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Sabre Travel Network - HD Video Interview with Wade Jones, SVP Marketing and Strategy

[HD video below] Exclusive HD video interview with Wade Jones, Senior Vice President - Marketing and Strategy at Sabre Travel Network.

In this interview, filmed at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing on 21 September 2016, we ask Wade about Sabre's first Travel Technology Exchange (TTX) in Asia Pacific, how many delegates it has attracted and from which sectors within the industry.

We discuss what Wade expects Sabre to get from the event, as well as how he expects delegates to benefit from attending. Wade tells us whether TTX Asia Pacific is likely to become an annual event and whether it will stay in Beijing, or rotate between major cities within Asia Pacific.

We talk about Sabre and its role within the travel industry, what technologies the company is looking to launch, what Sabre Labs are working on, and which direction the company is moving in.

Wade tells us about Sabre's acquisition of Abacus in 2015 and what other companies, and in which sectors, Sabre is looking to acquire other companies.

We discuss hotel technology, airline technology, airport technology and many other concepts such as Virtual Reality and messaging apps.

You will also discover what Wade and his wife in Dallas are doing (at a personal level) to help combat violence against women.

All this and much, much more in the HD video interview below.

Sabre's Travel Technology Exchange Asia Pacific is taking place at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing, 21-24 September 2016.

Sabre Travel Technology Exchange (TTX) 2016 in Beijing

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