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China Airlines Resumes London Flights - Exclusive Interview with Senior Vice President

[HD video and podcast below] Exclusive HD video interview with Steve Chang, Senior Vice President of China Airlines.

 In this interview, filmed on 24 October 2017 at AAPA's 61st Assembly of Presidents in Taipei, Taiwan, Mr. Chang tells us how 2017 has been for the airline, how it compares with 2016 and what plans they have for 2018.

Steve Chang. Click to enlarge.

We discuss the upcoming launch of flights to London Gatwick on 1 December, why the airline has chosen London Gatwick rather than London Heathrow where it used to fly from between March 2010 and March 2012, and whether China Airlines has given up on operating from London Heathrow altogether.

 We also ask Mr. Chang what forward bookings are looking like, how soon they would like to increase flights from four flights per week to daily, and what impact flying to London Gatwick may have over flying to and from London Heathrow.

We also discuss China Airlines' deal with Airbus and ask whether the airline will maintain its options for the A350-900 or convert those options to A350-1000 aircraft.

Mr. Chang tells us how the airline plans to celebrate its return to London, what the airline will do to tap into the stop over market from England / Europe to Australia and New Zealand and much, much more in the video and podcast below.

Exclusive Interview with China Airlines - October 2017


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