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Extremely Comprehensive Concorde Relaunch Kit from Air France

Travel News Asia Date: 17 October 2001



On departure from Paris
On departure from New York
Efficient, personalized service
Extended range of fares
Knowing our customers and retaining their loyalty


Pilots and flight engineers
Flight attendants


Description of the various modifications undertaken
Maintenance teams


Annex 1: Concorde menus
Annex 2: Concorde: Key figures and dates
Annex 3: Servicing Concorde


Revolutionary at the time of its launch, Concorde still remains timeless. Its design and technology continue to be at the cutting edge of aviation engineering. No passenger aircraft has ever matched its speed, efficiency and beauty, or measured up so well to the demands of life today.

Concorde is the result of years of cooperation between the French (Aérospatiale) and British (British Aircraft Corporation) aircraft industries, in one of the most extensive development programs ever carried out for a commercial airliner.

What does it offer? It saves time, but also reduces fatigue as the trip only takes half the time of a subsonic flight. For passengers leaving New York, the trip offers all the advantages and comfort of a day flight with no jet lag, compared with the overnight subsonic flight. Concorde flights are particularly comfortable since there is no atmospheric turbulence at the very high altitudes at which it flies (18,000 meters/49,000 feet).

On board, the passenger feels that he or she is experiencing a unique moment of well-being in an extraordinary environment. Even as Concorde passengers may appreciate its speed and the precious time it saves them, they also expect a great deal from the time they spend on board, at an altitude of 18,000 meters/49,000 feet at «Mach 2» speed. Hence the special care Air France has paid to all elements of comfort and well-being, including the choice of branded tableware, silver cutlery and table linen, each contributing to the subtle atmosphere of the French style of living.

Meals successfully combine French culinary traditions with originality. The menus are created by a well-known chef, and the wine list offers a choice of prestigious, vintage wines, chosen by Philippe Faure-Brac, 1992 world champion sommelier. Champagne and caviar are served by an attentive, Concorde-exclusive cabin crew. On the Paris-New York flight, a new menu offers a choice of two hors d'oeuvres, three elegant dishes including a vegetarian dish, a selection of cheeses, fruit and pastries*.

Various amenities are available for passengers' entertainment (daily newspapers, magazines, audio channels of compact disc quality) and luxury articles (perfumes, silk scarves, jewelry and watches) can also be purchased on board.

* See enclosed menus

The recently announced flight time from Paris to New York is 3hr 55min instead of 3hr 45min to take into account air traffic restrictions on this route. The planned flight time from New York to Paris remains unchanged at 3hr 45min.

On departure from Paris to New York-JFK

With its exclusive, incomparable service, Concorde is the first plane of the day from Europe to land on American soil.

On departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the Air France Concorde leaves at 10:30 a.m. (instead of 11:00 a.m. as before) and lands at Kennedy Airport in New York at 8:20 a.m. local time. This early morning arrival gives the passenger a wide choice of connections throughout the American continent, and avoids a long wait at Customs and immigration.

On departure from New York to Paris-Charles de Gaulle

The Air France Concorde leaves New York at 8:00 a.m. and lands in Paris-CDG at 5:45 p.m., offering passengers a choice of 80 connections to major cities in France and Europe, thanks to the efficiency of the Air France hub. The Concorde passenger can therefore travel to Frankfurt, Geneva or Milan, to name just a few cities, in the same evening.

Efficient, personalized ground service

Each passenger selects his/her seat from a seat map. Many other complementary services are available: hotel bookings in specially selected hotels, self-drive or chauffeur-driven car rentals at preferential rates, office and conference room rental in airport or downtown business centers.

Dedicated check-in desks: Concorde passengers at both Paris-Charles de Gaulle and New York-JFK, may check in up to 45 minutes before flight departure. They enjoy a personalized welcome and the experience of a staff ready to meet their expectations.

Baggage is totally protected with a plastic covering so is not damaged during handling. It is easily identified by Concorde-logo baggage tags.

On arrival, the baggage is immediately delivered, thus reducing waiting time for immigration and Customs formalities.

