgency but a fumble gives the ball back to South Africa and Afa Aiono scores to push the lead to 35 - 12.  Just over one minute remains.  Sani Nuie scores after the buzzer with some magical dancing feet skipping through the Welsh defense. The game ends 42 - 12.

- Next, Fiji against Kenya. Fiji have played some impressive rugby so far this Sevens and somehow managed to look as if they were not even trying. Kenya on the other hand have not performed as they normally do at the 7s. It is the Fijians that get us underway, and the first to score with Mitieli Nacagilevu passes the ball off to Joeli Lutumailagi scoring the try. 7 - 0. Some more exceptional passing rugby gives Fiji a second 12 - 0.

- The past couple of years Kenya have been a difficult team to play against, giving many of the best teams in the world a run for their money but at the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens their performance has been far from convincing and against a team like Fiji that is going to cost you and cost you big. Another try for Fiji 19 - 0, two minutes remain. Kenya have yet to leave their half and have been camped out on their 22 for most of the game thus far. One minute to go. Fiji's Emosi Vucago steals the ball to score a try under the posts right on the buzzer. The first half ends 26 - 0.

- So far South Africa and Fiji have been the most impressive teams. While it would be great to see Kenya make a match of this game, at 26 - 0 and with Fiji in this superlative form, it is hard to see them getting anything.

- The second half gets underway and we are right back to where we were in the first half, Kenya's 22. Fiji on constant attack mode. Despite some attempts from Kenya to break through the Fijian defense Fiji's Watisoni Votu breaks through and lays the ball off to Lutumailagi to score. 33 - 0. Here they are again, a master class in rugby for Kenya today. That's 40 - 0.  Just under two minutes remain. The game ends 40 - 0.

- Samoa against Scotland is next, then England v USA and then to end the day New Zealand v France.

- The England team for the game against the USA is Greg Barden. Dan Norton, James Rodwell, Oliver Lindsay-Hague, Ben Gollings, Mat Turner and Chris Cracknell. On the bench are Mark Odejobi, Tom Powell, Nick Royle, John Brake and Dan Caprice. The referee will be Frederico Anselmi from Argentina. England are warming up as the Samoa v Scotland game gets underway.

- Samoa have not looked their normal impressive selves this year but they score twice and with two minutes remaining it is 10 - 0. A third from Alafoti Faosiliva gives Samoa 17 - 0 with just 44 seconds on the clock. The first half ends 17 - 0.

- England are still warming up on the sidelines. Cannot see the US team anywhere.

- Scotland will get us back underway for the second half. It does not start well for Scotland with Samoa wasting no time to put another 5 points on the board with a try. 24 - 0. It takes Scotland 9 1/2 minutes to score their first points of the game. 24 - 7 with four minutes remaining. Sani Nuie takes the game beyond Scotland as he skips through a very weak Scotland defense. That was too easy. 31 - 7.

- England still warming up and training on the sidelines. 2 minutes remain in the Samoa Scotland game. Some good play from Scotland results in a converted try but with 33 seconds left in the game it is too little too late. The game ends 31 - 14.

- Next, England v USA. There was a time when England would have been expected to walk through this match, but the USA has improved so much in recent times that this game is going to be anything but easy. England have been disciplined with their play so far, but this is the biggest test that has faced up to now.

- The Sevens legend Gollings gets us underway, and England retain the ball from the start as they work the ball out to Rodwell who slides over as he is being tackled but manages to place it down over the line. First blood to England who lead 5 - 0. Seconds after missing the conversion, the super speedy Dan Norton scores a try running down the wing leaving flames in his wake. It is England 10 - 0. Zach Test breaks through the England defense and scores a try to bring the USA back into the game. It is 10 - 5 and two minutes remain. With so many poor conversions, you cannot help but wonder whether they will be costly, either in this game or later in the Sevens. An American attack breaks down on the England 22 and they pick a loose ball up to run through and Dan Norton places the ball under the posts with Gollings converting to end the half 17 - 5.

- The USA will get the second half underway. It is almost dark here in Hong Kong now, the music is playing the stadium must be almost full, if not actually full. 7 minutes remain. And England score a stunning try with Oliver Lindsay-Hague breaking through the US defense scoring a try that takes England's lead to 22 - 5. Another missed conversion. Seconds later it is BEN GOLLINGS scores to take England to 27 - 5. England are looking dangerous, if they can carry that form into the final day tomorrow then they could be serious challengers to the likes of South Africa and Fiji. 4 minutes remain. 27 - 5.Choruses of Sweet Chariots can be heard once again at the Hong Kong stadium as England attack and nobody can catch Dan Caprice as he scores in the corner and England are winning this game 32 - 5. ENGLAND ARE ON FIRE!! Nick Royle scores and the lead extends to 37 - 5. Yet, another missed conversion, but when you are 32 points ahead it does not matter so much. But what about tomorrow? 15 seconds to go and the USA score a last try. The game ends 37 - 12.

- Next New Zealand against France. Portugal beat France yesterday and it is hard to see them making much of an impact on a solid New Zealand team. This ladies and gentlemen is the last game of the day. It is 18:55 here in Hong Kong.

- New Zealand gets the game underway, but it is France that attack first and look as if they are going to score but some good defensive play on NZ's 5-metre line stops them and New Zealand win the ball back. Declan O'Donnell breaks through the French line and scores a good solo try to put the first points on the board. New Zealand lead 7 - 0. How will France respond? They fight back with determination and France score a try and convert to pull the scores level 7- 7. The first half ends 7 - 7.

- Could the Cup Quarter Finals be New Zealand v Portugal, South Africa v Fiji, Samoa v Australia and England v Russia. (this is not yet confirmed).

