Hong Kong


These are a selection of pictures from the Hong Kong Government House, taken in November 1999. Although this house is not open to the public, we thought that it may be of interest to you.  We've also thrown in a couple of shots of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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A beautiful cabinet in one of the welcome rooms.

The view from the rear garden of the house. 

The rear garden and swimming pool.

Another shot of the pool.

A welcome area.


Mickey and Minnie with Mrs. Anson Chan and Judson Green. 

Aren't they adorable. Hong Kong will have the fourth Disneyland in the world.   

A view from the front of Government House. 


Frontal shot of Government House.

From the side. 

A welcoming parlour

Isn't it beautiful. 

Another frontal.

The rear garden at Government House.

The view to the left of the garden.

The view if looking directly down the garden. Wow. Imagine the value of such prime land !

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