Mon, 22 August 2016

Cambodia to Establish Nuclear Information Center

Cambodia and Russia have started discussing plans to construct a nuclear power plant in the Kingdom, as the countrys energy demand soars.

A joint working group between Cambodia and Russia held its first meeting in Phnom Penh recently to explore the possibilities of using atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The Russian ambassador to Cambodia, Dmitry Tsvetkov, and representatives of the Russian state atomic corporation Rosatom, were present at the meeting.

The key topic was long-term and short-team training of Cambodian specialists in nuclear field.

In June 2016, MOUs were signed between the Council for the Development of Cambodia and Rosatom for the creation of a nuclear information center, and the creation of a joint working group for the development of nuclear energy in Cambodia.

The nuclear information center will help Cambodians to learn more about nuclear technologies and nuclear energy.

The minister of environment of Cambodia said, Cambodia needs to meet future energy demands and achieve energy security while supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. For these reasons, our government is exploring alternative energy sources, in particular hydro, solar and biomass. We have also started to discuss the possibility of benefiting from nuclear energy in the longer term. We are also interested in nuclear technology for its many applications in healthcare, industry, agriculture, and other sectors of the economy.

Om Romny, director general of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia said that the nuclear information center will provide an opportunity for Cambodian students and researchers to learn more about the benefits of nuclear power and its uses for peaceful purposes.

Cambodia needs more technical experts in the atomic sector and this joint cooperation with Russia will be a good opportunity for more training to be done, said Mr. Romny.

Asia is the main region in the world where electricity generating capacity and specifically nuclear power is growing significantly. In East through to South Asia there are 128 operable nuclear power reactors, 40 under construction and firm plans to build a further 90.

The greatest growth in nuclear generation is expected in China, South Korea and India. Overall, over 45 countries are actively considering embarking upon nuclear power programs. These range from sophisticated economies to developing nations.

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