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Books are an integral part of many a business and leisure trip, and now that more than a few of us have an e-reader such as the Kindle, we can travel with as many books as we like, without worrying about the weight.

The Kindle has also opened our world to an entire army of new authors, people we may never have stumbled across previously. But whether the decision be based on more attractive pricing compared to the regular authors we read, or simply the great reviews you get on and such like, these new authors are proving themselves to be more than capable than the famous names that used to adorn our bookshelves.

Books are are an ideal way to wind down, relax, and even transport us on an exciting journey away from our work and into an entirely new world. They are the perfect antidote to an hard day's work, and an excellent way to take our minds of pressing matters that need to be done tomorrow.

This page has recently been relaunched, and unlike before, where we added the picture of the book and a short review, we will now just give the name of the book, the author's name, and a very brief review. Rather than tell you how bad a book is, we only feature books that we highly recommend. A book that we have read and enjoyed.

 Some of the books below are serious books, others comedy, some fiction and non-fiction. Whatever your preference, all (especially the newer reviews - those at the top) can be purchased online.

 If you have any suggestions on books that you have read and would like us to review, please contact us with details.

Latest Book Reviews

Rope Enough by Oliver Tidy. At the end of the book Oliver writes, "Not being a professional in any respect of the book creation business...". Well, I heartily disagree, and while I have only read his first book, I have every confidence that Oliver is set to become one of the top crime writers in England. The book, Rope Enough, is well written, with plenty of twists and turns that promise to keep you fully entertained. It is one of those first books which once you have finished, will have you heading back to the Amazon store to buy more of his work. Great new author to try.

Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain by George Mahood. I absolutely loved this fun journey of two young men cycling from one end of the country to the other - LEJOG (Land's End to John O'Groats) as it is known - without spending a single penny. And with over 780 five stars on and over 155 four stars, it is obviously a big hit with many others too. You do not need to be into cycling to enjoy this book, just the sense of humour, generousity encountered and spirit of adventure make it a very worthwhile read. I liked it so much, I immediately bought his next book, Every Day is a Holiday, but I could not really get into it in the same way. I will try again, but it definitely did not have the same impact that his book about his LEJOG journey did.

Stephen Edger - Remember his name, because he is an immense talent when it comes to writing books that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and will be responsible for more than a few sleepless nights when you just cannot put the book down. Started with Trespass - which at the time of writing is a free book on Amazon Kindle, and just finished the amazing book Integration. The latter was so good that instead of moving on to the next author I just had to order the next in the series, Redemption. Terrific.

Simon Toyne - Absolutely loved his three books - Sanctus, The Key and The Tower (to be read in that order). You will find yourself googling parts of the stories to discover whether they are truly fictional or not! Best religious thriller I have read since the first Dan Brown books came out.

The David Raker Collection (Books 1-4) - by Tim Weaver. Tim Weaver is an author to keep a very close eye on. He has the story-writing ability to be one of the very best. His books are not the cheapest on the Kindle, though the trilogy of the first three David Raker books does help you to save a little of your hard earned money, so get that rather than buy them individually. The books are terrific with all the twists and turns, and solid characters you want from a thriller. Having said that, there is one particular moment towards the end of the second book when you will be tempted to try and reach out of the pages and slap the author, but thankfully he (and David Raker) seems to have learned from his mistake quite early on in the third book. Don't let that put you off though, these books are of the highest quality and are some of the best I have read in a long time. Already looking forward to the fifth book in the series for more from Tim Weaver!

Soldier I - The Story of an SAS Hero - by Michael Kennedy and Pete Winner. If you are interested in Special Forces, and in particular the SAS then this is a terrific book, one of the best I have ever read. It even gives you detailed insights into SAS selection. This book is non-fiction and details historical events such as the Battle of Murbat, the Iranian Embassy siege in London and much, much more. Very interesting and educating read.