Exclusive lounges that are comfortable and quiet, with an elegant decor, at Paris-Charles de Gaulle (airside and landside) and Kennedy (airside) Airports enable passengers to relax or work. A coat check service takes care of passengers' coats from their arrival in the lounge to their arrival at their destination. These lounges offer bars with refreshments, newspapers and magazines, business centers with telephones, fax machines and computers with Internet access.

The l'Espace airside lounge in Terminal 2A at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, surrounded by bay windows and situated near where the plane is parked, allows passengers a full view of the clean, streamlined design of the Concorde, and direct access to the aircraft.

Transfer of connecting passengers:

- At Kennedy Airport, a courtesy limousine service is available to Concorde passengers to take them to their hotel or meeting.

- In Paris, a courtesy taxi service between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airports is offered to each passenger.


All Concorde passengers coming from European cities served by Air France do not pay for their flight to Paris, since this leg is included in the supersonic fare.

In order to promote these supersonic flights, Air France offers the following fares:

On departure from the USA (in dollars)

- Round trip in Concorde: 10,404
- One-way in Concorde and return in First: 9,767
- One-way in Concorde and return in Business: 8,173

Knowing our customers and retaining their loyalty

· Who travels on Concorde?

Two thirds of Concorde passengers travel on business. 80% of them are men and 20% are women.

U.S. citizens (50% of passengers) and Europeans (48%, of whom two-thirds reside in France) account for the large majority of this clientele.

52% of Concorde travelers are connecting passengers.

Finally, Concorde customers are loyal and frequent travelers. They fly an average of four times a year on the Air France supersonic jet. Some passengers travel on Concorde almost every month.

· Concorde and the Fréquence Plus frequent flyer program

Concorde customers who are members of Air France's Fréquence Plus program receive 14,560 Miles for each round trip on board Concorde and 7,280 Miles for a one-way trip. Fréquence Plus Blue or Red cardholders earn 9,100 Miles for a one-way trip, i.e. 18,200 Miles for a round trip. They can also travel on Concorde with the Miles they have accrued on other Air France flights.

To claim a roundtrip reward ticket on Concorde, members need to accrue 120,000 Miles.


Just after the airworthiness certificate was revoked, Air France began appropriate maintenance procedures to ensure that the aircraft were stored in the best possible conditions. These procedures consist in periodically checking that all vital systems are in working order, and running the engines every 15 days.

Two Air France Concorde aircraft have been used by EADS for tests in Istres:

-The F BVFB for aerodynamic tests on fuel leakage from January 18 to February 3, 2001,
-The F BTSD for tests on Michelin tires from April 17 to May 5, 2001.

Following these tests, Air France started work on the first two, then on the third and fourth Concorde jets, to prepare them for the resumption of commercial flights. These modifications, defined by the manufacturer, are essential for each certificate of airworthiness to be reinstated.

The technical modifications were carried out by the Air France Maintenance Division in accordance with instructions from the aircraft manufacturers, and have been approved by the certification authorities:

-the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile) in France,
-the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK.

Description of technical modifications:

Installation of fuel-tank liners

In order to minimize any fuel leaks, liners have been installed at the bottom of 6 fuel tanks, as configured by the manufacturers. These liners are made of composite fibers (Kevlar*), saturated with Viton**, which molds to the shape of the cavities of the panels on the lower surface of the fuel tanks.

* KEVLAR: synthetic fiber developed by Dupont de Nemours, offering maximum resistance to tearing, mainly used in the manufacture of bullet-proof jackets.
** VITON: waterproof sealant, which makes KEVLAR waterproof, used to ensure that the fuel tank structure is waterproof.

Fitting of new tires

Michelin has produced a new-generation tire especially for Concorde, called NZG (near zero growth).
Its composite material-based* structure has demonstrated considerable resistance to FOD (foreign object damage).
In the event of a lost tread or a blowout, the tire bursts in such a way as to project lighter and more flexible fragments.

* COMPOSITE MATERIAL: reinforced fiberglass material used to build structures.

Modifications to the water deflectors

As the new tire developed by Michelin for Concorde is wider, it was necessary to modify the geometry of the water deflectors placed on each of the main landing gear.

