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A guide to the beautiful beach and inland resorts in Vietnam

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Vietnam is not famous for tourism, nor its beaches. However it has some very beautiful and almost untouched beaches to offer. Tourism is beginning to slowly take off, with major investment from International hotel companies, and a government who is finally beginning to realise how much the tourism dollar can help. The selection below features some of the main International resorts, around Vietnam. Although at this time the number is still limited.

We will soon be adding more of these hotels with online reservations facilities to the site so please do keep checking back.

Beach Resorts

Anoasis Beach Resort - A privately run hotel company which stands out. The owner a Vietnamese lady must be one of the most successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs. She was the first lady to ever fly from Ho Chi Minh to Paris by Helicopter, and has succeeded in many other ventures that are too numerous to mention. Simply the fact that she and her husband a senior and highly respected hotelier are in charge of this hotel will guarantee that it is a success. As for the hotel itself, well it is in Long Hai, on the coast. Long Hai has one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, and this hotel runs along it, offering you 20 secluded and exclusive villas to choose from, which are set amidst 32 acres of gardens. SEE MORE OF THIS HOTEL WITH PICTURES SPECIAL RATES AND ONLINE RESERVATIONS HERE.

Furama Resort Danang : One of the first resorts of International standing and quality in Vietnam, this outstanding resort runs along the picturesque beach of Danang.  Once inside the resort you would never imagine you are in Vietnam, as the resort offers everything a seasoned International traveller could desire. SEE MORE OF THIS HOTEL WITH PICTURES AND SPECIAL RATES WITH ONLINE RESERVATIONS HERE.

Inland Resorts in Vietnam

Sofitel Dalat-  One of the most famous hotels in Vietnam, and a heritage hotel in itself, this beautiful resort can be found inland only a few hours drive from Ho Chi Minh at Dalat. A wonderful golf course is attached, and this beautiful hotel is extremely popular with expats, wealthy residents and with leisure travellers who demand the highest in quality. SEE MORE OF THIS HOTEL WITH PICTURES AND SPECIAL RATES WITH ONLINE RESERVATIONS HERE

Novotel Dalat - Well how do we put this ? If you can afford the Sofitel stay there. If not then the Novotel Dalat will most definitely do. SEE MORE OF THIS HOTEL WITH PICTURES AND SPECIAL RATES WITH ONLINE RESERVATIONS HERE

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