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Zuji Study Reveals Latest Travel Trends of Young Singaporeans

Travel News Asia Latest Travel News Podcasts Videos Thursday, 5 March 2015

Zuji has released findings from its fourth travel insights report that profiles the habits and preferences of Singapore-based grad and post-grad travellers.

Themed Young, Wild and Free, 328 Singapore-based travellers participated in the poll, of which 164 were aged between 18-24 and categorised as grads, while the remaining 164 were aged 25-34 and considered post-grads. The poll asked participants a series of questions detailing the kinds of trips they go on without their parents in tow.

Chua Hui Wan, CEO for ZUJI Singapore, said, There is an increasing interest to get inside the minds of travellers, particularly of those in a prominent travel hub like Singapore. The ZUJI-dex report was developed to uncover these deeper insights, holiday behaviours and preferences, which are becoming increasingly daring particularly among youth. This is the fourth report we have issued which reveals the travel inclinations among Singapores grad and post-grad travellers who venture abroad parentless.

The following findings were exposed:

- If given a free holiday worth $5000, grads would opt for an adventure trip with more than twice their number wanting to risk their lives sky diving and bungee jumping, over their post-grad counterparts, who like to play it safe with 13% opting for a total chill out holiday.

- Grad travellers will do anything for independence, with 22% rather paying for a hostel or budget hotel room, than staying with family and friends in their destination (5%). While 30% of Singapore's 25-34 year old travellers would never skimp on comfortable surroundings and only stay in 4+ star lodging.

- When booking trips, 20% of Singapore-based grads travel to try new experiences that may be frowned upon closer to home. While a quarter of post-grads are most interested in the destinations different culture and customs.

- When holidaying, the one thing all 18-34 year old Singapore-based travellers have in common, is the prospect of a holiday romance, with almost 20% hoping for it!

- Grads miss the free stuff the most when travelling without parents, with 20% loving having everything paid for. The sentimental post-grads long for the good old family bonding times, with close to a quarter (20%) voting it as their favourite past time.

- When it comes to spending money for a 3-4 day getaway, 49% of all respondents voted S$500 as the holiday kitty sweet spot.

- Cashless overseas? 7% of all 18-34 Singapore-based travellers would rather hurt their pride by pretending they had lost their wallet and beg for cash, instead of busking or sitting with a pity note asking for money.

- When packing luggage, grads and post-grads would rather look sloppy than forget their portable devices (25%) or their credit card essentials (59%). 8% placed fashion at the least of their list of important items, followed by comfort items like teddies (8%).

- 89% of respondents would rather visit a nudist beach than kiss a stranger or sleep on a park bench after a night on the town. But fear of being pricked came up trumps with almost 40% of all travellers agreeing they would never get a tattoo while abroad.

- Singapore-based travellers mustnt be able to get enough of the food that Europe has to offer with 53% voting it as the one place they'd most like to visit if given a free flight.

- South East Asia came in as a last choice if given a free flight, carrying only 3% of the vote, followed by Australia and New Zealand at 9% and greater Asia at 10%.

- When shopping and travel go head-to-head in a battle of what travellers would prefer to sacrifice for one year, a staggering 80% voted to give up shopping. But grads were more hesitant with the forfeit, making up 38% of the vote, compared to their older counterparts (42%).

- Grads are savvier travellers, with almost twice their number checking out OTAs and travel review sites for tips and prices, compared to post-grads. Shockingly, 11% of Singapore-based travellers don't research at all!

- Age doesn't make you a kan-cheong traveller. Almost half (47%) of grads and post-grads book their trip one month in advance, while close to 10% are risky enough to leave all bookings to one week before departing.

Youth and young adults are an increasingly interesting demographic to monitor when it comes to travel. While the younger grad travellers tend to be more adventurous with their choices regarding accommodation and the type of holidays they opt for, they are similar to their older counterparts, with both groups seeking an authentic and personal travel experience, added Hui Wan.

The following travel insights were based on ZUJI booking data from October to December 2014, highlighting the top destinations, hotel locations and booking preferences:

- With adventure travel on the rise, particularly among grads, the top destinations include Sydney for skydiving and Bangkok for mountain biking or rafting.

- The top romantic destinations are revealed to be Paris, Seoul and London, making them an apt choice for travellers looking for love.

- European foodies can make a beeline for London, Paris and Zurich which are the top Euro booking destinations.

- With Hong Kong, Seoul and Bangkok stealing the top 3 flight destinations, there has been an increase in bookings for less-trodden locations including Macau, Phu Quoc and Sapporo.

- Interestingly, Ho Chi Minh, Penang and Johor Bahru are listed as the top 3 new hotel destinations, likely due to their affordability and accessibility from Singapore.

- The majority of flight bookings out of Singapore are for short haul travel around Asia (70%) versus long haul (30%) flights to further destinations like Europe and the USA.

- When it comes to hotel bookings, the booking sweet spot is 44 days ahead of departure, in order to get the best rates and room choices.

- Roughly 50% people make their long weekend (LWE) bookings 4 weeks prior to the date. However, 1 week before a LWE, 10% of Singapore-based travellers make last minute bookings.

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