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Malindo Air Transforming Cockpit with SITAOnAir’s EFB Solution

Malindo Air has become the latest airline taking strides to digitally transform its cockpit with SITAOnAir.

Pilots across Malindo Air’s full fleet of 737s will be equipped with SITAOnAir’s complete Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution by the end of 2017, replacing their existing paper-based processes.

 The addition of the EFB solution will compliment the AIRCOM FlightPlanner and Datalink Services already equipped across the Malindo Air fleet.

SITAOnAir’s bespoke EFB solution for the airline’s full fleet of 32 aircraft, involves activating the iPad-based Aviobook EFB within SITAOnAir’s secure ATI Cloud-hosted ground server, automatically distributing operational data to the pilots’ tablet.

Malindo Air Boeing 737 MAX 8. Click to enlarge.

 All 32 aircraft cockpits are on track to activate the new EFB solution by year end, a timely delivery that will smoothly introduce new ways of working for pilots, particularly in their interactions with dispatchers.

Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO of Malindo Air, said, “Digitizing our work flows and processes to enhance our flight operations is a core part of our airline’s vision. We embraced technology to keep up with our fast-growing business. This solution will help our pilots with better efficiency and accuracy. We, and our pilots, are very pleased with how the implementation of EFB by SITAOnAir is taking shape.”

Katrina Korzenowski, Vice President for Asia-Pacific at SITAOnAir, said, “SITAOnAir is proud to support Malindo Air in realizing its ambitions for the digital advancement of the cockpit. Embracing our complete, digitally-integrated EFB solution, supported by the ground-based SITAOnAir AIRCOM ServerPlatform, means pilots no longer have to grapple with excessive loads of paper documents, binders and forms. Being able to access all the vital information they need for a smooth flight, in digitized formats available at their fingertips, is a real advancement for pilots, enabling them to focus on the flight, confident they have the latest, connected information from a wealth of integrated modules including OFP, Weather and NOTAMs from SITAOnAir’s FlightPlanner System.”

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