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Restaurants in Hong Kong


Restaurants in Hong Kong


Guide to eating out in Hong Kong - Reviews of restaurants in Hong Kong

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Of all the reviews we do on this site, reviewing restaurants is without a doubt the most difficult. We have to try them all, but even if we do, the chef or the waiter/waitress that makes the difference at the restaurant can change without notice, each persons taste, food, price range and ambience needs are different which combined makes it very difficult to maintain good quality reviews of restaurants.

With this in mind, we need to point out that the few reviews below are all valid at the time of writing and we do try to ensure that they are as up to date as possible, but of course things can and do change quickly.

Hong Kong is a culinary delight with restaurants  which cater to every budget and taste available. Every type of international food and also the many varieties of Chinese is available from Shanghainese, to Szechuan, to Peking and the list goes on and on.

Eating in Hong Kong or more precisely finding a restaurant you like, can be a daunting task for travellers, simply because many restaurants are not on the ground floor with only neon signage to point them out, and most restaurants especially local ones only have Chinese language menus with staff that rarely speak sufficient English for you to get an explanation of what dishes are available.

Of course the restaurants in hotels all have English language menu's as do most of the international cuisine restaurants, but our reviews aim to give you a look at the restaurants locals would go to, something that little bit more authentic than a tourist haunt.

If you know of a restaurant that we have not featured, of which we are sure there are many, please do contact us so that we can review it and add it to our list of restaurants in Hong Kong.


Style of Food General Location Name Review
Korean Wanchai New Korean Located at 175 Lockhart Road on the second floor this restaurant offers Korean BBQ (cook yourself) Buffet for only HK$98. You can select from a good choice of meats, fish and vegetables plus they have soups and sushi on the buffet as well. If you enjoy Korean BBQ then this really is a must, but make sure you are hungry when you go!


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