 - Second half gets underway with France immediately on the attack but they are pulled back and it will be a scrum with a New Zealand put in. France are down to six men after Paul Albaladejo is penalised with a yellow card for a tackle. 7 - 7 with 5 minutes to go. New Zealand almost make the most of the extra man but miss out on a try going into touch on the 5 metre line. France are back to 7 men. But New Zealand does not seem to have noticed as Buxton Popoalii breaks through and puts New Zealand back in the lead. 12 - 7.Three minutes remain and this could go either way, a converted try is all that is needed. A French attack breaks down in New Zealand's half and the All Blacks take full advantage and score a try to extend their lead to 19 - 7. The hooter goes and the game ends 19 - 7.

Another great day at the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens. For our money the most impressive teams so far have been England, Fiji, and South Africa. But if our calculations are correct regarding the Quarter Finals then Fiji and South Africa should be an amazing match that knocks one of those three out of the tournament.

Another great day of rugby is guaranteed at what is the greatest Sevens Party on Earth and quite possible the most exciting weekend sporting event in the World. If you are not here for this year, get your tickets booked and come to Hong Kong to enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world, party like an animal and enjoy a rugby Sevens like no other.

 Gates open tomorrow at 7am. Good night from Hong Kong, and hope to see you again tomorrow.


- The gates of the stadium opened this morning at 7am and there was already two considerable queues of people waiting to get in. The main games start at 9am, and there is some truly mouth watering rugby line-ups later today. Before that however, it is a chance for the youngsters to stretch their legs and get a little match practice in with some mini rugby games. There is a mixture of teams from all over Hong Kong, some just boys, some just girls and some, rather worryingly in my eyes mixed. Do not get me wrong, I am all for women in rugby, if that is what they enjoy, but am not too sure about mixed games where little girls play against young boys twice or three times her weight, which is exactly what I just witnessed. One very brave little girl that.

-  The stadium is slowly filling with still over an hour until the first Quarter Final between Kenya and Malaysia in the Shield. No prizes for guessing who is going to win that game. That is followed by a game which is really going to wake the crowd up, Hong Kong v China. The remaining two games in the Shield are Zimbabwe v Korea and Mexico v Spain.

- The first Bowl Quarter Final is at 10:28 followed between Scotland and Japan followed by Tonga v USA and what is sure to be a great game between Canada and France. The last Quarter Final in the Bowl is an interesting match up between Argentina and Wales at 11:34.

- There is some truly mouthwatering encounters in the Cup matches today. Getting the Quarter Finals under way at 11:56 is New Zealand v Portugal and then a game that would not have looked out of place as the Cup Final - South Africa v Fiji. It is a shame that one of these two teams will be knocked out so early as, for my money at least, they, along with England, have played the best rugby so far this tournament. Who will win that game is anyone's guess, but it is a game not to miss no matter where in the world you are. That game will take place at 12:18 Hong Kong time and is followed by Samoa v Australia and then Russia v England. See: Fixtures and Results from 2011 Hong Kong Sevens.

- Just 15 minutes to the first match and the weather looks like it is going to be as nice as the previous days. Slightly overcast with a cool breeze and a temperature of around 15 degrees, perfect conditions for the final day of the 2011 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

- So what can you eat at the stadium? If you are not fortunate enough to be in a box, then there are plenty of vendors selling what I would describe as pub food with plenty of pies, hot dogs, chicken curry and rice, sandwiches, chicken wings, chips (or french fries depending on where you are from), nachos and the list goes on. For drinks, tea, coffee, wine, and lots, and lots of beer and Pimms. It may not be the healthiest menu in the world and I am not sure whether there are any true vegetarian items being sold but this weekend is more about having fun, enjoying the atmosphere, networking, catching up with old friends and of course enjoying some great rugby.

- The two upper stands, on the East and West serve alcohol at the back of the stands but you cannot take any alcohol into the seating area there. Instead people that want a break and a beer or two simply stay there and keep an eye on all the action on the televisions that are all around that area.

- Nine minutes to go now. (08:51).

- Who are the referees for the Quarter Final Cup games? New Zealand v Portugal is David Keane from Ireland, Anthony Moyes from Australia is in charge of the South Africa v Fiji cruncher, Nick Briant from New Zealand will be up for the Samoa v Australia match and finally Andrew Rees from Australia is the ref for the Russia v England game.

 - Not wanting to repeat myself but if you have not seen the special Cathay Pacific video advertisement, go to YouTube and search for GameOn - it is on Cathay's channel and is definitely worth checking out if you have not seen it.

- The players take to the pitch and Malaysia must be just a little concerned about what the score might be at the end of this match. Kenya gets us underway. Kenya normally play so well at the Hong Kong Sevens and have caused one or two upsets over the years but this year they have not been in form. Despite that, it takes them less than a minute for Humphrey Kayange to score a converted try. 6 - 0. Another minute and ths time Oscar Ouma scores a try to give Kenya a 12 - 0 lead. Some good running from Ouma who hands off the ball to Leon Adongo who scores a try. 17 - 0. The conversion, almost in exactly the same place as the last one, goes wide. This time it is Collins Injera who skips around a few tackles on the sideline to score a try which is converted to extend their lead to 24 - 0. The buzzer goes for half time and Collins Injera ends some good teamwork with a try to end the half - 31 - 0.

- Even if they have not played that well, it is still great to see Malaysia here in Hong Kong. Malaysia gets us underway for the second half. How far will Kenya be able to extend this lead and do Malaysia have anything left in the tank? With Ouma down injured Kenya still have Malaysia pinned back against their own line. Ouma hobbles off and Leon Adongo scores his second of the game. 38 - 0. Kenya back to seven men. Another for Kenya, this time Gibson Weru Kahuthia. 45 - 0. Malaysia must be wishing they had stayed in bed this morning. Or maybe not, as they score a well worked team effort to put their first points on the board. 45 - 7. Humphrey Kayange of Kenya obviously has his morning coffee, stealing the ball to run from within his own half to score a converted try. 52 - 7. The buzzer goes for full time and Horace Otieno takes that as his cue to push his way through the Malaysian defense to score under the posts. Final score 59 - 7.

