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One of the latest luxury travel products on offer, to those looking for the ultimate travel experience, are private pool villas. Pool villas generally come in two formats, completely enclosed offering absolute privacy or open, perhaps looking out directly onto the beach etc.

There is nothing quite like staying in a pool villa. It can and should make for one of the most romantic holidays you will ever experience, as most villas are extremely luxurious, and the simple fact that you are in complete privacy with your own pool and jacuzzi, allows you to enjoy your vacation in ways a regular room may not allow.

There are a few things you should check with the hotel before making a reservation at a Pool Villa. What is the size of the pool? Does it have a jacuzzi and what is the size? Is it separate from the pool? Is the villa completely enclosed or slightly open? Do they offer in-villa chef cooking and what are the prices?

A lot of pool villas are found in smaller, more boutique resorts, this can be advantage in the sense that the service may well be more personal but it also may mean that you have less facilities including a smaller choice of restaurants than in a larger property.

Luxury Pool Villas do not come cheap but if you can afford it, they should provide for an unforgettable vacation.

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