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Four Seasons Unveils Details of New Private Jet Journeys Scheduled for 2017

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has unveiled details of three new Private Jet journeys scheduled to take off in 2017.

The Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries are headlined by Culinary Discoveries, a journey developed in partnership with one of the worlds best restaurants, Copenhagen-based Noma, and its acclaimed head chef Ren Redzepi.

Beginning in May 2017, the three-week Culinary Discoveries itinerary will take travellers on an extraordinary journey to explore the people and places of many of the worlds most exciting culinary destinations.

Tracing food influences and cultures across Asia and Europe, from the vibrant history and traditions of Chiang Mai, Copenhagen and Florence to the cosmopolitan energy of Tokyo, Seoul and Paris, guests will discover or reconnect with the cities and cultures that continue to shape the tastes and flavours of the world.

More than just a journey of the senses, Culinary Discoveries will explore each destination through a variety of angles, from visiting some of the worlds best restaurants and private kitchens to joining local chefs and producers as they travel to markets and farms to taste the best of what is in season.

Guests will also visit each locations historical and cultural landmarks, many of which have influenced cuisine well beyond their borders all while enjoying Four Seasons legendary service and staying exclusively at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

Along the way, guests will also participate in a series of hosted talks and conversations about the past, present and future of food and its intersection with creativity, innovation and community.

We have always enjoyed the opportunity to travel and explore, and to learn about the ingredients and cultures that have helped shape what people eat and how they cook, said Noma Head Chef, Ren Redzepi. From our teams travels across Scandinavia to relocating our restaurant to Tokyo and Sydney, our international journeys have helped expand our minds and our tastes, and influenced the creativity of the Noma kitchen. We look forward to working with Four Seasons to help develop their first-ever Culinary Discoveries journey, and to create an experience that is truly memorable. 

Destinations highlights on this all-new itinerary include:

Culinary Discoveries (27 May 14 June 2017)

Seoul Tokyo Hong Kong Chiang Mai Mumbai Florence Lisbon Copenhagen Paris

Culinary Discoveries opens in Seoul, where guests will begin their culinary expedition with a private dinner at Chef Jong Kuk Lees home to experience his renowned farm-to-table cuisine before visiting the Jin-Kwan temple to learn the spiritual Buddhist preparation of ancient temple food. In Tokyo, Private Jet passengers will explore one of the worlds most heralded culinary destinations, joining world-renowned Chef Namae Shinobu for a day of foraging outside the city, followed by a private dinner at his Michelin-starred restaurant L'Effervescence.

From there, guests will venture on to Hong Kong, where they will enjoy transcendent street food, tours of local markets and cooking classes with Michelin-starred chefs. In Chiang Mai, guests will select from a curated mix of experiences, exploring traditional Thai markets, embarking on an elephant trek through the verdant jungle, and enjoying a private dinner with Garima Arora, a native of India and former Noma chef now based in Thailand. Culinary Discoveries will then continue on to Mumbai, where guests will savour the distinctive flavours of the city, enjoying the aromatic curries and colourful spices of Mumbais delectable street-food.

From India, guests will travel to Florence where they will meet with pioneering wine makers in their medieval estates and explore the Chianti countryside. Guests will also experience a once-in-a-lifetime dinner with the legendary Chef Fulvio Pierangelini, who will return from retirement for a single night to cook alongside his son, Fulvietto Pierangelini. The Four Seasons Private Jet will then continue to Lisbon where guests will enjoy gala dinners, Michelin star dining, and an insiders tour of the historic Mercado da Ribeira before jetting on to Copenhagen, home to Noma. There, guests will join the Noma team in foraging for local ingredients to be used at their private dinner at Noma that evening. Culinary Discoveries will continue on to Paris, culminating with a farewell dinner at the famed Michelin-starred Le Cinq at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris.

This new itinerary is the perfect example of why the Four Seasons Private Jet was launched, and furthers our innovative approach in planning exceptional travel journeys that create unforgettable memories, said Elizabeth Pizzinato, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Private Jet itineraries open doors to some of the worlds most exclusive experiences and extraordinary destinations. Through this collaboration and partnership with Noma we will explore new synergies and create a journey for our guests unlike any other.

In addition to Culinary Discoveries, Four Seasons is also introducing an all-new Global Getaway journey in 2017 as well as an updated itinerary for one of the Private Jets most popular journeys, International Intrigue. Highlights from these around the world itineraries include:

Global Getaway (16 March 8 April 2017)

Singapore Koh Samui Dubai Budapest Nice Lisbon Nevis Bogota Miami

The first Four Seasons Private Jet journey to depart from Asia, Global Getaway offers travellers an exclusive array of experiences, flying from Singapore to the Persian Gulf, Europe and on to the Caribbean before arriving in the United States. The nine-country journey spans 24 days.

