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Hanoi offers visitors a real cultural experience. It has some amazing French architecture including a smaller replica of the Opera Garnier in Paris, many different lakes, excellent restaurants, and an awful lot of people rushing around on mopeds, which are rapidly being replaced by larger motorbikes if not cars. Hanoi is big yet small, and so location of the hotel is not quite so important as in Bangkok for example. Therefore you have a greater choice, and with all the hotels in Hanoi almost desperately trying to attract business; the rates are in your favour as well. The quality of some of the Hotels in Hanoi is exceptional.

De Syloia Hotel - one of the most famous boutique hotels in Hanoi. With only a few rooms it has become very well respected and liked by both International business men and leisure travellers. The rooms are comfortable and have good amenities. See pictures of this hotel, with special rates and make a reservation here.

Melia Hanoi Another new hotel that opened its' doors in 1998. Very well appointed rooms, which are spacious and comfortable and a good selection of food and beverage outlets, including a Thai restaurant. The hotel is very well located for business or leisure travellers. They also boast the largest ballroom in Hanoi, so if you need to organise a function this could be your place. See pictures, special rates and online reservations here.

Nikko Hanoi This is an excellent hotel, possibly the best in Hanoi. The service is outstanding, and the Japanese restaurant serves an excellent value lunch menu. The hotel only opened around in 1998, and so all its amenities are brand new. We recommend staying in one of the corner rooms, which offers a little more space and wonderful views, especially if you choose a room ending in 01. These rooms offer lake views, but you will need to book well in advance if you want one of these. They have rather a unique dry cleaning; in fact it is 'wet-dry cleaning' if you understand that. Although we will not take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong, it is so good that we carry extra suits with us when we travel there. It is really very difficult to find a fault with this hotel. See pictures, special rates and online reservations here.

Sofitel Metropole The old dame of Hanoi. This is the oldest and most famous hotel in Hanoi. It has served dignitaries from all over the world, and continues to do so. It is set in the style of an attractive French building, which really adds to your Hanoi experience. The service is top notch, and the food and beverage outlets are very good. They have added a new wing, to help with demand, so you now have to choose between the old or new wing. The old wing is old, the floors creak, and you can sense the nostalgia when walking the halls; they could do with a small refurbishment however. The new wing, was built in the same style, from the outside, and the rooms are well laid out if not a little small and maybe a better option.See pictures, special rates and online reservations  here

Sofitel Plaza Hanoi - overlooking the beautiful WestLake this is a very nice hotel for business or pleasure. Only a few minutes drive away from the main city centre and within walking distance of one of the greatest lakes in Hanoi. See pictures, special rates and online reservations here.

Sunway Hanoi This is the best of the small boutique style properties. Lovely adequately sized rooms, with good yet simple amenities. Good rates and food and beverage mean that it is hard to fault. Again we recommend a corner room, at this hotel. See pictures of this hotel and special rates click here.

Hanoi Daewoo This is a very large and impressive hotel. It is the first hotel owned and managed by the Daewoo group, and they have done an excellent job in finishing it off. Having said this the service, especially in the reception area, and in general could be improved. A luxurious property, with the largest swimming pool in Vietnam and a ballroom that can accommodate 1,000 people. The rooms are all spacious and well equipped, especially the executive floor. It is also part of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Hanoi Hilton Opera This hotel commands the best location in Hanoi, and was only opened in February 1999. It overlooks the smaller replica of the Opera Garnier (in Paris); the Hilton Opera. The hotel is a stunning building and curls around to offer the best views of the Opera. At least, that is what you think from the outside. Unfortunately for some unknown reason the rooms are small with a dark interior and windows that would fit perfectly on a boat. It has amazed everyone that the majority of the wall is not a window, to allow guests the spectacular view on the other side, helas; no. The good points though is that the hotel does have some very fine food and beverage outlets with windows large enough to see the Opera in all its splendour, and you are pretty much within walking distance from everywhere.

Guoman Hanoi Another boutique style property. This hotel is simple yet everything that you need. They have a rather unfortunate door captain who is dressed up in rather unusual affair, that managed to make the talk of the time for a while. Just hope that he is being paid a little extra for being dressed up like that.

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