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Owner of Rock 'n' Roll Hotel in London Unveils Asia Pacific Expansion Plans - Interview

[HD video below] What is the Karma Sanctum Soho hotel in London, which markets is the property attracting, how does this year's Occupancy and RevPAR compare to last and what targets does the hotel have for 2018?

 Those are just some of the questions we put to Mark Fuller, CEO of Sanctum Hotels, in an exclusive interview filmed at the roof top bar of the Karma Sanctum Soho in London on 15 November 2017.

Mark Fuller (15 November 2017). Click to enlarge.

We ask Mark about the property, how the rooms at the hotel differ, what renovation plans the hotel has and when that work will begin and end.

 We also discuss the group in general and what plans Sanctum Hotels has to expand. Mark tells us about a future hotel in Asia Pacific, where it will be located, how many rooms it will have and what style of property it will be.

 You will also learn why the Karma Sanctum Soho hotel in London changed the doors to its rooms and what new problem that created when they did. All that and much, much more in the video and podcast below.

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel London and Group's Expansion Plans


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