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Some Simple Tips to Help You Receive the Most Accurate Results when Searching ASIA Travel

 Please note that the travel news articles from the year 2000 and earlier are not included in the search.

Below are some suggestions to help make your searches return the most accurate results:


 Use quotation marks " " if you are searching for a term, phrase or name with multiple words. For example if you want to search for Virgin Atlantic, the best results would be delivered if you search for "Virgin Atlantic".


Finds pages that contain the specified text in any part of the page other than an image tag, link, or URL. The search text:PATA would find all pages with the term PATA in them.


 Finds pages that contain the specified word or phrase in the page title (which appears in the title bar of most browsers). The search title:Bangkok would find pages with Bangkok in the title.


 Finds pages with a specific word or phrase in the URL. Use url:hotelsinbangkok to find all pages on all servers that have the word hotelsinbangkok in the host name, path, or filename - the complete URL, in other words.

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