- Next, Hong Kong against China. This is going to be a very tight game, there is a lot to play for. And it is Hong Kong who take first blood with Keith Robertson sort of sliding across the line to score the first try. The referee had to look at his assistant, and the Chinese players were not too sure, but the try was given. Missed conversion gives Hong Kong a 5 - 0 lead. Some stunning running from Lu Zhuan who passes the ball to Li Yang for China to score their first try of the game under the posts. They do convert and by doing so take the lead 5 - 7. Jin Ye for China holds off a tackle and passes to Li Jialin who scores under the posts. The try os converted and China extend their lead to 5 - 14. The buzzer went some time ago with Hong Kong pressuring China, but they lose the ball and Liu Guanjun scores a great try selling a dummy pass to the Hong Kong defense to run 2/3rds the length of the pitch to end the first half 5 - 21.

- Hong Kong gets us underway in the second half. Some good tackling from Adam Raby prevents another Chinese try, but the play is still in the HK 22 as Hong Kong tries to break through the Chinese  line, which they do and Yiu Kam Shing takes full advantage of some good team work to score. 12 - 21. China respond straight away and some great play between Jin Ye and Li Jialin puts another 5 points on the board. The try is converted and China now leads 12 - 28. A strong run from Yiu Kam Shing results in another try for Hong Kong. Just over one minute remains and it is 19 - 28. The ref issues a warning to Lu Zuhan, although I have no idea what for. High tackle possibly.  The game is on a knife's edge now as Hong Kong score a converted try to move within  2 points. 26 - 28. With seconds remaining China score again and the game ends 26 - 35. Very entertaining game, with both sides playing very well.

- We now know the first Semi Final of the day will be between Kenya and China. That will take place at 14:03.

- Next, Zimbabwe against Korea. First blood goes to Zimbabwe. 7 - 0. Wensley Mbanje scores Zimbabwe's second of the game. 14 - 0 with 30 seconds remaining. The buzzer goes and an exceptional solo run from Korea's Kin Won-yong means the first half ends. 14 - 5. The second half gets underway. 14 - 5. Njabulo Ndlovu is just too strong for the Korean defense and walks through two challenges to extend Zimbabwe's score to 21 - 5. Just over four minutes remain. Some persistent work from Korea ends in a converted try and with 1:40 minutes remaining the score is 21 - 12. As the buzzer goes for full time, Manasah Sita scores for Zimbabwe and we end the game 28 - 12.

- Next, Mexico v Spain. It is Spain that gets us underway in this final Shield Quarter Final. Some lovely passing from Spain ends with a good try from Pedro Martin of Spain to put the first points on the board. 0 - 7. Spain are playing some attractive rugby and with 1:47 minutes remaining score a second try, Ignacio Martin this time. The score now 0 - 12.

- It is pretty cool here in Hong Kong this morning, so if you are planning on coming to the stadium be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket. The first big game is really Canada v France which takes place at 11:12, around one hour from now.

- At half time, Spain lead Mexico 0 - 12.

- Next year of course it will no longer be the Cathay Pacific / Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens. I wonder how new title sponsors HSBC will change what is an already very successful event? After all, the Hong Kong Sevens: Its Not Just Rugby!

- Mexico get us underway in the second half. Well played Mexico and try scorer Christian Henning shakes his fists in the air in triumph as he scores Mexico's first try of the game. 5 - 12. Four minutes remain. Spain extend their lead with 1:23 minutes remaining as Juan Cano scores a try to give the Spanish 5 - 19 lead. As the buzzer goes Marcus Poggi score again for Spain and the game ends 5 - 26.

- Next, Scotland v Japan in the first Bowl Quarter Final of the day. Scotland should be favourites and are but Japan are often highly unpredictable at the HK Sevens and often cause an upset or two. Scotland score first however with Fraser Harkness scoring after two minutes. Scotland lead 7 - 0. Wow, Japan are fast runners. Some good work from Michael Fedo who passes of just as he was tackled, allows Andrew Skeen to score Scotland's second try of the game. 14 - 0. Shuetsu Narita responds for Japan on the buzzer. The half ends 14 - 7.

- Scotland gets us underway in the second. As long as they can control Japan's speed on the break they should be able to win this game, which would give them a Bowl Semi Final against either Tonga or the USA. But the Japanese are quick, and it's Shuetsu Narita again who scores, this time using a burst of speed to leave the Scots flat footed. A poor conversion means Japan trails Scotland 14 - 12. Scotland do not seem to have started this half yet, with Japan doing all the attacking. If they want to progress they cannot relax against the Japanese who will punish them. And that is exactly what they do, with their sustained efforts in the Scotland 22 resulting in a try for Katsuyuki Sakai. The try is converted and Japan take the lead 14 - 19. 45 seconds remain and Scotland attack. Game over and Japan beat the Scots 14 - 19. Well played Japan.

- Next, Tonga against the USA. New Zealand are warming up on the sidelines in preparation for their game at 11:56 against Portugal. The USA gets us underway. This could be close, although I would put the USA as favourites, despite the thumping they received against England yesterday. But, like we said on Friday, Tonga are unpredictable, their play can be inconsistent and it is they who take first blood with a try from Fonua Tonga. 7 - 0. The USA respond by some persistent attack in the Tonga 22 which results in a try for Zach Test. An excellent conversion by Shalom Suniula equals the score. 7 - 7. Then Paul Emerick runs well through to score under the posts. 7 - 14 at half time.

- A bit of drizzle now in Hong Kong, a few umbrellas  in the stands. New Zealand still warming up on the sidelines.

