Selevision set to revolutionise Middle East TV Advertising industry

Travel News Asia 22 March 2005

Television advertising in the Middle East is poised for a massive revolution with the launch of Selevisions Dynamic Commercial Delivery System a pioneering technology that enables advertisers to manipulate viewing habits and maximise return on investment for their ad spend.

For the first time, advertisers will be able to guarantee reaching a specific audience - pre-determined by themselves - using sophisticated technology that enables commercials to be targeted by any of a number of criteria, such as location, age and income.

The system works by sending specific advertisements to the television screens of individual viewers via Selevisions Digital Satellite Receivers, enabling advertisers to select which viewers receive their commercials even within the same household.

Dr Raed R Khusheim, CEO and president of Selevision, said, The biggest challenge advertisers face in the region is accountability for investment. Educated guesswork is the only current means of targeting television commercials, but that will soon no longer be the case.

Selevision will be launching its technology in the Middle East in June and expects to supply 800,000 homes in the UAE and Saudi Arabia with its Digital Satellite Receivers a multi-functional set top box - within the next 12 months.

The set top boxes will be available for a monthly subscription of just AED 5 (a deposit is required), with the Selevision technology and all its advanced functionality available free of charge.

As viewers turn to the superior functionality of Selevision as their means of receiving satellite television, the options available to advertisers and the entire television advertising industry become infinite, Dr Khusheim said.

Advertisers will be charged just US$0.05 per impression, with their advert guaranteed to be delivered to the intended recipient.

Selevision adverts will be screened in the usual commercial breaks during programmes, with viewers receiving the adverts chosen by advertisers for them to watch regardless of which channel they are tuned to, Dr Khusheim explained. 

If the television is turned off, the commercial will be queued and delivered to their Selevision set the next time it is turned on. We can guarantee that the audience is captive, by knowing that the advert can only be shown if the set is switched on, which is how we guarantee advertisement delivery.

This removes the need for adverts to be sold around specific programmes and eliminates the notion of peak time viewing. Advertisers can also adapt the content of their commercials for different viewer profiles.

Networks will effectively receive multiple payments for the same ad slot, and viewers will also have the option of watching the adverts broadcast by the network after watching those specifically selected for them through Selevision.

Advertisers, viewers and television networks all stand to benefit from Selevisions technology which is why we confidently predict the way television commercials are targeted, sold and watched in the region will never be the same again. 

The Dubai Media City-based company believes viewer demand for the interactive system will be high as consumers also benefit from its advanced features, including the ability to pause or rewind live television broadcasts.

The set top box acts as a digital video recorder, as well as an Internet browser, fax and answering machine, Dr Khusheim explained. You can pause a programme, including live sport, and resume viewing without missing any of the action. Users can even record two programmes at the same time.

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