Thu, 7 July 2016

Digital Eye Piece Night Display from Elbit Systems Tested on Demo Flights

Elbit Systems, in collaboration with several European countries currently flying the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) on their operational aircraft, has performed a series of successful night flight demonstrations with the Digital Eye Piece (DEP), a lightweight night vision cueing and display solution for JHMCS, Digital JHMCS (D-JHMCS), and JHMCS-II helmet mounted display (HMD) systems.

The add-on solution transforms existing HMDs and Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) into highly advanced, cutting-edge night vision smart helmets, providing pilots with daytime cueing and display capabilities in their night operations. Its seamless integration requires no changes to aircraft installation or software.

The DEP is a plug-and-play solution that enables pilots to transition from day to night configuration, improves situational awareness and meets the operational needs of military aviators. DEP can be installed onboard any fielded JHMCS, D-JHMCS or JHMCS-II.

The goal of the flights was to demonstrate the systems performance in night flight, including A/A and A/G scenarios, in which effective flight missions generally cannot be executed. A variety of international Air Forces participated in flights onboard their F-16 aircraft.

 Pilot feedback included: the DEP improves situational awareness and reduces workload the system improves night identification capabilities the DEP provides more flexibility and better situational awareness for close air support.

The DEP was developed in cooperation with Elbit Systems subsidiary, Elbit Systems of America, and Rockwell Collins through their joint venture, RCEVS.

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