- Tonga get us underway in the second half. How will they respond to the Americans lead? They have met 9 times previously and Tonga has won 5 of those encounters and the USA 4. It does look as though the USA have their sights on leveling that historical record, and score again to take the lead to 7 - 21. Five minutes remain in the second half. Some good play from Tonga puts Etueni Siua through to score. 14 - 21. Just one converted try in it now. It has to be said just how much the USA have improved over the last few years. Not a rugby nation at heart, they have really come on leaps and bounds. As I write that Jack Ram pushes his way through the USA defense to level the scores. 21 - 21 with two minutes remaining.

- The World's Biggest Rugby Ball is being auctioned at the Sevens. Not sure what you would do with it if you did win, it definitely won't fit in the garage! But, at least it is for a good cause.

- The buzzer goes for full time in the Tonga v USA match. Tonga have had most of the play in the second half and are now on the USA 22. The Americans put in and only just manage to keep the ball. 21 - 21. The USA plays it wide, do they have the speed and strength? Still in the US half, as they switch sides and play wide to Hawley but it goes out of play. End of play. Sudden death to come. USA starts play, and retains the ball well and some very good teamwork gives the USA the game. 21 - 28.

- Next, Canada against crowd favourites France. It is the French that score first, with a good try by Terry Bouhraoua who picked up a great pass from Julien Jane whilst he was being tackled. France lead 0 - 7. This should be a very close match. Canada, like the Americans in the previous game, have improved so much over the past few years. To underline that point Ciaran Hearn, one of the stars of the Canadian side, scores a try under the posts to level the score. 7 - 7. One minute remains. Half time. 7 - 7.

- The second half is underway and Canada score an excellent try with Chauncey O'Toole running into the corner. 12 - 7. Two minutes remain. The Canadian women won their Final against France and the men will be looking to at least replicate that success in this game, and hopefully go on to win the Bowl. If Canada wins this match they will play against Argentina or Wales. And they do win, the game ends 12 - 7.

- Next up, Argentina against Wales. This could be another exceptional match, Wales have been playing some excellent rugby this tournament and despite Argentina being one of the best new teams in the world, they will be hoping to progress. Wales get us underway. Takes 2 1/2 minutes for the first score, as Alex Cuthbert scores a try. 0 - 5. And Wales' good form continues as they score a second 0 - 10. Two poor conversions, there has been a lot of that this year. Just over one minute remains. Wales are enjoying themselves and score a third try. 0 - 15. The conversion is good. 0 - 17. The buzzer goes and Rhys Shellard scores a fourth for Wales. Wales lead at half time by an impressive margin. 0 - 24.

- If Wales do win then they will meet Canada in the semis. That won't be an easy game, but with Wales in such good form they should still expect to win and ultimately lift the Bowl this year. Argentina gets us underway in the second. Argentina are the first to score in this half and pull 7 points back. 7 - 24. Wales manage to extend their lead with a try. 7 - 29. Manuel Montero holds of a Welsh tackle to score under the posts. Half a minute remains 14 - 29. Argentina are down to six men for a tackle in the air. Yellow card. 10 seconds remain. The Welsh goes through as the game ends 14 - 29.

- Next the first Cup Quarter Final, New Zealand against Portugal. After that, it will be the game of the tournament so far when South Africa take on Fiji - two of the very best teams so far. England will play at 13:02 against Russia. Full team details to come soon. Let's concentrate on the New Zealand match for now though. New Zealand get us underway, and it is they who score first with a try from Scott Curry. 7 - 0. Five minutes remain. Both teams probing each others defense and making mistakes but New Zealand break and Tim Mikkelson would have scored an excellent solo try but passes it back to Bryce Heem to place it closer to the posts. 14 - 0 Just over one minute remains. Some stunning work from Joseph Gardener on the side line who lays the ball off to David Mateus who scores a try. The buzzer goes and at half time it is 14 - 5.

- The second half continues with more pressure from New Zealand who extend the lead to 26 - 5 with just two minutes on the clock. Mexico may have been knocked out of the tournament but a Mexican wave makes its way around the stadium. Are the crowd bored?! Surely not. The game ends with Toby Arnold scoring a try under the posts with New Zealand progressing to the semis. 33 - 5.

Next, the GAME OF THE DAY so far. South Africa against Fiji. It is such a shame that these two are meeting so early in the knock out stages of the Sevens this year. They have played some of the best rugby of any of the teams here. Australia are warming up on the sidelines as Fiji get us underway. The entire South African team pushes the Fiji team over the line in a ruck, a big gamble as if they had lost the ball there would have been no defense for South Africa, but they do it again and it pays off and they score first with who else but Cecil Afrika touching down. I have never seen that tactic used in Sevens Rugby before. But it paid off. A poor conversion leaves the score at 5 - 0. Fiji hit straight back at South Africa and score a brilliant try to take the lead. 5 - 7. With so many poor conversions this tournament, it can only come back to bite a team or two as we enter the knockout stages. South Africa's Chris Dry runs half the length of the pitch to regain the lead. 10 - 7. Cecil taking more care with the conversion this time and he converts to make it 12 - 7. Great game thus far and nota Mexican wave in sight. The buzzer goes with Fiji on the attack, they cross into the South African half but the powerhouse Joeli Lutumailagi is stopped running full pelt 3 metres before the line by that man again, Cecil Afrika. Half time. 12 - 7.