Reinforcing the wiring in the main undercarriage area

The wiring in the main undercarriage area has been reinforced to avoid electric sparks in case of damage and prevent any risk of ignition should there be a fuel leakage.

Maintenance operations and modifications on the Concorde

A 25-member team from the Maintenance Division have been assigned exclusively to Concorde maintenance operations during storage, investigations by the BEA (French Accident Investigation Bureau) and modification developments with the manufacturers. Since February 2001, the teams from the Maintenance Division and Industrial Logistics Branch have been gradually regrouped:

- Over one hundred staff from the Concorde Maintenance Department of the Maintenance Division to prepare the aircraft for its return to service.
- About thirty sheet metal workers from Orly, Le Bourget and Roissy, who joined a team from EADS, to work on fuel tank modfications.
- A team of 3 technicians to oversee engine overhaul.
- Teams from the mechanical and avionics shops, handling component overhaul.
- Logistics teams who oversee purchases and warehouse supplies.

As part of its regular schedule, Air France will operate the three modified Concordes on the Paris-New York route, adding a fourth aircraft by the end of the year.


Pilots and flight engineers (flight deck crew)

Concorde pilots and flight engineers are hired twice a year based on a voluntary recruitment process among Air France captains, first officers and flight engineers. The entire Concorde flight deck crew includes the following:

12 captains
11 first officers
13 flight engineers

Since the supersonic aircraft was grounded, all Concorde pilots and flight engineers have undergone four hours of group simulator training comprised of three take-offs and three landings per month. Five captains and four flight engineers have flown the Concorde during ferry flights. Flight deck crew following type-rating courses for the Concorde took part in additional simulator sessions. Before the resumption of flights, crews will undergo technical verification flights once the aircraft modifications have been made. Non-commercial training flights have also been carried out since the end of summer, followed by additional simulator sessions and ground courses.

Cabin crews

Seventy six flight attendants are currently qualified for Concorde, half of whom have received recent training. They too are recruited in a campaign carried out among Air France cabin crew with three years of experience, and among pursers with three years seniority in this post.
Applicants must have an excellent level of English, together with a second foreign language. They undergo a full evaluation and are interviewed. The last phase involves a Deciding Committee which compiles a list of those flight attendants who are admissible for training.
They comprise the following persons:

- 7 instructors
- 6 female pursers
- 9 male pursers
- 26 female 27 male flight attendants (average age: 32)

These flight attendants take part in two training courses:

- Safety course: This course enables new cabin crew members to qualify for Concorde, and former members to requalify for Concorde. It consists of a theoretical part (safety equipment, safety instructions, specific Concorde features) and a practical part (evacuation procedures, testing of equipment such as fire extinguishers and oxygen masks, familiarization with the plane and other on-board equipment handling).

- Three-day marketing course in the "Inflight Services School": This course presents the specific features of the Concorde product to qualified flight attendants. These features include customer profile, crews, ground staff, Concorde lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, briefing preparation, product promotion, management (for chief pursers) and inflight catering.

This course includes a new simulator training section, familiarizing cabin crews with various types of situations in flight.
Annex 1

MENU - AF002


apéritif caviar

choix de hors d'oeuvre
choice of hors d'oeuvre

Homard et ses petits légumes
Lobster served with baby vegetables

Foie gras de canard et sa gelée au porto
Duck foie gras in port aspic

salade de saison
fresh garden salad

choix de plats chauds
choice of hot dishes

Chateaubriand poêlé, purée de céleri ,
ratatouille d'aubergines et pleurotes à l'huile d'olive
Panned tenderloin steak served with celery purée,
eggplant ratatouille and oyster mushrooms with olive oil

Turban de sole à la tapenade
confit de légumes et ravioles au fromage
Turban of sole granished with black olive purée,
vegetable confit and cheese ravioli

Méli-mélo de légumes cuisinés
Medley of vegetables

la sélection du maître fromager
la a selection of finely seasoned cheeses

duo de desserts
dessert duet

Assiette de fruit frais
Fresh fruit platter

Melons, mangue, fraise
Melons, mango, strawberries

Eclair au chocolat, tartelette fraise coco, macaron vanille
Petits fours
Chocolate eclair, strawberry and coconut tartlet, vanilla macaroonAIR FRANCE CONCORDE:



