Pictures of Dubai




These pictures added to the site February 2000, are a variety of pictures from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and are courtesy of the Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board. The pictures show how diverse Dubai is, whether you are planning to visit Dubai for a vacation,  to watch one of the many International sporting events, to buy gold or to investigate the hundreds of other shopping marvels Dubai has to offer, you are guaranteed to leave with a promise of return. As one of the major business centres of the world Dubai, also offers some of the most creative and enjoyable incentive packages available anywhere. The ultra modern city offers some of the finest accommodation to be found anywhere in the world.


One of the major attractions of Dubai is the Shopping Festival which attracted 2.4 million visitors during 1999, and this year the DCTPB expects to beat that, by offering over 400 events that will be sure to entertain during the month long festival. Between 1st March, 2000 until 31 March 2000 there will be numerous activities for visitors to enjoy. To whet your appetite there is even going to be a DAILY Raffle offering the winner a Rolls Royce, and we are not talking miniature cars ! This is the real thing, 31 Rolls Royces will be given away and the ticket to enter only costs 200 Dhs, and only 5,000 tickets per Raffle will be sold. When you consider the odds of winning the National Lottery, and yet millions play wouldn't you be tempted to play with odds 5,000 to 1 ?!  We won't go on, and we won't mention that there is also another Raffle giving away 1 KG of gold EVERY DAY (oops ! well keep it quiet OK - the less people that no about it the more chance we stand of winning something !) or any of the other amazing activities planned. Suffice to say one thing, if you enjoy shopping, in fact even if you don't you should be in Dubai in March. Go and enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival 2000, check out


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Fireworks always a spectacular event in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab is the tallest free standing hotel in the world, winner of the 1999 Premier Award as the Best hotel in the World. In the background the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, who also won a award. 

Raffles galore during the Shopping Festival. Do you feel lucky punk ?!  

A beautiful shot.

Many International Sporting events choose Dubai as there base.

Horse Racing in Dubai.

Side shops such as this are popular with tourists.

Some of the finest rugs in the world. Is your suitcase big enough ?

Or perhaps a more modern mall is more you thing?

You must try the Gold Souk in Dubai while you are there. Excellent gold prices.