- South Africa gets us underway in what is the best game of the tournament so far. This would not be out of place as the final. Both teams could steal this game. Who wants it the most? Some big tackles from South Africa and the ref warns a few of their players, they will need to be careful. A man down could cost them the game. But the try of the Sevens was engineered between Lutumaiagi and Emosi Vucago who touches down. That equals the score 12 - 12. The try is converted and Fiji regain the lead 12 - 14. 5 minutes remain. Another try, that was the try of the Sevens thus far. Wow, some great work from Watisoni Vatu, who powers his way through players, passes to Nikola Matawalu who runs straight into a South African player to fall over the line and touch it down. 12 - 19. Missed conversion, will that cost? Just over one minute remains. Just 7 points separate the teams. South Africa make a mistake and should have taken it wide to score a try but they get a second chance and Sibusiso Sithole scores a try but the conversion will not be easy. Cecil Afrika is one of the best players in the world and he was not going to miss that. The scores are level 19 - 19. 8 seconds remain. Game over. So sudden death up next. The is heart attack rugby. Fiji to start play. First to score wins. South Africa win the ball run straight at Fiji pushing them back, they play it wide. At the Fiji 22. Play it across and Cecil misses his pass as he is tackled. Fiji throw. South Africa win the throw. Massive tackles now as Fiji defend, a fumble as Fiji break all the way from the 5 metre line, David Batiratu scores. Fiji win 19 - 24. What a game, WHAT A GAME!!. Fiji are through and have to be favourites for the whole tournament after a display like that. South Africa must be favourites to win The Plate.

 - The England team is: Greg Barden, Dan Norton, James Rodwell, Oliver Lindsay-Hague, Ben Gollings, Mat Turner, Chris Cracknell. On the bench Mark Odejobi, Tom Powell, Nick Royle, John Brake, and Dan Caprice.

- Samoa score first after just thirty seconds against Australia. 7 - 0. Samoa extend their lead with a try from Afa Aiono 10 -0 .

- England are warming up in the colourful Tequila Sunrise kit. No sign or Russia anywhere. There game is next.

- Back to Samoa v Australia. All Samoa at the moment. 3 minutes remain in the first half. The buzzer goes and at half time it is 10 - 0. Australia have just not turned up yet with Samoa fully in control. The second half gets underway and Australia are on the attack for the first time in the game. Some crunching tackles from Samoa, in fact one is high and a yellow card is given. Samoa are down to 6 men. Australia take advantage and Ed Jenkins scores Australia's first try of the game. Poor conversion gives us a 10 - 5 scoreline.4 minutes remain. The rain is starting to fall as Australia break through to score a second. It is 10 - 10. The conversion gives Australia the lead. 10 - 12. Game on. Fiji on the attack and they score. Just over one minute remains. 15 - 12. One minute remains.  The game ends 15 - 12 and Samoa go through to the Semi Finals.

- Now Russia against England. Gollings gets us underway, and the game begins with a yellow card for a Russian player. Russia down to six men. England will have to take advantage of this. Mat Turner scores the first try in the corner. Conversion misses. 0 - 5. Five minutes to go. Russia back up to 7 men. England hold off a sustained attack from Russia and now it is they on the offensive. 1 minute to go. 0 - 5. With two seconds on the clock, England almost score a second try but Russia tackle expertly, after ref decision there is a scrum which England win, they go wide, the buzzer has already gone and this time they play wide. An offside decision gives the ball back to Russia who kick it out. At the end of the first half it is 0 - 5.

- Russia get us underway in the second. The drizzle, rather than rain, has stopped. Some massive tackles set the tone for the second half. England have one player down having treatment as play continues. England with just 6 active players. The injured player, Greg Barden, gets gingerly to his feet, still receiving treatment. The Russians take advantage and score a try to equalise 5 - 5. They score the conversion and take the lead 5 - 7.  England back to 7 fully active players now. Just over 3 minutes to go. England keeping Russia in their half but are having difficulty getting the ball. Greg Barden has had his blood injury bandaged and is back on the field. Two minutes remain. England surge forward, and a lucky bounce give Greg Barden, the man with a bloody bandage in his head, the chance to jump on a loose ball. England retain their lead but miss the conversion. 7 - 10. England win. 7 - 10. A little fortunate but it was England's constant pressure that led to the lucky bounce giving Barden the try. It was not the same skillful, all-in control England we saw against the USA yesterday, but they remain in it and will meet Samoa in the semi finals.

- Now it is the March Past. The rugby will resume at 14:03 with Kenya against China.

 - Welcome back. 3 minutes to kick off. The crowd will get behind China here of course, but it is difficult to see them winning this. China get us underway. A chip and chase on the Kenya 22 does not work and Kenya get the ball with Humphrey Kayange running it under the posts for the first try of the game. 7 - 0. 5 minutes remain. The Kenyans are larger and and quite possibly stronger, so China will need to play to space rather right at them as China has speed as an advantage. A second try from Collins Injera extends the Kenyan lead to 12 - 0. Three minutes remain. A third just before the buzzer for half time gives Kenya 17 - 0 at half time.

- Kenya gets us underway in the second half. Kenya will play Zimbabwe or Spain, the latter the more likely, if they win this game against China. A try for China after almost 2 minutes of the second half. The conversion comes back off the post. 17 - 5.  Some attractive rugby from Kayange for Kenya as they push the Chinese back into their 22. Three minutes remain. Has taken a little longer than usual to fill the South Stand, an announcement a few moments ago let the crowd know that it is almost full. 14:19 here in Hong Kong, One minute left in the Kenya v China match. Nine seconds on the clock and Kenya finish the game in a positive fashion with Leon Adongo scoring a try. The game ends 24 - 5.

Next up, Zimbabwe against Spain. This is the first meeting between the two teams in Sevens history. Spain score first 0 - 5 with 5 minutes to go.  A second just moments after, Ignacio martin from Spain, places it down in the corner. 0 - 10. Just under four minutes remain in the first half. Gardener Nechironga of Zimbabwe gets a try back and then they convert another and end the first half 14 - 10 in the lead.

- Zimbabwe get us underway in the second. 14 - 10. A chip and chase from Spain almost does not work but a lucky bounce and Juan Cano picks it up to score Spain's third try of the day. 14 - 17. Five minutes remain. The buzzer goes and the game ends. 14 - 17. Spain are through to the final against Kenya,

Next, Japan v USA, and then what should be a great game between Canada and Wales. Japan are very much the crowd favourites in this game, but the USA are on the attack from the start.

- The South Stand is now full (14:48).