Pétales de mangue et kiwi aux fruits rouges
Petals of mango and kiwi garnished with red fruits



La sélection du chef
Chef's special
Oeufs brouillés aux truffes, médaillons de homard du Maine et morilles à la crème
Scrambled eggs with truffles, medallions of Maine lobster served with creamed wild morels

La marmite végétarienne
Vegetarian hotpot
Timbale de polenta à la romaine, assortiment de petits légumes printaniers
Timbale of polenta with a medley of spring vegetables

L'assiette gourmande
Gourmet platter
Foie gras d'oie marbré aux truffes et duo de gelée de vins de Bordeaux
Goose foie gras marbled with truffles, garnished with a duet of Bordeaux wine-infused aspic

L'assiette marine
Seafood platter
Mille-feuilles de lotte à la fricassée de truffes et chanterelles, gambas sautés au paprika
Layered monkfish, truffle and chanterelle mushroom fricassée, served with sautéed king prawns seasoned with paprika





Tarte à la framboise, gâteau à la ganache, macaron à la vanille
Raspberry tart, ganache-filled gateau, vanilla macaroon


From November 2001 to January 2002:

Champagne Cuvée Spéciale : Champagne Dom Pérignon - 1993

Bourgogne Blanc : Meursault 1er cru 1996 - Labouré Roi

Bourgogne Rouge : Nuits Saint Georges « Les Porêts » 1993 - Antonin Rodet

Bordeaux Rouge : Pomerol 1996 - Château La Croix Du Casse

Bordeaux Blanc liquoreux: Sauternes 1er Grand Cru Classé 1994 - Château Rieussec

From February 2002 to March 2002:

Champagne Cuvée Spéciale : Krug Grande Cuvée

Bourgogne Blanc : Chablis Grand Cru « Les Clos » 1997 - Simonnet-Febvre

Bourgogne Rouge : Volnay 1er Cru « Les Taillepieds » 1996 - Bouchard Père et Fils

Bordeaux Rouge : Pauillac Grand Cru Classé - Château Batailley -1996

Bordeaux Blanc liquoreux : Sauternes 1er Grand Cru Classé 1994 - Château Rieussec


launch of the concorde

· November 29, 1962: French and British governments sign an agreement to jointly design and build a supersonic aircraft.

· March 2, 1969: first flight of the French prototype, lasting 42 minutes, in Toulouse.

Concorde's track record in Air France

1976 featured the official debut of supersonic passenger service.

· January 21, 1976: Air France launched its first scheduled Concorde service with two weekly flights on the Paris-Dakar-Rio de Janeiro route. British Airways simultaneously opened the London-Bahrain route.

· April 9, 1976: Opening of the Paris-Caracas route with one weekly flight.

· May 24, 1976: Start-up of Paris-Washington service with three, followed by four, weekly flights.

· November 22, 1977: Inauguration of Paris-New York daily service after many months of waiting.

· September 20, 1978: Start-up Paris-Mexico City service, with two weekly flights continuing on from Paris-Washington.

· January 12, 1979: Extension for one year of the Paris-Washington service to Dallas, with two weekly flights, in cooperation with Braniff.

· March 29, 1981: The number of weekly flights to New York was increased from 7 to 11, two of which continued on to Washington and two others to Mexico City, replacing the Paris-Washington and Paris-Washington-Mexico City flights.

· 1982: Suspension of flights to Rio de Janeiro and Caracas on April 1, and discontinuation of flights to Washington and Mexico City on 1 November. The only remaining service was the daily Paris-New York flight.

· October 12, 1992: Concorde beat the round-the-world westbound record for a civil airliner in 33 hours and 1 minute.

· August 16, 1995: Concorde beat the round-the-world eastbound record for a civil airliner in 31 hours and 27 minutes.

· July 25, 2000: Crash of Concorde F-BTSC and suspension of all Concorde flights.

· August 16, 2000: Withdrawal of Concorde's airworthiness certificate.

· January 24, 2001: The first modified Concorde (F-BVFB) undergoes tests in Istres.

