Intelligent Spas releases New Spa Industry Research for Thailand

Travel News Asia 19 April 2005

New research has identified that Thailands spa industry was performing well until the Tsunami forced the closure of over 25 spa facilities. Intelligent Spas estimated approximately 3.6 million visits were made to Thai spas during the 12 month period between July 2003 and June 2004, whilst average annual visitors per spa was up 43% compared to the previous period.

Julie Garrow, Director of Intelligent Spas stated, this report updates the inaugural research conducted in 2002. Since that time the industry has experienced overall growth in spa visits and spa facilities. Intelligent Spas identified there are approximately 320 spa facilities in Thailand employing over 5,000 people. About 20% of these spas are operating in the greater Phuket area and continue to be negatively affected as many travellers choose other destinations.

Spa industry benchmarks from the latest research include:

- On average, 78% of spa visitors were international tourists.
- 57% of spa visitors were female, 43% male.
- Almost half of the spas were located in a resort.
- Spas contained 9.4 treatment rooms on average.

The Value of Benchmarking

Industry benchmarks allow spa operators to monitor industry changes ensuring they become and remain competitive in the services they offer, whilst maximising profitability. As one of the only independent research organisations in the spa industry, Intelligent Spas is able to collect industry information which neither spas nor consultants may not be able to gather due to confidentiality reasons.

Ms Garrow explained the spa industry benchmarks established as a result of this research study are key inputs for reliable business planning. Benchmarks are used by spas to monitor performance and make timely adjustments to maintain operational efficiencies. By identifying if your spa is operating below industry averages for example, actions may be quickly initiated to target weak areas and retain competitiveness. Respondents to the survey are positively advantaged as they receive a free report of the survey findings, which incorporates guidelines describing how to use the spa industry benchmarks to assist their business analysis activities.

Suppliers and other organisations servicing and supporting the spa industry reference the industry benchmarks in order to develop and provide relevant products and services for the spas, Ms Garrow continued. The report also allows them to keep up with the latest trends in each specific spa market.

Benchmarks available for the Thailand spa market include spa type, location, infrastructure, menus, employment, visitor numbers, client profiles, revenue ranges and industry trends. A breakdown of results for resort spas was also possible for some topics due to the response rate achieved.

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