- Justin Boyd for the US gets the scoring underway with a try. 0 - 5. A nice dummy pass from  Shalom Suniula allows him to break free, he passes off to Matt Hawkins who scores under the posts to boos from the South Stand. USA lead 0 - 12. 30 seconds remain.  The half ends with a chorus of boos, this time directed at the referee. Japan gets the second half underway. Takes Japan three minutes of the second half to score a try, their first of the game. Lote Tuqiri scores and bring the game within Japan's reach. 7 - 12. Just over two minutes remain and some nice work from Japan allows Katsuyuki Sakai to get his name on the board with a try which is converted and Japan take the lead. 14 - 12. Just over one minute to go. The buzzer goes with the USA just metres from the Japan line. If Japan get the ball out they win, but a knock on from the USA means that is not needed. The crowd erupts and Japan win 14 - 12.

- Next up should be a game you will  not want to miss. Canada v Wales. Both teams have played very well so far this tournament, but if I was a betting man - which I am not - my money would be on the Welsh, which normally means you should bet on the Canadians if you want to win anything!! It should be close. Whoever wins this match will play Japan in the final. 15:08 in Hong Kong with Canada wearling black and Wales in their traditional Red with white accents. Wales get us underway and Canada are the first to mount a meaningful attack and within the first minute score a try from Chauncey O'Toole. Canada lead 5 - 0. Wales respond immediately with an outstanding solo try with Kristian Phillips simply outrunning the Canadians to score. Rhys Jones takes the conversion which is good for Wales to take the lead 5 - 7. Four minutes to go. Wales back on the attack and it is that man O'Toole who skips around the Canada defense to score his second of the game. The conversion is wide. 5 - 12. The first half ends 5 - 12. 

- A gentle reminder that you can bid for the World's Biggest Rugby Ball here today.

- Canada gets the second half underway, but it is Wales that start as they finished scoring a try to extend their lead to 5 - 17. Canada's response is swift with an excellent solo try from Ciaran Hearn under the posts. Just one try in it now. 12 - 17. Just under four minutes remain. Another try from Canada levels the score. If Canada can convert they will take the lead for the first time in the game. Two minutes remain and the try is converted Canada lead 19 - 17. A final try on the buzzer gives Canada victory. 24 - 17.

- Next, Portugal against South Africa. South Africa continue their excellent form this Sevens and score first. They lead 0 - 7. Moments later this lead has been extended to 0 - 12. Hard to see Portugal getting much, if anything, from this game. They have been so strong this whole Sevens and their last game against Fiji could have gone either way. An excellent conversion from Mr. Afrika extends South Africa's lead 0 - 14 with three minutes in the first remaining. Cecil Afrika, one of the men of the tournament, scores an outstanding third try almost flying across the line while avoiding going into touch. He converts his own try. 0 - 21 with 45 seconds remaining. Man of the Sevens perhaps? Half time 0 - 21.

- What do Portugal have in response to such a masterful display from this South African team? Portugal get one back but South Africa respond with one of their own by putting the game beyond the Europeans. One minute to go and it is 5 - 28. The game ends. 5 - 28, and South Africa move on to the final. Hard to see anyone beating them in that game.

- Next up, Australia v Russia, and then ladies and gentlemen a small matter of a game between New Zealand and their old foes Fiji. Russia almost beat England, can they cause an upset here now against Australia? The Aussies get us underway. A minute into the game and a fantastic score from Ostroushko gives Russia the first points of the game. 0 - 5. Takes Australia a while to get going but Shaun Foley scores a try and they convert to take the lead. 7 - 5 with just over two minutes in the first remaining. Australia a little more eager now. A minute remains. Zack Holmes turns into the incredible hulk for a moment and just storms through the Russian line as if they were not there. Half time it is 14 - 5.

- Russia start the second half, and Australia are immediately on the attack with Jonathon Lance score from the start and running all the way to the Russian corner. Great try and the Aussies extend their lead to 19 - 5. An excellent conversion adds two points to that total. 21 - 5. This is all Australia at the moment and Jacob Tyler extends the Australian substantial lead . 28 - 5. Just under four minutes remain. A yellow card for Taylor. Australia down to six men but they still manage to score again. 33 - 5. just over one minute remains. Russia score a try in the last second, using the post to end a long run to score. The game ends 33 - 12.

- Next up, New Zealand v Fiji. New Zealand always tend to leave it late at the HK Sevens. Fiji on the other hand have been outstanding. The best game of the tournament so far was the South Africa v Fiji match, it was tight and this is likely to be equally as tough.

- The England team against Samoa is: Greg Barden, Dan Norton, James Rodwell, Oilver Lindsay-Hague, Ben Gollings, Mat Turner, Chris Cracknell and on the bench, Mark Odebjobi, Tom Powell, Nick Royle, John Brake, Dan Caprice.

- Fiji get us underway. A New Zealand attack fails as they try to get under the posts rather than run wide and score. Fiji have a put in. Fiji break, but a forward pass and it is a New Zealand put in just inside the 22. Some thumping tackles keep New Zealand at bay as they maintain their attack. A Fiji throw in on the 5-metre line. Space for Fiji, But New Zealand win the ball black and almost lose the ball but a lucky bounce from a brave tackle gives New Zealand the first try of the game. 7 - 0. Three minutes remain. Fiji back in the 22, but another mistake gives the ball back to New Zealand. The referee is Andrew Lees of Australia. A late tackle again Matawalu goes unpunished by the ref. Under one minute remains. Fiji have a put in close to the New Zealand All Black 22. The buzzer goes as New Zealand attack, and Tim Mikkelson scores under the posts to end the half 14 - 0. New Zealand have not looked that good so far this Sevens, but they have saved their best for now, and are playing exemplary rugby.