· September 5, 2001: The French and British Civil Aviation Authorities reinstate Concorde's airworthiness certificate.

· November 7, 2001: Air France Concorde returns to service on the Paris-New York route.

Air France Concorde Fleet

Five aircraft make up the Concorde fleet:


Key technical features of the aircraft

Concorde is a supersonic aircraft with delta wings and a central fin. It has a long, sleek profile, and is powered by four Rolls Royce Olympus 593 engines installed in two pairs of pods located under the wing surfaces. Its fuselage is almost as long (62.10 meters) as other wide-bodied subsonic aircraft (70.51 meters for the Boeing 747-200), but it is narrower (2.87 meters compared with 5.80 meters).

Its main features are as follows:

Wingspan 25.56 meters
Overall Length 62.13 meters
Overall Height 12.22 meters
Cabin Width 2.63 meters
Type of engines Rolls Royce Olympus 593
Take-off Thrust 17.4 tonnes x 4
Maximum Take-off Weight 185 tonnes
Maximum Landing Weight 111 tonnes
Fuel Capacity 96 metric tons
Seating capacity 92
Hold Volume 19 cu.m.
Operating range 6,500 km or 4,039 miles
Cruising Speed 2,200km/hr. or 1,370m.p.h. (Mach2.02)
Cruising Altitude 15,000-18,000 meters.
Take-off runway length 3,600 meters (with maximum load)
Landing runway length 2,200 meters (with max. load)
Crew 3 flight deck crew, 6 cabin crew
Compared length of Concorde
and subsonic flights
Paris-New York 3 hr 55 min and 7 hr 45 min


Concorde is the only aircraft for which the Maintenance Division carries out full maintenance operations from minor servicing to major overhauls.

As is the case for every aircraft, there is a maintenance schedule stipulating the frequency and content of each check.
This schedule is defined by the manufacturer and the operator, and then submitted to the French Civil Aviation Authorities (DGAC) for approval.

The Concorde undergoes the following checks:

· pre-flight check (before each flight)
· daily check: routine operations and inspections every 24 hours according to checklists

Check A
Routine operations and inspections every 210 flight hours according to checklists. In addition to operations specific to this type of check, Check A also includes the maintenance operations covered in daily and weekly checks.

Check B
Routine operations and inspections carried out every 420 flight hours according to checklists.

Check C
Routine operations and inspections carried out every 1,680 flight hours according to checklists.

Check IL
Routine operations and inspections carried out every 6,000 flight hours according to checklists.

Check D or « major overhaul » : Routine operations and inspections carried out every 12,000 flight hours according to checklists. This is an extensive maintenance operation which requires the total dismantling of the aircraft. Inspections are carried out on the airframe and a large number of parts are systematically replaced. The plane is grounded for nearly one year.

The technical monitoring of the engines is carried out by the Air France Industrial Logistics Branch, using instructions from the engine manufacturers Rolls Royce and Snecma.

Air France
3rd airline worldwide for international passenger transport
2nd European airline for international passenger transport
4th airline worldwide for the carriage of international freight
2nd multi-product maintenance operator worldwide

Fiscal 00/01 (ending 31March)

Turnover: 12.28 billion Euros (up 18.9%)

Staff count: 64,717

Fleet: 365 aircraft including 238 (Air France fleet)
122 (regional fleet)

Passengers flown: 42.4 million

Services: 198 destinations in 83 countries
over 1,200 daily flights (operated by Air France)
491 destinations in 114 countries (SkyTeam)*

Investments: Brit Air 100%
City Jet 100%
Régional 100%
Amadeus France 66%
Servair 88%

SKYTEAM Alliance : Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia**, CSA, Delta,
Korean Air

Franchise partners : Brit Air, British European, CCM, City Jet, Régional

HEAD OFFICE: 45, rue de Paris, 95747 Roissy-CDG

* Summer 2001 data, excluding code-shares and Alitalia but including franchised flights and cargo operations

**Alitalia's membership in SkyTeam will take full effect to use the brand and customer services
as soon as it has harmonized its services and procedures with those of SkyTeam, coordinated
its frequent flyer program and trained its staff according to the alliance's standards.

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