Pictures of Vietnam


Takem November 1999


The following pictures are from Hanoi, a beautiful city in Vietnam. Much of the city still retains the beauty of  French architecture that influenced the city many years ago. The city is green, with trees lining most streets, and parks and lakes are plentiful. Hanoi really is a jewel in Asia. Still developing the city offers some of the best hotels in Asia. The following pictures are limited due to weather conditions on our last visit in November 1999. We will be adding to them so please do check back. To read about the hotels, bars and restaurants in Vietnam use the navigation links on our home page or to return to our main picture gallery page click HERE, our home page HERE or take your vote in the 2000 Premier Awards HERE.


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The Opera,

a miniature version

of the infamous 

Opera Garnier 

in Paris, in Hanoi

Beautiful by night as well as by day.

Shows are regularly shown here

Some local and some international. 

A lot of old cars can be seen around Hanoi. This Citroen is outside the Metropole Hotel

Beautiful buildings are every where in Hanoi, many with French influence. 

As with most countries throughout the world, the lottery is a very popular source of hope and dreams. 

The oldest and most famous hotel in Hanoi. The Metropole, a Sofitel Hotel. Read our review here

The Moca Cafe, great place for lunch, drinks, dinner or just to relax.  

Recognise this ?  Notre Dame Cathedral in Hanoi.

Very close to the Moca Cafe.

Parks and lakes can be found all over Hanoi.

Beautiful restaurants make eating a real pleasure in Hanoi. 

Just a street shot.

Cylcos are an alternative way to see Hanoi.

Flowers are great value in Hanoi. 

Tree lined streets, unusual for most Asian countries. 

Motorbikes are the most popular form of transport around Hanoi. Cars are rapidly becoming popular as riches are made. 

A typical way of transporting goods in Hanoi.

These are heavy.