- NZ get us underway in the second. Fiji have not had the opportunity to show the skills they have in previous games so far. New Zealand back on the attack, pushing Fiji back into their half. The All Blacks are pulling Fiji in while they take it wide, making some good space for themselves. New Zealand make the most of that and Mikkelson scores a try. The conversion is wide. 19 - 0. England are just finishing their training session, they are next against Samoa. Four minutes remain, Fiji on the attack now and it is they who make the most of space to the left with David Batiratu brushing off the tackles to score, The conversion is good. Three minutes remain. 19 - 7. Two converted tries is all it would take for Fiji to turn the balance of the game and win. Just 2:43 minutes remain. Some great team work and Dale Tonawai keeps the game very much alive. 19 - 14. GAME ON!! 1:32 minutes remain. New Zealand not rushing, and they lose the ball on Fiji's 5-metre line. Now on the New Zealand 30-metre line. The buzzer goes and New Zealand kick the ball out to win the game. 19 - 14.

- Next Samoa v England. Crunch time. Gollings, the Sevens legend will get us underway. The ref is Anthony Moyes from Australia. Samoa straight on the attack and almost score with their first move, and following a scrum on the 5-metre line they score the first points of the game. 7 - 0. Not a good start for England. Five minutes remain. England kick out of their half to the Samoa 22. Three minutes remain, Samoa work it out and kick it long. Back in England's 22 now, as England attack Samoa, lose the ball and Samoa chip and chase again, but England pick it up only to slip over. Still in England's half as they try to mount their first serious attack of the game. Fiji win it back, and  it goes out for an England scrum. This is the first game so far this Sevens to have so many scrums. England put in, and work it wide. Despite the speed England have in their tem Samoa keep pushing them back. On England's 22 now, seconds remain in the first. Gollings wins the ball and runs, but is brought down inside Fiji's 22, Fiji have a man yellow carded. England use the penalty and extra man to work it wide and GOLLINGS - who else!! - scores a try. 7 - 7 at half time.

- Samoa gets us underway in the second. Make or break time. Samoa still with just 6 men. Aiono is the man in the sin bin. A well worked try gives England the lead for the first time in the match and Gollings is unlucky with the conversion as it bounces away off the upright. 12 7 - 12. Just over 4 minutes remain. Less than 30 seconds later and Alafoti Faosiliva scores under the posts and regain the lead 14 - 12. 3:31 minutes remain. England must score to stay in the Cup. 1:50 on the clock, and England score. WHAT A MOVE, WHAT A RUN from Caprice, with great support from Rodwell, they make up the space and for Cracknell to score a try and convert to take the lead, 30 seconds remain. 14 - 19. The buzzer goes and Samoa are on the attack, but they throw the ball out by accident and England win and progress to the final against New Zealand. 14 - 19.

- Next game is @ 17:17 - Kenya v Spain. The Shield Final. At half time Spain are leading 0 - 7. Kenya will get the second half underway, and score their first try of the game to level the score 7 - 7. Just over four minutes remain. These two teams last met in the Sevens Series in London on 25 May 2008. Kenya lost that match, which was the Shield Final as well, 7 - 10. A try from Adema would indicate that they plan on avenging that defeat as they take a 12 - 7 lead against Spain. Just over two minutes remain. They have met twice before, the time other than London was in Bordeaux in 2004 where Kenya won 31 - 7. Just over one minute remains. Spain score with just seconds on the clock but miss the conversion that would have probably won them the match. It is 12 - 12 with 4 seconds on the clock. Game ends, so we go to Sudden Death.

- In the next game, Japan v Canada, the two have met 13 times with Canada winning 10 of those encounters and Japan 3. They last met in Las Vegas on 14 February 2010 in the Shield Semi Final. Japan won that 17 - 5.

- Sudden death starts in the Kenya v Spain match. Boos around the stadium in response to Spain's decision to try to score from a drop goal instead of running the ball. The drop kick misses to a few jeers from the South Stand. But all that does not matter as Kenya score to win the Shield. 17 - 12.

- Next up, Japan against a very in form Canada. They are playing for the Bowl.

- After that will be South Africa v Australia who have met 48 times. South Africa won 29 of those encounters and Australia 19. The last time they met was last month, 12 February 2011 in Las Vegas. The game was the Cup Quarter Final and South Africa won 19 - 14.

- Japan gets us underway. If Canada is to have a man of the tournament it would surely be Chauncey O'Toole, and it is he who puts the first points on the board with a nice run down the line to score in the corner. 0 - 5 with 5:29 minutes remaining. Another try scored from a blistering run by Neil Meechan who palms of a tackle to score. 0 - 12 with just over three minutes remaining. Sean Duke steals the ball and runs half the length of the pitch to score under the posts. They don't miss that conversion. 0 - 19 with 1:20 on the clock. Japan never give up, and Sakai scores a good try to put some points on the board for the Japanese. Not sure how he missed that conversion. 5 - 19. Half time.

- The second half gets underway. Some great team work and Sean Duke scores another try to push Canada further beyond. Japan's reach. 5 - 26 Just over 4 minutes remain. Lepuha Latuila skips around the Canada defense leaving the standing in his wake as he scores a try which is converted. 12 - 26. Just over one minute remains.  How did he stay standing, the Japanese may have the speed but not the strength to bring John Moonlight down who almost carries the Japanese tackler over the line with him. A try at the end ends with Canada victorious. 12 - 33. A good tournament for Canada, both the men's and women's teams have won finals here this year.

- First streaker of the tournament makes it onto the pitch despite the extra latticing / fencing that has been added to the fences to try to prevent people getting on the pitch. Unfortunately for the officials he is a rather large gentleman, and requires more than 6 to carry him with rest breaks as they make their way down the pitch. All good fun.

- Next up, South Africa v Australia.

- After that it will be New Zealand v England. These two teams have met 39 times and New Zealand have won 28 and England 11. The last time they won was 5 February 2011 in Wellington. It was the Cup Final and New Zealand won that game 29 - 14. That game is at 18:47.