Sniper / Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson Series by Gunnery Sergeant Jack Coughlin (and at times Donald A. Davis). At the time of writing this mini-review there are six books in the highly entertaining series, with the seventh expected some time in H1 2014. At first, the books were released and promoted as the Sniper Series and it was a little confusing what happened to books 1 and 4. It now seems that this has changed slightly to the Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson Series. As there are a few references to past events featured in earlier books, I would recommend you to read them in the correct order: Kill Zone (1), Dead Shot (2), Clean Kill (3), Act of Treason (4), Running the Maze (5) and the sixth book - Time to Kill. If you enjoy special ops action books then you will most likely love these. They are very enjoyable, informative and easy to read and we are already looking forward to next books in the series.

Stephen Leather - Has Stephen ever written a bad book?! If he has, we have not yet come across it. Stephen is one of our favourite authors, and over the years just seems to get better, and better. He has fully embraced the digital age, and now not only publishes his regular full length books, but also often comes out with short stories that cost just 0.77. Private Dancer should be a must read for any single guy planning to visit Thailand for the first time, and the rest of his books - while of a completely different topic - are all just as entertaining.

Michael Connelly - we are very big fans of most of Michael Connelly's books. The kindle version of his books can be expensive though, so watch out for promotions or read something else until the one you wants becomes cheaper.

The Big Mango, The Ambassador's Wife, Laundry Man and a World of Trouble ALL by Jake Needham - As far as we know, Jake has only written two books we have not yet read - The Umbrella Man and Killing Plato - and they are very much on our "to do" list. It is always enjoyable to read an author that not only has a skill for writing, but also has a true knowledge and understanding of the cities you know and love so much. Jake knows his stuff when it comes to Thailand, Singapore and to some extent Hong Kong. If those cities interest you, and you are looking for a thriller / detective story based in this part of the world then look no further. Jake Needham's books are always an enjoyable and informative read, with an often quite daring take on things to spice up the story a little.

Tom Gray (Gray Justice, Gray Resurrection, Gray Redemption) by Alan McDermott - Three excellent books, and if you buy the trilogy you can (at press time) save yourself 0.80 off buying all three separately. You will enjoy these books if you enjoy a little espionage, terrorism and of course some action from the SAS! While it is pretty easy to guess what is going to happen the first book, Gray Justice, it is still an enjoyable read with a good couple of unexpected twists, to help keep you entertained. Books two (Gray Resurrection) and three (Gray Redemption) are even better. It would be nice to see the Gray series continue even further than these three books.

Second Life, A Very Unchristian Retreat, It's All About Danny, Looking Bloody Good Old Boy AND The Wildest Week of Daisy Wyler ALL by Giles Curtis - If you enjoy English humour at its best, want a book that will crack you up and make you desperate for the next to come out, then you really should read these six books by Giles Curtis (the sixth is mentioned at the bottom of this brief review). All the books, except for Second Life, are connected in some small way, and it does help if you read them in order. Start with A Very Unchristian Retreat then read It's All About Danny before reading Looking Bloody Good, Old Boy, then The Wildest Week of Daisy Wyler. Having said that, it would not matter if you did read them in a different order, but there are some little jokes you will miss out on if you do. I cannot recommend these books highly enough, and my only surprise is that they do not have more stars and positive reviews on Amazon. I had never heard of Giles Curtis up until recently, now I can't wait for him to release a new book! His latest book to come out (May 2014) is The Badger and Blondie's Beaver, and that is another terrific, fun read. The author actually told us that some of the characters from his previous books make appearances, but to be honest it was difficult to spot as there was quite a a lot of time before the latest was released, and many other books read in-between time. Great read, and great fun.

Barmy Army, The Crew, Top Dog, Billy's Log, and Wings of a Sparrow ALL by Dougie Brimson - I first started reading Dougie Brimson to learn more about football hooliganism in England. Started on Barmy Army before moving to The Crew and then Top Dog. The more I read Dougie Brimson's books the more I like them. Granted in Wings of a Sparrow there is a ton of spelling and grammatical errors, especially in the second half, but the storyline was fun and fascinating, as was Top Dog, The Crew, Barmy Army and even the diary style Billy's Log. Most definitely aimed at a male audience, especially those that enjoy football, these books are well thought out and very entertaining to read. I look forward to reading more from Dougie Brimson.

Bite: The most gripping thriller you will ever read by Nick Louth. No, it's not. Could not even get half way, and won't be trying to go any farther.

