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Shinta Mani Resort in Siem Reap to offer 'Healing Stone Therapies'

Travel News Asia 15 December 2003

Sanctuary Resorts, the Hong Kong based management-company of holistic resorts is bringing a new range of holistic treatments to its 18-room boutique resort Shinta Mani in Siem Reap.

The Sanctuary Spa, one of the key elements of the recently opened resort will include "Healing Stone Therapies" to its already impressive range of treatments.

The Healing Stone Massage, devised by Sanctuary Resorts' Master in Residence Terry Liew, combines ancient Japanese Massage and Shiatsu techniques with the healing powers of semi precious stones to do hot and cold therapy treatments.

The stones were chosen for their special properties to help enhance the bodyworks of the spa treatments. The stones themselves do not heal but are used as a tool to facilitate energy movement between body, mind and spirit.

Shinta Mani will be one of the first spas in Asia to offer such a powerful and effective treatment. The treatments offered will be able to address spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues; ranging from fear and insecurity to courage, determination and a zest for life. The goal is to provide a Sanctuary where people can come to rest and relax and be healed physically, mentally and spiritually. This is especially good for people facing a 'mid life crisis', those who are just burnt out from work as well as for people who need to find a purpose in their life. 

Terry Liew from The Shiatsu School, Singapore, the Resident Trainer at the Sanctuary Spa, has combined East Asian bodywork with western scientific empirical data on the stones to introduce simple but powerful healing treatment.

The hot stones used in Terry's new treatments are chosen for their individual healing powers and have 2 distinct advantages over basalt stones commonly used in other spas. Firstly, the stones used in Shinta Mani's Sanctuary Spa are highly polished and hence prevent build up of bacteria in the stones while secondly, the stones are ergonomically designed so it takes care of the therapist hands and wrist. The therapist will not strain their hands and wrists and can therefore give a more effective treatment.

The heat from the stones will quickly relax the muscles and is so much more effective than just massaging with bare hands. The results are quicker and more thorough compared to more regular massages.

The Stones used are technically semi precious stones, otherwise known as minerals or crystals. The color of the stones has a significant impact on the healing process as well. The therapists are trained to select the appropriate stones to use on the client.

The stones used in the treatment are diverse, and include:

Snowflake Obsidian

Used to improve circulation, slow down bleeding, ease skin disorders and treats the skeletal structure

Red Jasper

Connected to fire energy and to the sun.which benefits the solar plexus


Used to stimulate heart


Soothe the heart during emotional imbalance


It is believed that jade can bring a long and prosperous life to those who wear it

Terry, who is founder of The Shiatsu School in Singapore, will be in Siem Reap the end of December to introduce the program and will also be available for private treatments at the Sanctuary Spa.

Shinta Mani, which funds and operates a non-fee paying vocational training centre for young Cambodian's at risk adjacent to the resort; has just opened with 18 rooms, a restaurant featuring Melbourne's star chef Paul Hutt and the Sanctuary Spa.

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