Travel begins in Singapore, where guests will spend two days exploring the Lion City, including Gardens by the Bay, a 250-acre (100 hectare) natural reserve in the heart of the city. The Private Jet then departs for Koh Samui, a gorgeous island in the Gulf of Thailand.

From there, guests will venture west to the United Arab Emirates and Europe, where they will enjoy camel rides through the golden dunes of Dubais deserts, explore the rich history behind Heroes Square and St. Stephens Basilica with a private tour in Budapest, and experience Formula 1 Ferrari driving along the striking coastline of Nice and Monaco.

Upon arrival in Lisbon, guests will savour a gala dinner at the National Palace of Queluz, then pause on the saffron-coloured sands of Nevis, before scaling Colombias Cerro de Monserrate mountain via cable car and enjoying fresh Colombian fruit and coffee tastings at Bogotas Paloquemao market. Global Getaway concludes in Miami with an exclusive farewell dinner at Four Seasons Hotel The Surf Club.

International Intrigue (3-26 September 2017)

Seattle Kyoto Beijing Maldives Serengeti Budapest St. Petersburg Marrakech Boston

Beginning in Seattle, International Intrigue spans eight countries in 24 days. Seattle adventures include a private craft brewery tour and VIP access to Pike Place Market. In Kyoto, guests will be offered special access to Kokedera, The Moss Temple, to experience the chanting and copying of Buddhist scriptures. In Beijing, travellers will enjoy a private dinner and Shaolin performance on the Great Wall of China.

International Intrigue offers guests a range of unforgettable experiences: turtle safaris and night snorkeling in the Maldives; game drives, hot air balloon safaris and hilltop meditation in the Serengeti; and an exclusive gala at the Fishermans Bastion overlooking the city of Budapest.

From there, guests will venture on to St. Petersburg where they will enjoy a private opening of the Hermitage Museum and an exclusive tour of the Faberg Museum. In Marrakech, guests can choose to spend time with locals in the Atlas Mountains, or be immersed in the lush blue-and-green paradise of Majorelle Gardens, before the journey concludes in the historic city of Boston.

2017 itineraries begin at US$ 135,000.

In addition to these all-new 2017 itineraries, Four Seasons is also offering two previously announced Private Jet journeys taking place in 2016 including Extraordinary Adventures and Cultural Escape. These around the world journeys include an exciting array of exclusive experiences:

Extraordinary Adventures (17 September 11 October 2016)

Austin Costa Rica Lanai Sydney Langkawi Mauritius Serengeti Marrakech Lisbon

Extraordinary Adventures spirits travellers across eight countries in 25 days. The journey begins in Austin, in the heart of Texas, before reaching the golden beaches of the Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica. From there, guests can explore a range of experiences in different locales: scuba diving among spinner dolphins in Lanai, circling the Sydney harbour by sea plane, and exploring the sandstone mountains and limestone caves of Langkawi.

Guests can ride horseback through former private reserves on Africas island of Mauritius, photograph the Serengeti plains aboard a hot air balloon, and take a private tour through the mesmerising souks and winding markets of Marrakech to shop for traditional Berber carpets and leather goods.

The adventure concludes in Lisbon, a historic city of Gothic cathedrals and ancient monasteries, where guests will celebrate at a gala farewell dinner at Jernimos Monastery.

Cultural Escape (4 - 22 November 2016)

London Moscow Dubai Seychelles Serengeti Florence London

The Cultural Escape journey spans six countries in 19 days. Guests begin in London on the banks of the River Thames before departing for majestic Moscow where they will enjoy a private tour of the citys acclaimed Armoury. In Dubai, guests will explore the soaring city by private helicopter tour before heading south to the 115-island archipelago of Seychelles, where they will relax amid the islands lush coconut groves, hibiscus gardens and crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean.

Venturing inland, guests will then make their way deep into the Tanzanian plains, enjoying a champagne breakfast in the Serengeti grasslands and a sighting of Africas Big Five before making their way into the heart of the Chianti countryside. There, guests will tour local wineries, taste Tuscan delicacies and enjoy a private viewing of Michelangelos David in Florence before returning to London for the close of their journey.

2016 itinerary prices begin at US$ 106,000.

Each journey includes air travel aboard the Private Jet, ground transportation, planned excursions, all meals and beverages throughout the trip and luxurious accommodations at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

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