- South Africa has played some of the best rugby of this entire tournament and Cecil Afrika could well be man of the tournament. This game is actually a repeat of last year's Plate Final which South Africa lost. I cannot see that happening today though. Australia get us underway and South Africa are on the attack immediately. They play it wide and Sibusiso Sithole scores the first try of the game to give South Africa a 5 - 0 lead. Cecil Afrika misses a very tough conversion from the sideline. 5 - 0. Despite some excellent defending, Australia break through the South African backs to score a converted try that gives them the lead. 5 - 7 with just over three minutes remaining. How did Branco du Perez keep his opponent from bringing him down then? He passes to Cecil Afrika who converts his own try to regain the lead, 12 - 7 with just over one minute remaining.

- England are in the house. They are training in preparation of their next game. They are wearing the traditional white kit.

- Branco du Preez is on fire. He skips over a challenge to score under the posts. Cecil Afrika converts and at half time the score is 19 - 7. South Afrika resume play in the second, and are immediately on the offensive, Sithole demonstrating just how strong he is by holding of the tackles of three Australians. They move to the 5-metre line but Australia win it back and Bernard Foley passes on the half line to Hamish Angus to score the first try of the second half. 19 - 14. Five minutes remain. But Branco du Perez, did I say he is on fire, runs down the wing at the speed of light, palming off an Australian before passing the ball to Sibusiso Sithole to move the points to 26 - 14. Three minutes remain. A high tackle stops Australia responding with a try. Two minutes remain. Hamish Angus uses some space to score the next try and keep Australia in the game. 26 - 19. Just over one minute to go in the second. Ceicl Afrika has scores 88 points this Sevens, the best performance of a player in 8 years.

- England head back in from their training session.

- The buzzer goes and South Africa have won the Plate. Well played South Africa, they have played some truly outstanding rugby.

- And it is outstanding rugby that England will need in the next match against New Zealand if they are going to win. The England team is: Greg Barden, Dan Norton, James Rodwell, Oliver Lindsay_Hague, Ben Gollings, Mat Turner and Chris Cracknell. On the bench are Mark Odejobi, Tom Powell, Nick Royle, John Brake, and Dan Caprice.

- The players come out. Remember the final is 10 minutes of normally nail biting action. 3 minutes longer each way than the other games. Who will make the most of that extra time? NEW ZEALAND v ENGLAND. It is evening here in Hong Kong, the Stadium is full the music blaring most of the 40,000 strong crowd standing in anticipation of what is to come. New Zealand have played well in one game, their last one against Fiji. England played poorly in their last game against Samoa. First ladies and gentlemen the National Anthems, but before that a moments respect for those that died and those that suffered in the recent tragedies in New Zealand and Japan.

- England gets us underway. The ref is Anthony Moyes from Australia. Both teams are on 80 points. A knock on from the start gives New Zealand the put in in a scrum. The atmosphere is electric. on New Zealand's 22 they play it back, as New Zealand looks for space. None so far. England win the ball back, chants of England ring around the stadium as they play it wide but lose the ball the the All Blacks, they have some space, but England defend well and tackle him into touch as New Zealand enter England's half for the first time. 3 minutes gone. Lindsay-Hague tackles Solomon King on the line but  they skid over and New Zealand scores a try in the corner. 5 - 0. The conversion is wide. 5 - 0. Just over 5 minutes remain. England win a throw in and go on the offensive, they try to switch but a bad pass disrupts the play. Rodwell all alonge on the right as they recuperate the ball and move forward. New Zealand are pushing the English back. On their 30 metre-line now. Greg Barden cho[sand chases. Gets the ball and the crowd believe a try has been scored but the ref disagrees with the ref believeing the ballwas not put down. Just over 2 minutes on the clock. The crowd are urging England on. They have the put in and play it out wide to Mat Turner who puts it into the corner. 5- 0. If England can score the conversion they will go into the lead. Gollings fires well wide. 5 - 5 with just over one minute in the first two go. England back on New Zealand's 5-metre line but they lose the ball and New Zealand break abd  Frank Halai cannot be held back and runs over the line to score a try with Mat Turner clinging to his shorts. The try is under the posts, the conversion easy and New Zealand go into half time leading England 12 - 5.

- Just one converted try separates the teams. 5 minutes to play. Points and the Cup to play for. New Zealand get us underway in the second half of this cracking match. An England attack breaks down and Frank Halai scores again to extend the lead 17 - 5. The conversion is wide. 17 - 5. Eight  minutes remaining. New Zealand probing England's defense and they find the hole, with Tomasi Cama scoring to move the game further away from England's reach. 22 - 5 with just over 6 minutes remaining. The conversion is wide. 22 - 5. England back on their 5th. It is all New Zealand at the moment. five minutes to go. The crowd try to motivate the England team with some chanting, John Brake comes on for Lindsay-Hague. Just over 4 minutes remain. a Chip and chase surprises England but he can't beat Caprice. England attack now. They go out wide. Three minutes to go. Inside the New Zealand half but they lose the ball and New Zealand break. England again now as they score a try. It is the man with the bandage on his head, Greg Barden. 22 - 12 with two minutes to go. Do England have enough time to get back in this game?  Two minutes is along time in Sevens Rugby but probably not long enough as New Zealand break again and score, Tim Mikkelson this time extending the lead to 27 - 12 and with one minute to go, that is pretty much game over. The conversion is goo. 29 - 12.Dan Norton stretches his legs and shows of his pace as the buzzer goes he scores a try but it is too little too late. New Zealand win the Cup. 29 - 17.

- It was a great final, but New Zealand improved as the tournament progressed and unfortunately England seemed to deteriorate a little. A brave effort by all, but tonight the victor are once again New Zealand. Well played New Zealand, that surely is a win for Christchurch. We love you Christchurch.

That's all from us folks, and that's all from the 2011 Hong Kong Sevens. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Thank you and we hope to see you in Hong Kong next year, at the greatest Sevens Party in the world!!


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