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Hotels in Jakarta


Reviews of the best hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Jakarta is in the news almost every day. It is still a safe place as long as common sense precautions are taken. Always use Blue bird or Silver Bird taxis these are highly reputable and the safest of all taxis in Jakarta. Because of the turmoil you can stay at some of the best hotels at excellent prices.

Here is a selection and review of some hotels in Jakarta. These hotels in Jakarta are listed in no particular order.

Hotel Atlet Century Park - Excellent location for the Conference and Convention Centre, and with a major shopping and entertainment complex just behind the hotel really is ideal. The hotel is also one of the few that serves Japanese breakfast IN the Japanese restaurant. We wish more hotels would do this, and they finally are beginning to as it is very popular with everyone not only the Japanese. The rooms do not all have a bathtub so make sure you specify your needs when you make a booking. See more of this hotel with pictures and special rates.

Hotel Gran Mahakam Jakarta - An awarding winning hotel and one of the finest properties in Jakarta. Review to come. See more of the hotel with pictures and special rates.

Imperial Century Hotel and Country Club - If you prefer to stay in a resort, or enjoy being outside the city, then this should be your choice. Or you could possibly finish of your business trip by spending a couple of night at this lovely hotel playing a few rounds of well earned and relaxing golf. See pictures and special rates from this hotel.

Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta - One of the tallest hotels in Jakarta. This hotel is stunning with very rich furnishings in the rooms and lobby area. The hotel frequently has offer some excellent promotions available and is well located for the Conference and Convention Centre. See more of this hotel with pictures and special rates.

Sari Pan Pacific Hotel - Excellent hotel in the Pan Pacific Hotels and resorts group. It is very well located along Jalan M.H. Thamarin, the main high street in Jakarta. The executive lounge offers breakfast and cocktails in a quaint 18 Floor lounge. They have an excellent Japanese restaurant, which has an incredible Sunday Lunch buffet, that costs 65,000 Rupiah. A must try. The hotel also boasts Pitstop which is a lively bar and is also well worth a visit if you are in Jakarta. There will be some slight modifications made to the hotel very soon, such as high speed modem connections, a very large selection of cable tv and many others which will make it one of the top hotels in Jakarta. An excellent choice of hotel.

Grand Hyatt - This hotel gets a lot of free publicity largely because of its location right in the heart of the city. It is a very large hotel, with many very good food and beverage outlets. They also have O'Reillys which is a very good bar and one of the best in Jakarta. They now have a local Jakarta band rather than an imported band. It is best to arrive here around 9 -  9:30 as this is when the band starts.

Mandarin Oriental - Opposite the Hyatt and therefore also in an excellent location. This hotel has a lovely personalised feel to it. They also have very good Chinese, Italian and Japanese restaurants. You will also be able to buy cigars from the only legal importer of Cuban cigars, as they have a shop on the mezzanine level.

Hotel Indonesia - One of the oldest hotels in Jakarta, on the same round about as the Hyatt and Mandarin above.

Borubudur - Formerly the InterContinental. Very nice hotel which has just finished an enormous renovation programme. Good choice.

Kempinski - one of the newest hotels in Jakarta and well located. The rooms are of good size and well appointed. They will be opening a new bar/disco next year. Definitely worth checking it out.

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