Foreign Currency

Currency is one of the most important parts of any trip. We offer some tips on where best to change your money, a foreign currency converter and other tips to help your well earned dollar travel that bit further.

ATM Machines and Currency Exchange - Tips on using your ATM card when travelling overseas. If well researched your ATM card can offer you the best exchange rates and solve the problem of carrying large wads of money around.

Credit Cards - Another way to avoid carrying lost of cash is to use your credit card. Not all cards are equal though, and we look at some things you should be aware of when travelling.

ATM Card Tips and Credit Card Tips - While using your credit cards and ATM cards is generally a good idea, there is risk attached. We look at some of the things you should be aware of when using your cards.

Travellers Cheques - While we recommend using your ATM or credit cards when travelling, travellers cheques can help you avoid certain potential problems associated with using your cards, but that extra piece of mind comes at a cost.

Pictures of the Euro - Many of us are accustomed to Europe's old currencies, the franc, lira etc but with the Euro now being used in almost every European country it helps to get acquainted with how this new currency looks.

VAT Refunds for Travellers in Thailand - Guide to claiming back VAT on purchases made in Thailand.

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