Hidden Hotel Charges in Manila Hotels

A look at the "hidden" hotel charges in the best of Manila Hotels 


Hotel Survey on the "Hidden" Hotel Charges of the Best Hotels in Manila

Travellers are often enticed to stay at hotels with special offers which can save you a lot of money. Sometimes however the difference between one hotel rate and another can be the smaller charges that the hotels do not advertise.

Especially when travelling for business, the hidden hotel costs such as telephone charges, charges for incoming faxes, laundry, etc. can vary enormously from hotel to hotel and make quite a dramatic difference to your final hotel bill.

After all we believe very strongly that you can tell a lot of the quality of the hotel and its management by seeing whether the hotel is providing a service for your benefit or purely providing the service with a view to making money from it with little consideration of how much they may be overcharging you. 

Here we review the major hotels in Manila, looking at the price of a coke from the mini bar, a long sleeve shirt (mans) through laundry (not dry cleaning), the price of a club sandwich from room service, the price of a local telephone call from the regular rooms and also the executive floor, and finally the charge, if any for an incoming fax. FYI - n/a indicates not applicable and/or not available. The sign "++" means plus tax and service charge.

Our other Hidden Hotel Costs can be seen for Singapore, Hong Kong (Island), Hong Kong (Mainland).   

Hotel Coke Shirt Club Sandwich Telephone Tel. Executive INcoming Fax  
Atrium Suites 58.80 85 ++ 242 12.56 for 3 minutes then 2 Pesos per minute n/a no (less than 2 pages)
Bayview Park Hotel 84.70 70 242 16 n/a no (less than 10 pages)
Citadel Inn Makati 35 50 ++ 119 10 n/a no (less than 3 pages)
Imperial Palace Suites (Quezon) 35  80 160 10 n/a no (less than 5 pages)
Century Park 75 ++ 105 ++ 270 ++ 14 14 no (less than 10 pages) 
Dusit Nikko 100 150 ++ 365.48  16 16 no (less than 5 pages) 
Heritage 80 ++ 130.84 380.60 15 free no (less than 10 pages)
Holiday Inn 75 ++ 95 ++ 300 ++ 15 15 no (less than 10 pages)
Hyatt 99 100 ++ 260 ++ 16 free no (less than 10 pages)
Inter - Continental 130 243.42 370 ++ 15 15 no (less than 10 pages)
Mandarin Oriental 121 200 ++ 375 ++ 16 16 no
Manila Diamond 85 ++ 114 265 ++ 14 free no (less than 10 pages)
Manila Galleria Suites 98.76 125 ++ 270 ++ 15 15 no (less than 20 pages)
Manila Hotel 101.70 99 ++ 205 ++ 15 15 no (less than 10 pages)
Manila Midtown 96.60 95 ++ 212 16 16 no
Millenium Plaza 65  65 ++ 252 10 n/a no (less than 5 pages)
New World Renaissance 85 175 ++ 290 ++ 15 15 no 
Peninsula Hotel 120  241.21  330 ++ 14 14 no
Primetown  Tower Makati 35 95 ++ 190 10 n/a no (less than 3 pages) 
Shangri-la Edsa 70.85 197.50 319 16 16 no
 Shangri-La Makati 127.07 290  356.77 16 16 no
Traders no mini bar 90 ++ 295 16 16 no
Westin 115 ++ 100 ++ 350 ++ 17 free no

Once again the Hidden Hotel Costs Survey has drawn some very interesting results. As you will see from above most hotels do not charge for incoming faxes at all, however they limit the number of free of charge pages. This means that any faxes (one fax) that exceeds the specified number of pages listed above will be charged, this charge ranges from a mere 5 Pesos per page to an outrageous 30 Pesos per page.

The Traders Hotel, which is part of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts does not have a mini bar, however one can be set up if you request one. The hotel does have a fridge in the room which guests can use at their convenience.

All the hotels are above, while of very different quality, are all comfortable and regarded as the best in Manila, and of International quality.

Only four hotels in Manila, offer free of charge telephone calls on the executive floor, these are the Hyatt, Manila Diamond, Heritage and the Westin. This is an excellent service as most frequent travellers have to use the telephone more and more to be able to connect to the internet.

Club Sandwich prices range from 119 Pesos at the Century Citadel to over a whopping 400 Pesos at, The Inter-Continental Hotel.

A coke in the mini bar, now let's face it, is the same whether it is in a 2, 3, 4 or even 5 star hotel varies in price from a low of 35 Pesos, at the Century Citadel Inn, Primetown Century Tower, and Imperial Century Suites Quexon to a bubbling 130 Pesos at the Inter-Continental.

To have a shirt washed through laundry will vary from a low of 50 Pesos at the Century Citadel to a sparkling high of 290 Pesos at the Shangri-La Makati.  

Our other Hidden Hotel Costs can be seen for Singapore, Hong Kong (Island), Hong Kong (Mainland).

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