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With many major cities offering hundreds, if not thousands, of hotels to choose from, criteria such as rates and especially location become much more important that perhaps at a resort or in a holiday destination. The requirements and needs of business travellers to the city and also holiday makers on vacation are very different, and some hotels either try and find a balance to make everyone happy, or instead try and focus on one particular group.

This alone is one question you should ask the hotel before making a reservation, are they more a business or leisure orientated hotel? Many of the luxury hotels in cities around the world will all have their unique selling point. Here are some questions though to ask if you want the most from your stay:

1) Do they have broadband in the room and around the hotel's public areas and what are the costs?

2) What TV channels do they have? (very important if you want to watch special events such as sports)

3) Do they security card access lifts? (so only people with room cards can use the lifts)

4) Do they offer a choice of pillows and if so what? (most of the most luxurious will offer this service)

5) Does the hotel use duvets (comforters in some parts of the world) or a blanket sheet system?

6) How big are the in-room electronic safes? and do they have a power point? (some people like to lock up their laptops)

7) What times do the gym and pool open? (we have seen so many 'business' hotels where the pool opens at 9am or even 10am!! Some hotels though, even offer 24 hours gyms and in many of the small boutique hotels they have hooked up with loacal gyms)

8) What time is breakfast served? (useful if you are an early riser)

9) What time does breakfast finish? (especially useful if you are on holiday or like a late breakfast).

More tips to come.....

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