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Planning a holiday, an enjoyable and hard earned break away from it all? Well if looking good while you sun yourself on the beach or by the pool is important to you, then it might be an idea to start looking at ways to tone up and perhaps even lose some weight.

We are not by any means doctors, and we all know (deep down at least) that exercise plays a very important part in any dietary regime. But losing weight does not have to be about waking at 5 in the morning to go jogging, or spending hours in the gym daily. There is a far simpler way to lose weight which just requires you to change your way of eating and having a better understanding of what different foods, do for you and your body.

A few of our team members have now read the book by Daniel Reid, called the Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity and while many did not take too much from the latter two aspects of the book (or so they say!), most did pay a lot of attention to the eating and health parts. In doing this one team member managed to reduce his waistline from a 36 to a more slender  32 in under a year. The book may not work for everyone, but is definitely a should read for anyone interested in health and healthier living and eating, and we only hope each person that does read it takes or learns something new from what is written.

Daniel Reid is extremely well known in health, meditation circles, having worked for leading spa company's such  Six Senses and others around the world to provide courses for guests to learn first hand the benefits of healthy eating, meditation and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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