Blowback by Michael Forwell with Lee Bullman - Another drug smuggling-related book! This one focuses on huge quantities of marijuana and takes place primarily in Thailand and Singapore. The book is extremely entertaining and hard to put down. It is quite mind blowing just how these guys made their living, and avoided capture in doing so. It is much more than just a book about smuggling, Blowback has heart and as such is a moving story.

Life and Laughing: My Story by Michael McIntyre - Today Michael McIntyre is one of the most famous and successful stand up comedians in the world. But how did he get there, what challenges and obstacles did he overcome? This book is not only an excellent insight into the lives of one of the most popular entertainers on the planet, but this rivals any self-motivational business book you have ever read. An amazing story, an amazing journey and most of all an amazing man and book. Read it!

Standing in Another Man's Grave by Ian Rankin - VisitScotland should buy Ian Rankin a nice bottle of good single malt, or two, because every time I read one of the Detective Rebus books it makes me want to visit the glorious country of Scotland! I have read most of Ian Rankin's work, and admire him greatly as an author, despite charging too much for the electronic version of his new books. This latest book in the Detective Rebus series will not disappoint, although to be honest I did find the ending a little soft and not quite what I had expected. Still, Ian Rankin is one of the best authors around and if you can buy the kindle version of his books at a price you are comfortable with then even better!

Blood, Sweat and Tears by Bear Grylls - You probably know of Bear from the TV hit series Wild Man, and if those programs impressed you then you will love his book. It does take a little while to get going, but once it does then you learn what motivates Bear, and how he has accomplished many of the amazing things he has. Not only an enjoyable book to read but also a great motivational book as well. Highly recommended.

Marching Powder by Rusty Young - This is the real-life account of Thomas McFadden, a black Englishman and cocaine trafficker, who was caught in Bolivia trying to smuggle cocaine out of the country. The book concentrates on the weird, yet intriguing, way life works at San Pedro prison in the heart of La Paz. The prison, which at one stage allowed tourists to visit and even stay over night, made it into Lonely Planet as one of the most bizarre tourist destinations in the world. A very interesting, entertaining, and eye-opening read.

Snowing in Bali by Kathryn Bonella - Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, millions flock there to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, or just to unwind in luxurious villas spread out among the rice paddies, or nestled up against a favourite beach. This book opens your eyes to an entirely new Bali, a world that many know little, or nothing, about. A fascinating read into the life of drug traffickers that made Bali their home, selling narcotics to make themselves rich despite knowing full well the dangers and risks they were taking.

Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella - This book is an amazing insight into life as a prisoner of Kerobokan Jail, Bali's notorious prison. You will learn how the prison works, and how all those prisoners cope - or don't - with the situation they find themselves in. Kerobokan Jail is home to nationalities from around the world, including many that have made headlines around the world.

Much OLDER Book Reviews

The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid - An absolute must have for anyone interested in health, losing weight, and living life to the most. A book, which if read with an open mind, can open a thousand or more doors  which can help lead you in a happier and healthier life.

Uri Geller Magician or Mystic - by Jonathan Margolis - Uri Geller is regarded by some as the most talented magician to have ever lived, by others not as a magician at all but as a human with very unusual paranormal mystic powers and by others as a fraud allowing people to believe one thing while using trickery. This book excellently written by J. Margolis investigates Uri Geller's entire life and offers us an intriguing insight into this amazing mans life and powers. Excellent read if you are interested in magic and or paranormal mystic powers.

Hardship Posting Volume 2 - by Stuart Lloyd - This, the second volume of the popular Hardship posting reviewed below, starts off on a negative note, with the author informing us, that no, for love, nor money we cannot have the telephone numbers of the two girls on the front. Very disappointing and something they should improve on in volume 3. Having said that the book is an excellent read full of stories from present or past expats and their funny experiences within Asia. Some of the stories make you want to hit that particular author over the head with a very heavy hammer but the majority will make you laugh with an understanding of fellow expats. As you can not buy this from Amazon please go to your local bookshop. By the way if you click on the cover you will see a really large version of the cover open in a new window. At least we know what you want !!!

The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver - WOW. We can highly recommend all of Jeffery Deaver's books for anyone interested in good story lines, and some amazing twists that keep you guessing until the very end. The Blue Nowhere is no exception but is one of if not his best. Based on the internet and the frightening ability of computer wizards this book will leave you quite amazed and you will never be able to look at your computer in quite the same way. Excellent buy.

Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh - is not a new book, but is outrageously funny, and a great read for anyone looking to have a great time between the pages. The story line is great, and while unbelievable will keep you amused for hours. Great read if you want a good laugh.

Undercurrents by Frances Fyfield - What a beautifully written and well molded book. This is the first Frances Fyfield that we have read but will most definitely not be the last. The characters are excellently portrayed, the plot intriguing and with a couple of surprises along the way it is difficult to put down. The use of the English language also stands out and Frances Fyfield has done an excellent job using her extensive language skills to write this magnificent book. Excellent.

Roses Are Red - by James Patterson - As with all James Patterson's books this is another superb read. One of his Alex Cross novels Roses are Red is exciting all the way through. The end however is an enormous surprise and a bit of a let down as it is completely unexpected, it also has for some unknown reason over 100 chapters ! Great buy though.

Losing My Virginity - by Sir Richard Branson - An incredible read, and a true insight into one of the greatest British entrepreneurs of all time. Can be a little too honest in places, but the passion that can be found in the writing and the real look at the world of business, is outstanding. We can't wait for the sequel!

Girlfriend 44 - by - Mark Barrowcliffe - Comedy is a difficult thing to put on paper and even more so into a book, Mark Barrowcliffe achieved this with side cracking results. A must read, for anyone, and a unique journey into the male mind. Excellent.

Mayan Prophecies - by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell - a timeless masterpiece that looks into the hidden lives and meanings of the Mayan people and culture. This deep book, will open your eyes to far more than you would ever imagine possible. Although very heavy in places, the book is an excellent read. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis - A very interesting, but short book on the works of Edgar Cayce, a well known American psychic and his comments on the existence and cross existence of Atlantis - the hidden continent.

The Tutankhamun Prophecies - by Maurice Cotterell - Oh boy, this book, similar in style to the Mayan Prophecies, goes even further into the principles of the intelligence of the Egyptian people, the sun, the Mayans and into the tomb of Tuntankhamun. The book is definitely a must buy. As not only does it dwell into the past, but also brings in factors that we see in every day life today. We only advise you to buy this book if you can read it, with an entirely open mind. Amazing.

Hardship Posting - by Stuart Lloyd - Living in Asia ? Thinking of moving out there ? Have lived life as an expat ? Yes ! Then read this book, it will crack you up and make you realise that you are not as demented as you possibly once believed. Great fun, about the strange lives that expats lead.

The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert - A very complicated book in places that looks at the star system and how the Egyptians used it thousands of years ago. Very interesting read.

Culture Shock Thailand - by Robert and Nanthapa Cooper - from the well known Culture Shock series of books, this is definitely as very good read if you are planning to come to Thailand whether it be just for a holiday or to live.

The Empty Chair - by Jeffery Deaver - what a great read, all of Deaver's books are great and this is no exception, it keeps turning with mystery, intrigue, information, and is so captivating you will not want to put it down. Excellent read as are all JD's books.

The Bombmaker - by Stephen Leather - Once again, Stephen Leather has managed to turn out a book that has you turning the pages with great admiration, and excitement, but leaves you wondering when his next book will come out. This book talks with a frighteningly good authority on the subject of bomb making, so let's just hope that all the facts are not too accurate! The book is great, fun and fast paced although there are not as many twists and turns as in his other books this is definitely a great buy.

Pearl - by Frank Delaney - An excellent book written with a beautiful use of the English language. Touching on the issues of post world war crime, and football hooliganism, the book manages to keep you turning the pages, wanting more. There are sufficient twists and turns to keep you reading this, without putting it down. Described by the Daily Telegraph as "something exceptional and utterly gripping".

Private Dancer by Stephen Leather - One of Stephen Leather's first books, and it became so hugely popular as a free .pdf download that Stephen eventually published it properly and started to make some well deserved money from it. Private Dancer is a must read for any guy visiting Thailand (or other parts of south east Asia), especially if they are going to visit some of the more notorious nightlife areas of the country/region. Extremely well written, highly entertaining and frighteningly accurate. An absolute cracker.

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