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Review of the Canon EOS 300D - 'The Digital Rebel'

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Canon designed the EOS 300D, or the Digital Rebel as it is also known, as an affordable Digital SLR for anyone interested in a higher level of photography than is possible with a regular digital compact camera, and they succeeded. Not only does it look and feel amazing the quality of the pictures is excellent and you have the freedom to add different lenses depending on your needs.

The Canon EOS 300D - The Digital Rebel

This eye pleasing 6.3 million pixel digital camera weighs just 560 grammes, and features a stylish Titanium gray metallic finish with black accent trim.

Taking pictures with the EOS 300D is as easy as point and shoot, and features a 7-point wide-area Auto Focus system allows automatic subject detection and reliable autofocus operation even if subjects are off-center left or right, or high or low in the frame. The camera allows for manual and automatic focussing with six basic scene modes in addition to programmed and fully automatic exposure options: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, and Flash Off.

The Digital Rebel is ready for its first picture within 3 seconds of powering on, and you can save pictures in numerous formats from raw to lower resolutions. The battery life is quite simply excellent and easily lasts for a full day of shooting, and does not take long for a recharge once you return home or to the hotel. The LCD is bright although you may need some shade when viewing it in bright sunshine, and all the controls are simple to use and learn.

Without going into too many technical details the Canon 300D is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a very high quality digital camera that gives you the look and feel of a regular SLR and which allows you to change lenses as your needs require. This is the camera we use, and we can only praise it - an excellent choice for taking all those precious pictures next time you travel.  

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