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Anyone who has ever been to an idyllic beach resort, or anywhere that has mosquitoes knows the importance of ensuring that the windows and doors to your room are blocked off, to ensure that the blood sucking insects do not manage to break in and leave you waking up looking as if you have measles or worse. Thankfully most of us purchase insect repellent before we travel, which gives us that sense of extra protection.

With the internet though, the results can be much worse than a few bites. Recent reports in the Bangkok Post, and other leading media from around the region have informed us to the increase in computer crime, by which 'human' mosquitoes manage to break into your pc and steal or corrupt anything that they feel like, without you possibly ever knowing.

This type of crime is a serious violation of privacy but most importantly an enormous security threat, as all your passwords, personal information and important files can easily be downloaded or even corrupted or destroyed. If they do not wish to be so malicious they could simply use your identity to send spam, or to use your logon id and passwords to gain access for themselves on the internet, which of course would lead to enormous bills for internet usage. Unless of course you are in a country such as Singapore which offers unlimited access. But even that will not protect you, because while technology may be easy and is becoming much easier to use, the simple idea of roaming will give you an idea as to exactly how expensive a small break in could be. If the hacker is let's say in Africa or anywhere outside your home country, then that person could very easily steal your login details, and start roaming for 24 hours a day at your expense ! This is such a serious threat that companies such as Starhub (Singapore ISP) now send an email to their customers to inform them when over 100 minutes of roaming are used.      

How do they do this ? Well it is exactly the same why as a mosquito manages to break into your bedroom as you sleep - somewhere there is an opening that allows the hacker into your pc while you are online. And in case you are wondering, no, your Antivirus software does not stop or even recognise most of these attacks.

So how do you protect yourself and purchase the IT equivalent of a mosquito net and suitable repellent ? There are many different products available, but as we as a company swear by Norton Antivrus software, we felt it more logical to stay with this leader in computer security and test out their Internet Security.

It has to be said straight off that the product is amazing, it is easy to install, easy to operate and does not use up to much memory as it is running in the background. What is frightening though is that this software opens your eyes to what was going on before you installed the software, and that can be very frightening.

We installed the software in minutes and continued our surfing with a total sense of security, knowing that we were behind the most up to date firewall that Norton (Symantec) can offer. In fact you would never really know that the software is running at all until you get the occasional alert that one of your programmes is trying to access the internet. 

The whole system is configurable and enables you to control the strength of the firewall and its components. So not only are you stopping people from effectively accessing your system through a malicious attack but you also have a stream of other very useful features. These features include stopping websites from taking your personal information as you surf the web, it conceals your browsing pattern from websites and you could if you wanted to even block cookies. PLUS, there is one more angel of a service that Internet 2001 offers, and that is that you can block all those banner ads, or pop up windows,  this alone is worth the small price tag, surfing heaven !

For families a family version is also available that allows you to control access to certain websites, which can be very useful.

So, there you have it, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase this. Why ? Well after we first set up Internet Security on our test computer, we left it connected to the internet for a mere 12 hours a day to be able to properly test the system, and within 8 days the newly installed software had blocked 175 accesses to our computer, we have also had 120 Browser Privacy blocks which stops hackers or/and websites from stealing personal information while you are online and we have blocked loads of those annoying banner ads. 

What is even more frightening is that in that small 8 day period, 21 of the Blocked 175 accesses were of the Trojan variety, which is definitely a very nasty mosquito somewhere trying to suck blood, and a large number of the others were equally as nasty.

With a small price tag of around US$ 71, we strongly suggest you buy this software today, after all you would not go willingly to a mosquito infected swamp without some protection. You can learn more about this product here:


Many people have asked us whether to by this product as a pirate edition. We have one thing to say about this and other security products - the keyword is security. Would you honestly buy a "pirate" condom and hope that it works, or would you buy the original. Of course both are available but when it comes to the security and health of our computer systems, we know which we would buy. Strange comparison but you get the picture !

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