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Anyone who has travelled a few times will have seen luggage leaking liquids, open and worse when waiting for their own suitcases to come off the luggage carousel at the airport. Discovering that your bag has burst open or that the bottles of disinfectant inside your suitcase have broken and are now making your expensive clothes smell worse than a hospital, is one of the worse possible ways of beginning or ending a trip.

Just a little time spent selecting the right luggage for your trip can help avoid any such disasters. We personally recommend hard cases, especially for holidays or longer trips, such as those from samsonite, as they are a lot sturdier and far more reliable. Granted they do reduce your overall weight allowance but at least the contents will be that much safer. We recommend to go for the larger size even if you think you won't need so much space, a larger size allows unforeseen purchases to be packed without the need for buying new bags.

If you do opt for a hard case then try and personalise it a little, by adding some stickers or pictures etc. That way there can be no confusion about which suitcases are yours or a fellow travellers.

Most of these new suitcases have combination locks. We asked a luggage handler at London's Heathrow Airport what the most common combination was and were surprised to learn that the most common is '000' which is the default combination the suitcase ships with. With this in mind you may want to consider changing the combination to something more personal to you.

If your trip does not require such a large size suitcase then there are many options available for the traveller who wants the ease of travelling with only carry on. The new designs are on average very light and should be able to pass any size requirements the airlines or airport may have, which means it cannot be too large. With such cases you really should be looking for compartments where all your needed items can be easily and efficiently stored. For example you should look for shirt compartments, special areas for toiletries, and a useful documents holder on the outside of the case that allows easy access to money and passports etc.

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